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August 12, 2017 18:07

Mirror tiles - master the selection rules for the bathroom, the hallway and the kitchen

Mirror tiles: what are the types and how to choose the right?

There are several types of material: mirror tiles on the ceiling , the walls and colored tiles hanging (more like decor).On the floor mirror coatings do not trail by virtue of the risk of material damage, as well as opportunities to injure.If we talk about the first type, tiles can be both solid and with cutouts under spotlights.

Mirrored ceiling tiles are usually produced in standard sizes -. 59,5h59,5 see Wall has a completely different shape and size (usually a rectangular ceramic tiles - 29,5h29,5 and 119,5h119,5 see ).The color may be green, bronze, silver, blue, gold, etc.In order to correctly choose the material, it is important to consider some of the technical parameters.

By main parameters are: compliance with GOST 17716-91, the lack of copper and lead in the coating, the presence of reflective abilities by 92%.If these specifications are met, it is safe to buy the material, it will last a long time.


mirror tiles highlight the benefits and properties of mirror tiles, of course, would like to mention its excellent aesthetic characteristics .It is used in the first place, in the interior design (when you want to visually expand the space, make it lighter).Therefore, this material is conveniently used in poorly lit, small rooms (where there is little sunlight).

Plus, mirror tiles and glue in rooms with low ceilings, because the visual space becomes larger.If we talk about the shape, color and size, there is provided an unlimited choice.Especially noticeable mirror tiles with facet (give additional aesthetic subtlety of the product).

In fact, facet - a special technique that involves chamfering with beveled edges.The width of this treatment is an average of 3 to 40 mm.Edge Processing high-quality machines are used to remove the bevel.Mirrors manufactured in this way, become a real decoration of the interior.

From performance properties can be identified tiles resistance to some chemicals (including cleaning), to moisture .Therefore, it is ideal for finishing the bathrooms.If it is made according to GOST, it has high strength characteristics .

mirror tiles in the interior hallway, bathroom and kitchen

Yet often use this material in the bathroom and in the kitchen.The reason is that these rooms are usually small in size.Mirror tiles for bathroom often located diagonally.This gives an illusion of depth.Plus, if a small height of the room, then stack tiles and ceilings to it visually "raise".

small and narrow corridors may also be faced with a mirror on the left and the right (but not in the opposite sides of each other).It is better if one part of the left side (in the beginning of the corridor) and the other part is on the right (at the end).This will disperse the light of day, which runs from the living room and kitchen.This will create additional lighting.In the corridor is better to use tiles in the form of a square.

Mirror Kitchen tile always looks stylish, expensive and sophisticated (like glass).Its surface can be further decorated with different colors and other details.Ideal looks in this apron design.Also, for these purposes it is ceramic tile and mirror (not to be confused with ceramic tiles), having a ceramic base and a mirror surface.It is used in a room with low ceilings (often with comfortable lamps).