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August 12, 2017 18:07

Choosing a sink in the bathroom for her designs

Choosing a sink in the bathroom for her designs

What are the differences in their shells design features:

  • ¬ętulip" or sink on a pedestal is so called because it is mounted on a stem, hiding unsightly pipes and sewers.The obvious advantage of this construction - no need to carry out additional work on the installation and inset sink pipes in the walls.If the foot does not sink back, it is called polupedestalom;
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  • type washbasin "console" is attached to the wall on brackets, water and sewer systems are hiding in the wall.These sinks can be placed on tables or hung from the consoles.This is a very common and inexpensive option.
  • embedded shell model comes complete with a bedside table, behind which hide all communications.The cabinet also has a storage space for household chemicals and various household trifles.Produce countertop and cabinet made of MDF, chipboard, marble or wood treated with water-repellent agents;
  • Waybill sink for the bathroom of the "bowl" or "lily" is a vessel in the form of a ball, bowl, cube, flower, which are placed on top of the countertop.Conveniently, a bottom in the cabinet due to the absence of pipes can be placed a washing machine;
  • corner sinks or angular washbasin mini rarely used in private apartments and mostly in public toilets.

The sink for the bathroom needs to be replaced .How to choose what you want?

shells differences in materials

sinks in the bathroom can be made from various materials.What are their advantages and disadvantages, a comparative analysis:

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  1. Pottery.More recently, we could not imagine the plumbing of any other material other than ceramics.Ceramic sanitary ware were in all apartments.Due to the smooth surface of the ceramic easy to clean.Ceramic products and strong vysokogigienichnye.The most common raw material for production of mass consumption is faience, while the porcelain is very expensive raw materials and afford elected.
  2. Marble - is prestigious and elegant, but also expensive.This plumbing is cut from a single piece of marble slabs of natural origin.Marble - is truly the king of all materials and can take its rightful place in the respective interior.Agree, "Moidodyr" marble in the "Khrushchev" will look out of place.Lack of marble products - complex care of them.The fact that the pores in the natural stone comes dirt and fungi can grow there.
  3. Polymer concrete or artificial marble - it is a cheaper alternative to natural brother.Sometimes, artificial stone does not differ from the natural appearance, and even has its advantages - it is much stronger than natural marble and is easily repaired in the case of chips.In the care of the cast stone is also much more convenient, because it has not been.
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  5. glass sink for the bathroom - it is very subtle.Do not be afraid that if this certainly fragile.It's not that manufacturers do shell of high-strength tempered glass, which can be split only a strong blow hammer.
  6. Corian - one of the latest composite materials, which includes acrylic resin, pigment and mineral filler.The material is very easy to handle, with it you can easily achieve unique colors and textures.Therefore, if you want to buy a water dispenser unusual intricate form, Corian is exactly what you need.Material durable, hygienic and suitable for any interior.
  7. Metal.Often, the use of stainless steel.Certainly, sinks are durable, easy to clean, but terribly banal.
  8. tree used most rare, because it is very expensive.However, they look in the interior is very unusual.Wood is specially treated to conditions of high humidity and does not rot.

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Choosing a sink for the bathroom, most importantly do not get carried away by the beauty of the outside, and remember if you will be convenient to use it.