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August 12, 2017 18:06

Polish tiles for the bathroom : Cersanit, Polcolorit, Paradyz, Tubadzin

Polish tile Opoczno
  • Features production
  • Properties and main advantages
  • Leading manufacturers and their best collection
    • Cersanit
    • Polcolorit
    • Paradyz
    • Tubadzin

The highest quality finishing materials,certainly produced in Italy.Italian wallpaper or ceramic tiles have always been considered a model of beauty and durability.Meanwhile, not everyone can afford to use in the decoration of flat products of the Italian production, because there is such a pleasure not cheap.A good alternative to Italy in this case - Polish tile.

In our country, Poland perceived more as an exporter of drugs or food, however, and in the production of building materials this country with great promise.For example, the company's products «Cersanit», engaged in the manufacture of sanitary equipment and finishing materials, can be found in any large hardware store.

Zebrano Collection
Collection Romantic town
Leaves Collection

Features production

Poland for over ten years, is a member of the European Union and, as a consequence, produces fully meets the highEuropean requirements. Much attention is paid to product safety.

Polish ceramic tiles made from clay of local origin.The proximity to Germany and the relative proximity to the Italian and Spanish borrowing technology allows these countries, famous for the high quality of its products.The plants, which produce ceramic tiles, using the most advanced equipment, so the final product has excellent characteristics.

Porcelain production in Poland , collection of Art Nouveau

Low cost of tiles, manufactured in Poland for the bathroom, it is due to the fact that the advanced production process allows to spend as little as possible of raw materials and energy resources.Thus, the cost of the product is reduced, and, after it is reduced and the market value.Therefore, in our country, we can acquire the Polish ceramic tiles at a very affordable price.

Making the bathroom tiles room we discussed in another article.Read on and take the idea on board.

Collection Lazio
City Collection
Collection Luna

Properties and main advantages

Thus, ceramic tile for bathrooms Polish production, the optimal ratio of "price-quality."

Beautiful Polish tiles

In addition, it meets all European requirements for this type of product:

  • Hygiene .Bathroom - a beneficial environment for the breeding of microorganisms varying degrees of usefulness.Increased humidity, condensation on the walls - all this stimulates the vital functions of bacteria.That is why a thorough cleaning of bathrooms, including washing floors and walls with special means should become commonplace.Ceramic tile, like any other finishing material, helps to maintain cleanliness in the bathroom, because it is easy to wash and convenient.
  • Moisture. Tiles, which is used in the bathroom, should be ready for constant contact with water, because the condensate is deposited on the walls, and a puddle on the floor - a common phenomenon for the bathroom.
  • hardness. To clean ceramic tiles often use aggressive detergents, which is composed of abrasives that can scratch the surface of the tile.In addition, the bathroom includes a lot of heavy plumbing and appliances, which, when you move, or during operation can damage the ceramic.Therefore, ceramic tiles used in the bathroom should be fairly solid.
  • Refractoriness.This property tiles relevant only for those whose bathroom is equipped with a fireplace or stove.Such delights of indoor resort owners are usually large country houses.Refractory tiles must withstand very high temperatures, while not deformed, and releasing toxic gases.
  • Resistance to chemicals.detergents, cosmetics, a variety of building liquid medicines and other: all chemistry, which is in the house is usually kept in the bathroom.Do not cover every wall and ceiling will withstand contact with these substances.Ceramic tiles same color and retains its structure after reaction with any chemical compositions, except for hydrofluoric acid.
Polish tile - Collection Herkulanum
Polish tiles
Tile Poland from the collection of French Lak
Collection of tiles in Poland Chinese stylization
Collection of Polish tiles Carrara
Polish lilac tiles

When choosing the Polish ceramic tiles for the bathroom should take into account all of thesecharacteristics, and then it will serve you for many years without losing its original form.

Leading manufacturers and their best collection

In Poland, there are several companies that manufacture ceramic tiles, which are famous for the high quality of its products.All these companies have their own history and characteristics, so each manufacturer's products unique.Consider the most well-known Polish companies and their collections of ceramic tiles.

Tile Fiji Opoczno


Company «Cersanit» was formed in 1998 and quickly began to conquer the market of sanitary products, not only at home but also in Europe and the CIS.

Wave tile collection from Cersanit

According to others, the company originated as early as the middle of the last century, in a small Polish village, next to the rich deposits of clay, which is ideal for creating beautiful and durable tiles.Then, thanks to the economic policy of the state, the company was nationalized, and only in the late 90s of the 20th century once again set off to float freely.

Today «Cersanit» has several branches in different countries, including in Russia.

collections from the brand:

  • «Electa» performed in discreet beige and brown colors.The contrast of light and dark shades to visually adjust the dimensions of the room.Wall and floor tiles decorated with a classic striped pattern, and as decorative elements used floral pattern and glass borders.Bathroom, decorated with tiles from this collection will look really elegant and noble.
  • «Viking» is a tile that mimics the natural, weathered stone.This effect is created due to the uneven as it badly weathered edges and rough tile surface.The collection is dominated by natural, muted colors and decorative elements complemented stylized hand-painted.
  • «Synthia» created in several colors: white, orange, green and purple.Decorative elements used in the collection, decorated with beautiful floral pattern.Bright colors create in your bathroom special, soaked atmosphere of warmth and joy.
  • «Felina» sustained in pastel green and beige tones.Subtle pattern of interlacing lines to avoid monotony and uniformity.Restrained, bright colors will help make your bathroom area of ​​tranquility and peace.
  • «ARTE» - is the choice of these aesthetes.Cold, blue and pink colors, delicate flowers of apple and glass strips creates a feeling of spaciousness and weightlessness.This collection is perfect for small bathrooms.
Ceramics Collection Electa
Viking Tile Collection
Syntia from Cersanit
Aqua Tile
A collection of ceramic tiles Black stone
Tiles made of Arte collection

In the following video you will see Cersanit tile in bathroom design.Borrow ideas and invent your own!


Company «Polcolorit» was born in Poland 30 years ago.

Its founder is Italian, so the company is positioned as a continuer of the Italian tradition of quality and beauty.

Collection Styl

If the main requirement that you are bringing to the interior - this is the uniqueness of each of its elements, then you should pay attention to this group.«Polcolorit» is engaged in manufacture of tiles on the individual customer's design.For example, you can order tiles with inlays of precious stones and metals.

New Collection Alaska

Collections «Polcolorit»:

  • «Ecco» includes ceramic tile bright, but at the same time, delicate fruit tones.The main color is offered white, which is complemented by an orange or green, as well as the borders of different sizes with floral patterns.
  • «Gemma» offers a warm, noble colors that make the room more comfortable.Muted green, yellow, burgundy and brown shades bring notes of antiquity and gentility.Decorative elements are decorated with the image of kitchen utensils, so it is more acceptable in the kitchen than in the bathroom.
  • «Greta» is available in two versions: light and dark.The tiles can be combined to create new and unusual combinations.Decorative elements are decorated with floral ornaments.This collection was made for a rigorous, minimalist bathrooms.
  • «Saloni» implemented in three colors: white, black and brown.Tiles decorated with intricate, ornate pattern, which is also available in two versions: smooth, matt and embossed to simulate forging.Combining different options, you can create a truly spectacular combination and play in his bathroom the spirit of the Middle Ages.
  • «Senso» can cause tenderness from anyone, as a key design motif here - fun kitty.This animal is like no other, it helps to create an atmosphere of calm and comfort.The collection is made in the noble beige and brown colors.
  • «Styl» for basic color white beret and juicy shades of red and green.Tile is presented as monotonous, and with a simple floral pattern.In the collection there are several types of borders and large panels depicting exotic flowers.
  • «Tango» like to dance, after which it is named - as bright and passionate.Ceramic tile, densely decorated with floral patterns, shown in white and scarlet and black and gold design.To counterbalance all this beauty is designed to neutral floor tiles, beige.
Tile Ecco
Brilliance Collection
Ceramic tiles Greta
Collection Loft
Black and white collection Saloni
Ceramic tiles from Mango collection


Company «Paradyz» marketFor more than 25 years.She rather quickly began to develop and to win the sympathy of buyers around the world.Today, the company exports its products to more than 40 countries.Available «Paradyz» is 5 factories that with the latest technologies produce not only an interior, and outdoor tiles, as well as a stunningly beautiful mosaic.

Sales Leader - Collection Bambus

Collections Bernd «Paradyz»:

  • «Almatea» distinguished by a special drawing application of technology, through which the viewer has the impression that the colors and the lines are in motion.You can select one of four basic colors - white, beige, brown, dark gray - or combine them at will.
  • «Artable» definitely enjoy the refined natures.The bright colors and elegant floral design perfect for the bathroom in a classic style.If you want to play on the contrast, the collection you will find the black-and-white mosaic cutting.
  • «Querida» fully up to its name, which translates from Spanish as "dear" or "darling."The combination of pink-beige and lilac colors looks girlish gently.Decorative elements are decorated with delicate orchid silhouettes.
Collection Artable
Tile Carioca
Ceramic tiles Querida


Company «Tubadzin» known in many European countries.In Russia, its products are also popular.This company is famous for its extensive use of innovative technologies.Collection of tiles that it produces every year, a very vivid and memorable, thanks to the unusual design solutions.

Majolica Collection

Company Collections:

  • «Color» , really, really colorful.Buyer provided a large selection of rich, rich colors: several shades of green, yellow, orange, red, purple.Tile collection presented uniform and decorated with a relief pattern, solid and Painted abstract or realistic floral pattern.Experimenting with colors and textures, you can create your own original combinations.
  • «London Piccadilly» to your attention is now fashionable English theme.What do we associate with London?Of course, it is the red double-decker buses, black cabs, the Windsor dynasty and Big Ben.All this, in varying degrees, is present in the collection: the dominant colors are red, yellow and black, and adorned with decorative elements recognizable symbols of England.
Color Collection
London Piccadilly
Modern Wood Collection tiles

Thus, plumbing market represented a huge range of ceramic tiles for the bathroom of the Polish production room.

Made in Poland tile is much cheaper than the Italian, but the quality is not inferior to the leading European producers. largest Polish companies each year producing new collections of ceramic tiles, which are different beautiful and original design.

Polish ceramic tiles can become a real decoration of your bathroom.