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August 12, 2017 18:07

PVC panels for kitchen - how to improve the aesthetics and practicality of a home dining room ?

What is this stuff?Wall

plastic panels - a material which is a chemical compound of hydrogen, carbon and chlorine, which consists of 43% ethylene and 57% bound chlorine.It is used as a stabilizer associated lead in which the chemical compound is biologically inactive, and thus is not harmful to human health.When burning chlorine and lead are not allocated, and the PVC panels are very bad light and does not support combustion.

Important!By choosing panels Treat very carefully, because the low-quality material can be very flammable and give off harmful substances.

Wall panels made of plastic are used not only for food, but they can also be used without heating the premises: summer house, garage, balcony.Indoors they are actively used for kitchens, bathrooms, toilets, corridors.This is due to the stability and strength of the material, as well as easy care.Design a series of panels will select the best option in order to emphasize the overall design of the kitchen.

cuisine repair quality depends on the correct choice

important that the PVC wall panel for kitchen look good on the wall, easy to install and are of high quality.Of great importance is the place of purchase: in the market there is a great likelihood that you buy low-quality material, so it is best to make a purchase in a specialized hardware store.They value their reputation, quality of the product because it is good, and the choice of colors is much wider.Buying PVC panels for the kitchen, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • Painted side quality material has no black spots, all uniform coloring and without fluctuations;
  • Panel recommended to choose equal across the width to avoid surges and waves.This makes it easy to dock panel with each other, and on the wall, they look much better.Small irregularities in length are permissible, as worn on the crate panel is equalized;
  • On a material should not have physical defects: holes, chips, dents.

Important!If you want to buy a really high-quality and reliable product (kitchen with its terms this is very important), then check the quality certificate for the selected products.

Special attention can be paid to the producer.The longer he is engaged in the production of panels, the more likely that it produces high-quality and durable product.Also popular manufacturers have a large selection of colors and designs, which gives an opportunity to realize kitchen project exactly as you imagine it represent.

Mounting panels

its own kitchen PVC trim panels - a simple process, and it can be performed independently.If the walls are smooth, the panel can be set by using the liquid nails.If the walls are uneven, do the installation of wooden crates.It will make it possible to hide all the wiring and pipes, as well as to make the appearance more aesthetic.This type of repair if you want to do, you can quickly and without much mud.

So tape marked the site of attachment of the horizontal slats.The ideal distance for them is 50 centimeters.Further strips are fastened to the wall with screws: made a hole in the wall (drill or a hammer), a bar is screwed.The distance between the fixing points must not exceed 25 centimeters.In the corners, at the height of the entire wall, a vertical bar is attached.

This is done in the same way as the attachment of horizontal slats.Thereafter, panels are fixed to the sheathing by means of small nails or staple gun.Installation begins with an internal angle, which is put in the first panel.Further mounted next, and so on to the opposite corner, until they are ready all the walls.