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August 12, 2017 18:07

Making the shower with their own hands .Driving on the shower photo

Selecting a location for shower

design consists of a shower stall walls, pallet, doors and shutters.Consider the entire installation process.

first step is to choose a location for the booth.If the bathroom is big enough, you can place it in a corner or near a wall.When choosing the location of the corner will be built one partition;If the wall, two.However, if the space area is too small, it is possible to allocate a place in one of the short walls.In this case, to equip the walls not at all necessary, and set only the door or curtain.

After determining the location for the shower you can start to build its wall.They are made mainly of bricks (it is placed on its edge, since no thick septa necessary) or plasterboard, which skeleton is sheathed preassembled.

Important!Plasterboard should be stable to high humidity, which is characteristic for vannogo premises.

Further there is the initial alignment and wall decoration on the inside.Performing this operation with the help of plaster.Liner water and sewer pipes can be performed before or after this step.Draining mounted given that the floor will rise further.

Shower hands - how it's done?

next step - raising the floor.For reliable waterproofing it is necessary to finish with bricks and pour the screed thickness of 2-3 centimeters.Waterproofing is placed in several layers.Also it is not excessive and is for walls, especially if they are made of plasterboard.It should be remembered that not every waterproofing can be installed on gypsum plaster.

for walls and floor tiles need to choose a material that prevents slipping.Mounted tile using moisture resistant glue.Joints between them is recommended to cover up the mixture, which has anti-fungal properties.After the tile is completely dry, you can begin installation of all cranes, mixers and valves.Doors for shower stall is better to buy in the store, because they will cost inexpensive.Attach them to be a turning mechanism to the floor and flow.The doors need to adjust so that they are tightly closed.

Important!It must be remembered that the pallet should be mounted at a slant toward the drain.

Which pallet is better?

in how to make the shower with their own hands, we understand.Now consider the two types of pallets and find out which one is best to choose.There are two types of pallet: sloping towards the drain and straight.For the first variant is the first thing a recess in the floor.Tile is laid also with a bias towards the drain.This system prevents the formation of puddles and stagnant water.To perform this operation you need to consult with a specialist.The advantages of this pallet:

  • easy cleaning cabins;
  • you will not stumble;
  • the highest point is at ground level, and the bottom - at the level of the drain.

second option - a flat pan with low sides.For the first case it is mounted device base, as described above.This method is much simpler and does not require the first in-depth knowledge and consultation with experts.In this way you will have a pronounced shower area.In addition, there is no need Stroebe floor for laying pipes, because they fit loosely under the pallet.

Important!Whatever the selected device the shower stall, it is necessary to carry out safe and waterproof tray.