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August 12, 2017 18:07

The walls in the kitchen need attention

option walls in the kitchen

most simple would be pokleit ceramic tile - is the most affordable way to get all the necessary properties.You can also paint the surface or pokleit wallpaper, but the endurance of a finish is much inferior tiles: even waterproof paint and wallpaper supermoyuschiesya survive no more than one or two general cleanings with cleansers, and after will start to lose the look.

Quite often in the kitchen using plaster repair and battens and panels.It's cheap, easy to wash these walls, although plastic or wooden paneling may be fire.

Stylish today is the use of natural and artificial stone.As well as tiles, natural stone is fully compliant.However, for this it is necessary that the material possessed certain qualities:

  • granite or marble must be smoothly polished;
  • savage, sandstone, natural brick and other porous minerals should always be covered with a protective lacquer layer.

stone is different and durability, and aesthetics, but at the same time should take into account a sufficiently high price for natural finish.

However, the most popular finish still remains tiles, wallpaper, paint and textured plaster.


In today's market is full of ceramic tiles for every taste and pocket.So even a perfectionist designer will be able to find what he wants, or even order the production of tiles with a unique sketch.Tiles come in different size and texture and the most unexpected shades and colors.

For decades, the question of the best choices of finish for kitchen walls gets the same answer - a ceramic tile.A number of the advantages that this material allows today safely hang kitchen tiles:

  • durable;
  • impervious to moisture, chemical and biological agents;
  • withstands high temperatures;
  • aesthetic.

However, today prefer combining trim tiles and other goals.For example, an apron along the entire working area is made of tiles, and the rest of the surface of wallpaper, paint or render textured plaster.
Finishes: Ceramic tile


Next feature wall design - it is their painting.Painting is the most accessible material for the price and the easiest to use.In addition, you can mix colors and textures to create a unique design and will give fantasy.

What you need to know when choosing a painting?

Firstly, this method is economical only if the kitchen walls are perfectly flat.Painting instantly accentuate the slightest flaw, so it is best to paint the surface poshpatlevat, and it is quite expensive work, if you order it from the professionals.An alternative perfectly smooth walls can be textured putty / plaster, which is simple enough to perform personally.

Secondly, the paint surface should be perfectly flat without flaws and cracks, and the paint itself is naturally water-resistant and washable.In no case can not be diluted with water-based paints with water in order to save - she immediately loses all its properties and becomes almost a whitewash.Enamel paint, of course, easy to clean, but too emphasizes the surface imperfections, and from an aesthetic point of view is not the best way to finish the kitchen - just an association with the budgetary organizations of the Soviet period.But environmental matte paint will help you to kitchens.

Finish: matt ecological paints

In terms of color preference, today's trend yellow kitchen.Psychologists say that this color raises vitality and will be useful to most people in the morning, and it increases appetite.


With the advent of washable wallpaper the previously unpopular way to finish the kitchen, got a new life.Of course, thin paper wallpaper is not suitable for this purpose - only thick vinyl.Keep a clean kitchen is quite simple - be regularly cleaned with a slightly damp sponge wallpaper without abrasive and do repair on a regular basis.The walls in the kitchen will be much longer accurate, if along the work area to make the apron of the more enduring materials (tiles, heat-resistant glass, natural stone, etc.).

Today, there are in addition to the non-woven vinyl wallpaper.They are able to hide flaws and surfaces, as manufacturers claim this wallpaper breathing, and thus the walls breathe, too.In addition, interlining when wet does not fall, it is not terrible, even cleaning with a stiff brush.They also clean up, reinforced and fireproof walls.

Finish: vinyl , non-woven wallpaper

Decorative plaster

As we mentioned in the section on painting - one of the ways of the kitchen design is the decorative plaster.There are plenty of options for its implementation, and the roots of such finishes leave in the old days.The beauty of decorative plaster is obvious - it is durable, waterproof, fireproof, aesthetic and easily performed with his own hands.In addition, with paint can often enough to refresh the walls in the kitchen, giving them different colors and creating a different mood in the room.Separate the two types of plasters: a structural and textured.

should be remembered that the wall before working with plaster require treatment.They need to be leveled and dry.But before applying the plaster also apply a coat of primer.

Finish: decorative plaster

Giving preference to a particular method of finishing the kitchen wall, it should be remembered that the main selection criteria - a practicality and safety, and after - aesthetics.The room where the fire and the water used, calls for a special relationship, so the walls in the kitchen should be decorated by all the rules.