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August 12, 2017 18:06

Siemens washing machine errors : error codes f17, f23, f57 and frequent faults

Siemens washing machine errors
  • Error Codes
  • Frequent faults
  • Tips and prevention of damage

Siemens brand technique proved itself with the best hand, but even such high-quality and reliable washing machine from time to time out of thesystem.To the owner of the machine was able to quickly understand what happened with the device, technology from Siemens provides diagnostic system.On board machine error code, deciphering which one can understand the essence of a fault, really whether to repair the product yourself or you want to appeal to the specialist.

Error Codes


What does and possible causes



door closed enoughtightly.

Check the door and close it tighter, and if this prevents linen, release the machine from the parts of things.


No water supply as a result of:

  • Closed faucet;
  • low water pressure;
  • lack of water in the pipes;
  • clogged strainer in the water supply hose.

reveal blockage in the hose and remove it, and check the water supply.


No water discharge due to:

  • clog the drain system;
  • No problems with drain pump;
  • Problems with elektrokontrolerom.

Clean the filter and drain pipes of the system, and check the serviceability of the pump and the free rotation of the impeller.Faulty pump to replace a working piece.If the drain node is OK, check elektrokontroller.


There was a water leak.

Finding the source of the leak check the connections and the tank for leaks.


door is not closed, which prevents the launch of the program.

Open the door and close it again, and restart the washing program.


Water flows for longer than necessary, because:

  • Closed crane;
  • clogged filter;
  • Weak water pressure.

check valve through which the water is poured into the machine, and the water pressure.Inspect and clean the filter in the inlet pipe.


water is drained for longer than necessary, because:

  • faulty or clogged drain pump;
  • Breakdown pressure switch.

Inspect and clean the drain system blockage in the pump, and if it is faulty, perform the replacement of the part.Check pressure switch and the switch, and if the problem is in the sensor, replace it workable.


water is heated longer than required due to:

  • Faults PETN;
  • Low-voltage electrical;
  • Education on the heater lime;
  • damaged connective chains PETN.

Inspect the heater and wires associated with it, and if the heater will be non-working, conduct independent replacement or call a specialist for this purpose.


unplanned inclusion of a heater due to:

  • Breakdown of the temperature sensor;
  • Breakdown PETN relay.

Inspect NTC sensor and heater with subsequent replacement of defective components.


Malfunction of the control system, so that the motor operates irregularly, and the drum does not rotate.The situation will be available at:

  • malfunction tacho;
  • breakage reverse relay;
  • short circuit in the triac.

Rate efficiency drive motor, tachometer and the control unit, and then repair the defective components or replace them working.


temperature sensor is not working due to:

  • His failure;
  • short circuit;
  • Precipice in his joints.

Laundry is not stopped, but the water is not heated.

Replace faulty sensor wiring or repair it.


occurred as a result of the inclusion of AQUASTOP:

  • water get into the machine sump;
  • Precipice Akvastopa compounds;
  • Breakdown Aquastop.

Inspect all nodes cars, which could cause leakage, as well as check availability AQUASTOP and the connecting chain.


Akvasensor does not work as a result of:

  • Education limescale on it;
  • Blockages drain system;
  • Faults pressure switch.

Laundry is not stopped, but the rinse cycle will be skipped.

Clean drain system and the sensor itself, and, if necessary, make the replacement pressure switch on the defective parts.


defective analog pressure sensor or pressure switch broken.It is also the cause of this error may be a break in the connecting circuits of these sensors.

Disable the machine to inspect the sensors and their circuits, and then replace the damaged or defective items.


Incorrect pressure switch setting.

Perform correct setting of the sensor, check the health, as well as its connection.


not work flow sensor.

Rate sensor operation and wiring, and troubleshooting replace broken parts.


flow sensor can not fix the water intake due to:

  • Closed crane;
  • Too low water pressure;
  • clog the filter intake system;
  • Breakdown solenoid valve;
  • nonworking pressure switch;
  • Breakdown Aquastop.

Make sure that the tap is open and then check the water filling system in the machine, as well as the associated connecting chain.Defective parts replaced.


water level is higher than normal due to:

  • Locks drain pump;
  • Breakdown solenoid valve;
  • Lock the drain hose;
  • Infidel settings or breakdown pressure switch;
  • Damage drain wiring system.

Check the operation of the solenoid valve, drain pump and pressure switch, and make sure the drain hose is not kinked or dirty.If all components are OK, check the wiring.


It is impossible to close the door because:

  • She stuck;
  • Broke her castle;
  • door gasket has lost elasticity.

Turn off the machine, and then check the door lock, determine the mechanical obstacles to closing, and check the wiring.


not working door lock, since the relay is broken or blown triac.

Reset the wash program by turning off the machine, and then check the control unit and wiring.


not running a temperature sensor (due to breakage or failure in its compounds).

Replace faulty sensor wiring or repair it.


not running a temperature sensor (due to a short circuit).

Replace faulty sensor wiring or repair it.


electrical problem (invalid parameters).

Check the mains supply and adjust its parameters.


Due to burnout triac electronic module engine began uncontrollably to work with the high turnover.

Turn off the machine, carry out the test program and check the serviceability of the electronic module.


Terminated due to the rotation of the motor:

  • Breakdown tachometer.
  • Hit laundry inside of the tub;
  • drum Locks;
  • burnout triac electronic module.

Turn off the machine, carry out the test program, and then adjust the load of laundry, tachometer operation, the wiring and the condition of the electronic module.


No rotation of the motor in the opposite direction, that is often associated with the breakdown of the reverse relay triac or burnout in the electronic module.

Turn off the machine, carry out the test program to check the serviceability of the electronic module.


There were problems with the 3Ddatchika because:

  • Precipice in his posting;
  • Breakdown of the sensor;
  • failure of the power module;
  • Errors Software.

Check the sensor, power module, and the wiring, and then replace the damaged or defective items.


not work flow sensor due to breakage or clogging of the sensor system of the Gulf.

Check patency of the filling valve, flow sensor and its wiring, and troubleshooting replace broken parts.


From the door enters the wrong signal, since it is not closed, there was a crash or lock were damaged wiring.

After the error reset turns to check the density of the hatch closing, the door lock and electrical circuits.By identifying defective parts and wiring portions, replace them.


Functional protection broken due to a malfunction of the processor or software errors.

cancel a program disconnecting the machine, check the power module, and if it is faulty, replace it perform.


Incorrect coding card.

cancel a program disconnecting the machine, hold the correct encoding either replace the card.


not working motor

Alternately, check winding resistance and the brush, and then the compound, and finally - the control module.Defective parts replaced.


problem with the coding module (often associated with the firmware)

contact the person who reprograms the module.Alternatively, to perform a new replacement module.

Frequent faults

most common machines brand owners are turning to Siemens repairman for the following reasons:

  • damage rubber nipples.
  • Broken drain pump.
  • Faulty heating element due to scale.
  • Mechanical damage to the hatch.
  • Worn bearings.
  • Burnout Control Unit.

Pro manhole replacement cuffs, PETN and drain pump in the washing machine Siemens see video of "Remstirmash".

Tips and prevention of damage

  • If you want to wash the outside of the machine, be sure to unplug the machine, do not direct the water jet on the equipment and do not use household cleaning solvents, or the presence of abrasive particles.It is best to simply wipe the machine with a damp soft cloth.
  • should only be used specifically designed for this purpose means, given their recommended dosages for descaling with elements of the machine.
  • Regularly inspect the cell in which the loading detergent.Having seen it dirt or powder residue, remove the cuvette, rinse and return it back.
  • Several times a year, check the condition of the discharge pump.To do this, remove the plinth panel, remove the drain hose and drain the water, and then clean the pump and check the impeller rotation.Closing the pump cover, secure the plinth cover.
  • at least once a year and must be removed to inspect the strainer, which is in the water supply hose to the machine.

Preventive measures shown in the Ukrainian program "All bude good" will help extend the life of your washing machine.