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August 12, 2017 18:07

Bathroom Design

Variations, projects, and the most "fresh" trend

bathroom can be performed in a single tone, or be bright colored.It depends on the willingness of owners and can not say that any particular style is better or worse.They are all in order, but what will be like the apartment owner - this is a completely different question.bathroom projects:

    • bright white tone, which made the room, perfectly combined with a light-brown.Thus, the appearance becomes elegance.Design a bathroom made in this version are not well suited for large rooms.

design - bathroom - room - 01

    • luxurious bathroom.A large walk-in shower, a large area, the main range is performed in contrasting black and white, which gives it a special depth.This option is good for those who have a big enough bathroom.

design - bathroom - room - 02

    • Perhaps the most difficult choice to implement - Chinese.It differs by the presence of many things, of different colors, in harmony with each other.Its implementation is difficult to implement on their own, if you do not have the relevant experience.

design - bathroom - room - 05

    • Corner bath.Very elegant solution design direction as a whole can be almost anything.The emphasis is mainly on the bath.It should be a length of about 150-160 cm. Due to his corner entry, saves space.

design - bathroom - room - 03

    • Minimalism.A popular and often used by designers.It does not require much space.The basic principle - all items must bear the functional load, nothing more should not be.

design - bathroom - room - 04

What to choose?

Often the choice depends not only on the willingness of the landlord, and as the basis of the original features.For example, with a small bathroom it will be difficult to make a luxury room.However, there are some advantages.In any case, the basic principles of design of a bathroom are the same for all:

  • color scheme - often used bright colors, sometimes assume the contrast of black and white.Too bright shades are used very rarely.
  • Lighting should be not too bright, but not dark.Best acquire switch-controlled light that it can be muted or vice versa, to enable full power.
  • Waiver of wallpaper - in the bathrooms is recommended to use the tiles for walls and floors.If, nevertheless, the choice fell on the wallpaper - you need to take a very strong vinyl.Only the owner decides -

What exactly does this room will be made.It is not always luxurious style may come to mind.bathroom design - it is primarily the creation of a place for comfortable relaxation.