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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to come up with their own design of the hall in the apartment ?

How to start design of the hall in the apartment?

room improvement does not begin with the placement of furniture, and to finish, for which you need to first choose wisely tones.Thus it is necessary to think about the decoration of the walls, as well as, in order to complete the composition, and the ceiling.This may be the wallpaper with a pattern embossed or stucco.But do not throw away, and yet you have only the bare walls and floors are uncovered, consider the geometry of the room. If the ceiling is low, choose a finish walls with vertical stripes that visually make the room above .The horizontal strip visually push the front of the space, but the ceiling will seem low.

Now for the very finish.Do not turn the room into a kind of artist's easel, do not overdo it with different colors.The interior design of the hall in the apartment should give sedation, to provide quality recreation and fussiness in the decoration on the contrary will be tiring.The best option would be light ceiling, dark floor and walls of the intermediate tone, it is desirable to adhere to different shades of the same color scheme or use a matching color.When covering the floor, hoping in the future to use the robot vacuum cleaner, try to remove all thresholds.Zoning is performed in the finishing process.

living design in the apartment - Choosing furniture

furniture should be chosen to match the finish, so you'll have a harmonious atmosphere.Moreover, if earlier the room was divided into zones by pasting wallpaper with different patterns or different tonalities, interior design living room in the apartment has to be relevant.For example, a corner where it will study, emphasize the darker wallpaper, means and set in a working part of the room you need to put the dark, in a simple style.However, a breakdown of the room into zones and may be performed without finishing.To do this, use any bulky piece of furniture.

Furnishings, set along the walls visually make the room smaller, but you can not clutter the center of the room and will be similar to the furniture store.

Placing furniture, painted on paper use up an apartment or house, spreading over it commensurate templates cabinets, tables, chairs and other elements of the situation.You can also use special computer programs, for example, Microsoft Office Visio.It is not necessary to follow the stereotypes that the massive home furnishings should stand against a wall. high and wide wardrobe may well act as a partition to separate the room at the same office, and a sofa in the spacious great room will stand in the center, thus dividing it into two .

Making room in the apartment is based on the details

First of all, decide the question of lighting, sitting area near the window is better not to have, sometimes you want to relax and eyes, and a bright light is not conducive to this.Either hang on tight window curtains or blinds.Artificial lighting is also necessary to think carefully.For example, the presence of multi-level ceiling of plasterboard is ideal for the perimeter of the room embedded diode lamps.Soffit lamp is also very convenient, especially if you need to focus more bright light in a certain part of the room.You can hang a chandelier in the center or close to one of the walls, if the dining area there is arranged.Then, on the opposite side of the hall, set the wall and floor lamps.

It is important to choose the carpets and curtains, as well as all kinds of covers for upholstered furniture.All this desirable to purchase a single tone, or at least one color, even shades are different.Making the hall in the apartment should be calculated on the arrival of strangers, so the first thing that should be evident, this is a seating area where guests can be planted.It would be wrong to lead them across the room, past the cabinet area, or, even worse, by sleeping.If the apartment is a small place, and decided to take part of the hall to install a bed, hide it behind a partition, as that can serve as the most common cabinet or wall unit for living room.You can use partitions and suspended transforming.