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August 12, 2017 18:07

Photo Wall Murals for the kitchen - the magical tools of modern design

Photo wall in the kitchen

interior As you know, we are all still living in three-dimensional space, and always focus on their own perception of the world through the eyes.But interior designers have long since come up with a variety of tricks that can visually change the space - a mirror, arches, fake windows wallpapers.With their help, a small catering department is able to turn into a spacious kitchen, a simple and uninteresting design of the room will sparkle with new colors and dull landscape outside the window will be forgotten, because all eyes will attract to itself juicy, bright, absolutely realistic image on the wall.

Perhaps for many of us the word "Mural" is associated with a simple-to look at the pictures that adorned the homes of our grandmothers.Modern technology, which is used for the manufacture of photo wallpapers, significantly distinguish this decoration material from that which was left in our memory.Digital Mural in the interior of the kitchen looked very special way - a body is alive, they seem to attract the eye, invite the observer to the world, which is depicted in the picture.

Photo wall-papers for a small kitchen

Photo Wall Murals on the wall in the kitchen, you can choose not only the culinary theme.To expand a very small space suited subjects boundless nature - the ocean shore, flourishing field, sunrise in the mountains ... A fantasy lovers can choose from a wide assortment of alien and fantastic landscapes.

For those who are lacking in human warmth of life or simply want to keep warm long warm evenings, wallpapers fit with the image of fire.This stylized fireplace make other colors tune your kitchen, and maybe even remind komorke Pope Carlo, at the door where miracles begin ...

Photo wall-papers for a small kitchen can be used with the plot, reinforcing and beat the lack of space.So, bright images of inhabitants of the underwater world (especially the Red Sea pictures look nice), wonderfully fit into the interior, stylized close easting submarine.A reproduction of the Eiffel Tower and a retro-style design in a small-sized kitchen or pictures of another populous city, designed in the form of a fake window, will help to create an atmosphere in your house in the country in which you want to visit.

Kitchen design with photo wallpapers - Magic picture

image saturation and the story of wallpaper can not only change the space - make light dark room or brighten up a dull story behind the window - but also affect the fate of the owners and tenants.If you stick to the Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui, with the help of photographic subjects easily restore the balance of the elements in his house.

Today the market can find a very large wallpapers, expanding the space, which is ideally lie on the free wall next to the table, creating an illusion of infinity, and rather modest in size, fit on a small free area near the cupboard.In addition, a variety of shapes - square, rectangular, narrow or wide - will allow to find the best option for your apartment to the kitchen design photo wallpapers was perfect, harmonious and fully consistent with the purpose of the premises or the wishes of the residents.

As you know, the fulfillment of desires requires visualization.So take the opportunity - choose the plot, which will affect your vision, stick it on the wall in the kitchen and behold ... A meal will only increase the magic of the image, bring ispolenii desires.