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August 12, 2017 18:06

Vichy shower : indications and contraindications .Types of effects on the body and

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Vichy Shower
  • history
  • Types
  • Indications
  • Contraindications
  • Procedure
    • treatment effects the body
    • Preparing for
  • procedure Medicinal properties

If you are interested in waterprocedure, but are rather intense types, like power shower or circular shower a concern, consider the account at the rate of procedures Vichy shower: lying under flowing gently massaging the body of water jets, you can fully relax and improve your mood.

Water for the soul of the use of different types - and ordinary tap, and relaxed, and the sea, and thermal or other.

In the original version of the Vichy shower is made with thermal water, but also other kinds of water also give a good result.

Vichy shower in the spa center


The beneficial qualities of water and its positive impact on the beauty and health of people found in ancient times.Thanks to the calming water procedures the body relaxes, improves overall health, metabolism returns to normal.Note that when you change the water temperature, pressure and duration of its reception normal shower can become a health treatments, hydrotherapy was established.One option is a water therapy Vichy shower.

its name Vichy shower was due to the eponymous French resort. Even in Roman times it became known that the water in this city have a medicinal effect.Especially famous resort received in the 19th century thanks to its thermal treatments.

At Vichy shower has another name - threadlike shower.It is related to the Latin word filiforms, meaning "like a thread", because the soul of this jet is very similar to the thin filaments.Now Vichy shower in the spa-appointed and medical institutions, offering hydrotherapy and wellness-services.

about the kinds of soul, read our other article.


Depending on the type of performance is similar to a shower:

  1. dozhdepodobnym - the water supply is carried out in the form of individual jets of falling;
  2. needle - thin jets of water is supplied at low pressure, while visually it looks like a brand-new;
  3. dust - the water supply is carried out in the form of mist (droplet diameter is less than half a millimeter), making this option Vichy shower is considered the most pleasant.
Vichy Shower dust
Vichy Shower needle in the spa salon

You can also alternate between hot and cold shower, depending on the desired effect.And the temperature and pressure can vary even during a single session, which contributes to the lymph drainage and improve oxygen metabolism in the skin.


So who Vichy shower would benefit the most?

  • First of all, the course is to go to every woman, care for their skin. If you care about your own body and you want to improve the appearance of the skin, this is a good choice gidroprotsedury.
  • Also a shower is to do one of the points of the complex for weight loss and correction of impaired metabolism.
  • Since the Vichy shower has beneficial effects on the nervous system and promotes relaxation, it is recommended sleep disorders, irritability, nervousness, stress.
  • tonic effect of this type of shower is used in fitness and sports medicine, because such a procedure contributes to a more rapid recovery.
Vichy shower water massage


Vichy Shower with banned:

  • severe diseases of internal organs;
  • malignancies;
  • blood diseases;
  • infectious diseases;
  • a tendency to bleeding and rashes are not the body.
  • during pregnancy;
  • during critical days.

If the patient skin too sensitive and when the procedure appears a reaction to exposure to water, the session must be stopped immediately.

Even if you think you have no contraindications to this type of hydrotherapy, before recording in the course of such a kind soul should still visit your doctor.


procedure The procedure is performed in a special installation, provided the couch and connected to it a horizontal bar, which has a dispenser.The patient is asked to lie down on the couch, face down, and then the whole body from top to supply water of a large number of holes.

water quality, which is used for the Vichy shower, pay a lot of attention.Water is often used thermal, marine and fresh softened.

note that such souls belong to rather soft water procedures. Since this oblivnye shower with little water pressure, the jet does not hit the body, as in the circular type of shower or with shower Charcot, and act on the body gently, like rain.

Vichy shower - holding procedures

specialist task of conducting the procedure is to monitor the pressure and temperature of the water.Also, it can change the slope of the exposure to water jets.In addition, if your wish is to make massage specialist.

On average, the procedure takes from 15 minutes to an hour.To go for a session with a full stomach can not - before the procedure is recommended not to eat 2 hours, and after it - 40-60 minutes.

important point is the need to rest and replenish the water balance after a Vichy shower.Immediately go home is not worth it - better to take a break from 20 minutes or more, and be sure to moisten the skin with milk or cream.It is also recommended to drink water or herbal tea.

Effects on the body

Water falls on the body in the form of thin jets and its effect on the skin is very delicate, but at the same time and quite effective. Shower influence on reflex zones and deeply relaxes the body, so the outcome of the procedure is to fit and rested state.Muscles that are constantly "pinched" during the Vichy Shower relax in everyday work.Speech on the muscles of the back and neck.The course of the soul as a whole improves the condition of the body and reduces the amount of wrinkles.

Underlying exposure Vichy shower favor gentle massaging effect caused by thread-like streams of water. Acting on the skin and subcutaneous tissue to such water jets stimulate blood and lymph circulation.This makes the skin less flabby, more well-groomed and toned.Adding to the complex Vichy shower treatments for weight loss, you will not only quickly deal with excess weight, but also to prevent the appearance of sagging skin folds.

Note that only a shower is performed in the supine position, so that the patient can relax as much as possible during the session.

Vichy shower for men

In the first minutes of the procedure, the body toned, and then run relaxation processes.Nervous tension decreases, blood circulation and, on the contrary, become more active, so that in the end of the soul should take advantage of this effect, causing the mask or cream.Also a shower favors more rapid body get rid of toxins.

Preparing for

procedure By choosing the place where you will pass the course Vichy showers, should be approached seriously.Sessions of the soul and held in spas and hydrotherapy centers, and even in beauty salons.

It should be remembered that none of the beauty and health treatments will not be a lasting effect resistant, if done one-time fee. This also applies to the shower Vichy, so visible and lasting result of such a course of treatment with water should be between 10-15 procedures.Walk on the sessions can be every day, and intermittently (twice a week or every other day).

Vichy shower with a specialist - massage

Before Vichy shower is useful to do fitness, because the procedure is great to relax the muscles after intense exercise. also before a session can be carried out different cosmetic procedures with mud and sea salt.

advance count their time, not to hurry after the procedure, because after it is recommended 20-30 minutes of quiet rest.

Vichy shower - hydromassage

Recall that after a shower the skin becomes more receptive to treatment cosmetics, therefore, when you rest, it's time to make a mask, to process the body cream or a massage to work on the skin intensively.

Medicinal properties

Vichy shower sessions relating to the procedures of hydrotherapy have medicinal and healing effect.Its useful properties such souls manifest more if will be supplemented by other spa and wellness procedures - wraps, massages, masks and others.

most often combined with Vichy shower massage, offering a set of wanting to change the shape, cellulite overcome or correct metabolic disorders.This complex is good, and for the prevention of problems with metabolism and obesity.

Massage under the Vichy shower

positive impact Vichy shower, a sedative procedure note with different types of nervous disorders - neuroses, stress, migraines, fatigue.As a cleansing process, helps get rid of toxins, this shower is prescribed for gastrointestinal diseases.

This kind soul also has a tonic influence that allows you to assign it in the recovery period after illness or injury.It improves muscle tone and stimulates immune function.This water treatment will also bring relief from diseases of the joints and ligament lesions.

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