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August 12, 2017 18:08

Wallpapering with your hands - you can do it !

Types pasting wallpaper

methods pasting wallpaper depends on your initial choice.The difference lies in the layout of material, applying adhesive to the cloth or vertikalnuyu surface (primer wall before pasting wallpaper) and directly in the process of gluing - butt or lap.Choosing options for pasting wallpaper, pay attention to their thickness, it looks unsightly overlap of modern materials.And to ensure that the joints are not conspicuous, provided professional tricks, which we discuss later.

Also, always have been and remain popular wallpaper with a pattern that require adjustment, which is fraught with economical consumption and material difficulties for the beginner.But there is nothing with which we could not have done!

Please note describes the work to produce better together, especially if it occurs for the first time.

Tools for pasting

wallpaper for quality performance of the task - pasting wallpaper with your own hands, we need the following:

  • sharp scissors and stationery knife,
  • roulette, Straight Length (meter) line, and the plummet,
  • convenient brush or roller to apply the adhesive on the surface,
  • rubber spatula or a roller for non-woven wallpaper,
  • rags.

for measuring work, experts recommend to use the same tape!And also remember that you need to vymeryat wall in several places, otherwise, in the middle of the room, you may encounter an unexpected shortage of the length of the cut of cloth!

recommended before starting work to remove baseboards, electrical outlets and switches cover.And if possible, and the casing of the door opening.

Technology gluing wallpaper with your hands

  1. Exact height of the wall in the place where will be located the first panel, add 2 cm and cut off from the roll of the desired piece.If you have already seen that the height of the walls in the room is the same everywhere, boldly Slice of cloth on the basis of gluing one wall.In another case, it is necessary to prepare a material with the changing height of the room.

Cut cloth, except the last, put a stack (up basis) with a shift of each piece 1-2 cm to each other in order to avoid contamination of the glue the front side.Under the bottom sheet to enclose the paper recommended.Last (corner) otrez likely to require adjustment, so it is set aside, because the cut dry material easier than impregnated Klester.

  1. If you purchased paper wallpaper - will gluing both the inner surface of the cloth, and the place from which it will come into contact.In this case, limited only by applying adhesive on the segment can be, if the wall is pre-primed with high quality.And to put it better vsegovalikom or brush, evenly distributing cloth from the center to the edges (first farthest away from you, then - near).

for non-woven wallpaper carefully enough fluff wall.It is better to do it twice - the first time as a primer, and the second just before the gluing of each cloth.Whatever type of material you choose, all the nuances and subtleties of producing quality results prompt the user manual recommendations.For example, some types of wallpaper require additional time for the impregnation, while after application of the adhesive or accordion folded in half.

  1. glue roll finishing material butt requires attention and hands hardness.To simplify your business, experts recommend using a plumb line to repel, strictly in accordance with the width of the sheet, vertical lines - boundaries.And to carry out another sheet gluing exactly bounding line.And for better grip the edge of the cloth with a wall abundantly promazyvat areas indicating the composition or pre-glued special strips of paper.

But if this method seems too complicated, or were chosen thinner paper wallpaper, can be carried out and gluing lap - lap extreme five to ten millimeters of the previous strip.In this case, you must pay attention to the choice of direction.To joints were not visible, you need to start working from the window to the entrance.Although this is to choose the same direction and with the second method.

wallpaper sheet impregnated with glue or dry, initially applied to the top of the wall and align the vertical line - the border.Then, using special rubber roller or spatula and smooth the surface of the clean cloth from the center to the edges, in order to provide a better grip to the wall and to remove air bubbles.Excess adhesive is removed, dry with a clean cloth.A protruding at the bottom or top edge of the cloth is cut with a sharp knife and a ruler.

Wallpapering corners requires a special art.It is not recommended to leave the large overlaps, so cut the whole cloth, so that the second wall was setting no more than 3-5 cm, and the angle of whole start gluing strips.

would also like to draw attention to the caution when working with sockets and switches.The best thing at the time of gluing these places to disconnect the room.

  1. After the end of the material should dry up in a room without drafts.When you have made sure that everything went well, and the next morning wallpaper remain smooth vertical layer on the walls, which can be installed baseboards, moldings, door frames, sockets and switches.

Now you can only admire the results and brag to friends and relatives of new skills.