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August 12, 2017 18:07

Modern repair and design of apartments (photo )

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Modern ceilings

major new trend in recent years - ceilings.The technology is the right stretch durable vinyl film, and Russian citizens are required to transform this process, the ceiling of Germany and France.It is there in our country outlandish design (if the ceilings were sent from abroad entirely) first arrived.

Today ceilings not only set the local craftsmen, but also produce local factories.Unequivocally say that the quality of Russian production is not suitable, it is impossible, though it is inferior to the European today.

suspended ceilings Pros:

  • durability;
  • beauty;
  • practicality;
  • ease of care.Modern repair and design of apartments (photo )

interesting point is also that the water resistant ceilings.Thus modern repair and design of apartments (photo) in security, even if the neighbors can drown.

for modern design permissible mass of options, limited to one stretch ceilings is not necessary.Excellent look perfectly smooth painted ceilings with versatile lighting, for example.Originally look and variations of the beams, and stucco.

Modern Wall

Recent trends pre-walls, mostly reduced to align the walls and the construction of decorative designs, partitions and rooms using drywall zoning.Simple material consisting of a plate of plaster between two sheets of cardboard, is indispensable in equalizing the fast erecting walls and compact designs.

And drywall can be not only standard, but also waterproof, which can be included in the repair and design of apartments (photo) and "wet" areas.

From topcoat special attention should be non-woven and liquid wallpaper.Those and other moisture-proof, durable, allow cleaning with a stiff brush and detergents, visual line the walls.Modern repair and design of apartments (photo )

In general, the types of wallpaper now a huge mass.Each of them has its own advantages and unique appearance.Until now popular even known a few centuries ago, natural cork wallpaper and fabric.And they fit perfectly into the modern variation of repair of apartments.

Contemporary floor

Modern flooring - this is, first of all, self-leveling floor 3d.Those stunning effects, which provides three-dimensional image on the floor, just not able to leave indifferent even someone.It is possible to realize the dream of the room with lovely views or to make a joke, but the main advantage of the floor - its practicality and durability.To scratch the floor so you have to try very hard, and it can run on its own, thanks to the self-leveling base.

There are other ways of floor finish.The modern style is permissible to use almost any options - wood, tile, linoleum, laminates, and others.The main requirement - finishing of all surfaces in accordance and harmony with the style chosen for the room as the core.Modern repair and design of apartments (photo )

And that's if you do not talk about warm floors.Floor heating can be realized with the help of electricity, hot water, and cover with quality modern materials.Underfloor heating - is something with which you can associate comfort.What could be better than a cool morning to set foot on a warm floor?

Modern design

As previously mentioned, modern style - it is rather a symbiosis of high-tech functionality and charismatic movements.The main requirements to carry out repair and design of apartments (photo):

  • space;
  • functionality;
  • practicality;
  • geometric;
  • deep color;
  • metal and glass.Modern repair and design of apartments (photo )

If you follow at least some of these requirements, we can safely claim to be the founder of modern apartment design.

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