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August 12, 2017 18:07

Shelves for the living room under the book - a successful combination of functional and decorative

library in the living room - what to look at the device?

Placing special shelving in the living room - it is quite troublesome, since it is necessary to take into account the huge amount of nuances.Firstly, it is necessary to determine in advance what specific function will perform these elements of the interior.Will they carry only a decorative load, creating a certain accents, or intended directly to store a large number of books?Maybe, if you install the rack in the living room, it will effectively and efficiently zoned premises?Answers to these questions will greatly facilitate the selection of products.

First, we define a function from the shelves and racks, paint on paper a rough plan of how they will be placed in the room.Do not forget to put it schematically other furnishings appeared relatively library.This will eliminate many errors in the organization of the available space.

Secondly, we should not forget that the main content of finished products will be books that are quite sensitive to external influences.You have to place the racks so that they are not exposed to direct sunlight.Moreover, they are not the best way affected by sudden changes in temperature and humidity.Third, the size of your library and make it available directly dependent on the living room area.Well, if it is large enough: in this case, the placement of racks can be parietal or free standing.The shelves can be mounted, floor-standing or is recommended to pay attention to the corner shelves for the living room In the case of areas of deficiency.They allow you to tap into the seemingly most unnecessary centimeters of space.

Book racks and shelves in the interior of the living room

rightly Living is one of the most favorable living rooms in terms of design.This is due to the fact that the premises are usually in not only quite spacious, but well lit by windows.This allows you to roam imagination and realize the many excellent design projects. So, in a spacious room you can arrange an entire library area without difficulty, which will be available not only to the bookshelves, and a cozy reading chair, coffee table, lamp. Shelves can have different sizes, but if you choose a product "under the ceiling", then take care of the acquisition of a stable ladder so you can get the required books from the top shelves.

Note: for storing valuable folios needed glazed shelves!Some of them are equipped with special ventilation systems and maintain a certain temperature.

Ornament shelves can serve not only the book, but also a variety of small things: for example, photos in beautiful frames, decorative plates, numerous souvenirs and small toys.This is a good solution for those times when you want to fill the ranks of books.Suffice it to release the rack from several photo frames and can place their purchase.Library in living in harmony with the paintings and decorative floor vases.Special attention is given to designers recommend finishing the walls and floor of the library with the band in the room.The fact is that the books are full of roots variety of colors, which can not fail to attract attention.That is why not buy plain finishing materials, which serve as a kind of background for them.

As for stylistic solutions shelves and racks, it depends on the room design style and defines the use for the manufacture of pieces of furniture of a material.The ultra-modern interior of the "high-tech" will look great plastic shelves with shiny chrome and glass inserts.For a classical interior, in turn, the overall fit racks made of solid wood.Modern bookcases and shelves in the living room can have not only the traditional square or rectangular shape.The sale can be easily find a variety of the most original options.Some of them are so moved away from the usual appearance of the shelves, that at first glance you can not understand what it is they.

Bookcases and shelves for a living - whether you can do with your hands?

Practice shows that in the shops and salons finished furniture is not always possible to pick up a book shelves, fully meet all your requirements.Quite often faced with a situation where the depth or height of the shelf does not fit many existing folios.In this case, you can order the desired piece of furniture or make yourself.Make a shelf or rack with your hands is not as difficult as it seems at first glance.For this, first, it is necessary preliminarily draw the future product - determine its size, number of shelves, configuration.Try to make it as detailed as possible and clearly.Of course, do not take up too complicated manufacturing products without special skills.

Universal instructions for self-production of shelves and racks not, since each product meets the preferences of the individual and the unusual layout of certain rooms.

Second, the stock of materials and tools.The former typically include plywood, MDF, particleboard, gypsum board, wood, plastic, at least - the metal and glass.The second group - electric or manual drill with a set of nozzles, a hacksaw on wood, sandpaper, screwdriver etc.Do not do without fasteners: screws, furniture screws, nails.Make appearance of the finished product more attractive by hiding the junction between the shelves are, you can use decorative furniture covers. Third, pobespokoytes about security measures.During operation, protect the airway respirator and eye - special glasses.When working with a drill and a hacksaw wear gloves.

The most common way of manufacturing shelves is an assembly of metal or wooden frame, and subsequent lining its plasterboard.Such shelves drywall in the living room look quite interesting and are extremely practical.They are able to withstand a lot of weight and resist the many external factors.As the finish can be used a variety of materials, which allows you to experiment with the design.In addition, working with drywall is easy, because it is quite malleable material, so the finished product can get the original and extremely attractive.Thus, the library is placed in the living room, taking into account all the nuances, it is sure to become a functional decoration.