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August 12, 2017 18:06

Asymmetrical bath : selection , size, angle options

Asymmetric bathtub
  • Benefits asymmetric baths
  • Types asymmetric baths
  • Dimensions asymmetric baths
  • forms of asymmetric baths
  • Features bath installation asymmetrical design

How much attention is paid to the color in the repair of the bathroom.And this, of course, correct.Color - this mood, one of the main psycho-emotional components of the interior.But the interior - it's not just a color, it is the total content of the interior.The size, shape, style, furniture and sanitary ware are playing an equally important role in creating a harmonious space.

Try to abandon the standard ways to create a bathroom design and build the entire interior, including the selection panel, starting from the one subject.For example, the bath.Raise most ordinary plumbing fixtures in the top design ideas will allow asymmetric bathtub. modern production allows virtually no limit myself in the selection of shapes, sizes, color and materials.

Benefits asymmetric baths

Asymmetric tubs are gaining more and more popularity due to a number of indisputable advantages:

  • Create custom individual interior. How, indeed, can be installed in the bathrooms of the same type, rectangular baths, except that different sizes?Asymmetric bath allows to do away with stereotypes that animates the interior bathroom.Install a bath, and it will attract the attention of more than red towels!
  • solution for small bathrooms. small area bathrooms problem is relevant to many home owners.Often, setting the standard bath reduces the useful floor area.The optimal solution is often to buy an asymmetric corner bath.It will allow the most efficient precious square footage without sacrificing ergonomics premises.
  • A variety of sizes, shapes and colors. Using asymmetric baths - is not just a departure from the standard rectangular plumbing.This is a wide open space for imagination, which allows to realize almost any design idea.
  • functionality. Many asymmetric model Extension body contours and equipped with handles, armrests, head restraints.But it is necessary to stipulate that such a set of useful parts of acrylic baths have often, where you can also mount system jacuzzi and even illumination.

Current models to asymmetric baths equipped with hydro-massage.Learn more about them you can read in our article about the hot tub.

Asymmetric Hot Tub

Types asymmetric baths

plumbers in exclusive stores you can find a bath asymmetric configuration, made of wood, stone and even glass.However, such a pleasure can hardly afford to ordinary people in high-rises.

Models asymmetric baths, which can be found in conventional building stores are divided into three types depending on the material from which they are made.

asymmetric bathtub


acrylic material was invented in the first half of the 20th century.However, its wide application in the construction industry and the repair began relatively recently.That bath of acrylic still unfamiliar to many, but their popularity is growing every day.

All variety of shapes and colors in the production of asymmetric baths is possible thanks to the use of acrylic.This material is sufficiently easily molded and colored, abrasion resistant, does not burn, it is simple in operation m leaving.Acrylic - a selection of first-class achievements of progress, modern and multi-functional solutions.Another advantage of asymmetric baths Acrylic - their light weight, which substantially fits a bath installation process.

Do not choose acrylic bathtub with asymmetrical overly complex shapes and an abundance of small parts - bumps, depressions, etc.Qualitative acrylic composition and thickness is difficult detailed complex forming.

Acrylic asymmetric bathtub


If acrylic - it is the Art Nouveau in the manufacture of sanitary ware, the iron can be confidently called the good old classics.The undoubted advantage of the bath of cast iron is that it retains heat very well.Also advantages include low noise when pouring water and, of course, strength.Cast-iron bath can be literally for centuries.

But asymmetric bath of cast iron is not a great variety of forms by virtue of a refractory material.As a rule, they are available in two standard sizes: 150h70sm and 170h100sm.Basically it right- or left-hand corner bath.But there is an individual order from the manufacturer.The downside can be called and the high weight of the cast iron plumbing, which significantly complicates the installation and requires higher demands to the ground.

details of such baths, you can read our article about the iron bath.Before choosing sure to read the article - you learn a lot of interesting.

Asymmetric cast iron bath


Steel is also quite a classic material for the manufacture of baths.By virtue of sufficient ductility material, asymmetric steel bath represented more diverse than the asymmetry of cast iron.

asymmetric steel tub will be the best solution for those who are wary of modern materials.At the same time the cost of steel bath is very democratic.

Asymmetric steel bath

When choosing a steel or cast-iron bath notice the quality of the enamel.Not allowed chips, cracks, stains, spots, different in color.

Dimensions asymmetric baths

main aspects when choosing a bath with an asymmetric structure are the shape and size of the font and then design.Depending on the size bath asymmetric capacity can vary from 100 to 1000 liters.

For a very small bathroom, you can choose the angle steel or acrylic bath size 90x90 cm. course, soak in the full growth of this it is unlikely to succeed, but their task in terms of hygiene is quite cope and this baby-bath.It is also possible for space saving installation angle models and parameters 150h70sm 170h100sm.

For installation in spacious bathrooms choice asymmetric baths limited unless the finance and imagination.pattern length can be 180cm or 200cm, and can be round, oval and bath, it looks more like a small swimming pool.An interesting solution would be a double bath.

now has all the opportunities to translate almost any design idea.Bath looked very impressive in a hammock, although she hardly easy to use.

Bath - hammock

If you are interested in a whirlpool bath, where you can make useful and pleasant spa treatments, read our article about the jacuzzi.

Bath for two

forms of asymmetric baths

name "asymmetric" such baths have received through their mind.They are characterized by polygonal sides compound, different in shape, length, height and sometimes at an angle greater than 90 ??.

Depending on the configuration of the asymmetric baths can be divided into:

  • Polygonal
  • Corner
  • Trapezoid
  • Baths complex shape

Profile polygonal bath includes at least 5 sides , differing in length.The connection side can be completely devoid of right angles.For the free sale of such asymmetric baths - a rarity.Most often they are made to order.

polygonal asymmetric bathtub

Spa Jacuzzi with hydro massage will give you an unforgettable experience and perenesesut in a state of bliss.

asymmetrical rectangular (trapezoidal) bath

Contour form three sides, aligned at a right angle and having different lengths.The fourth side has a beveled or rounded shape.

trapezoidal bath

asymmetrical Corner tubs Profile

are most popular.Two sides of a bath together in a right angle and are adjacent to the walls of the room.The third party has a rounded or curved shape, at least - a straight line.For very small spaces, you can choose a corner bath with asymmetrical size 90h90sm is considered a standard size corner bath with an aspect ratio of 1,3h0,7 1,5h1 meters and meter.

Corner tubs symmetric profile

Asymmetric baths complex profile

different variety of models.They are characterized by different height sides and a combination of different geometric shapes.For example, one round of the bath is performed, and the second - oval or rectangular or even triangular.In any case, asymmetric bathtub with a complex configuration of the font is the center around which is built the entire interior.

corner bath

mounting Features bath asymmetrical design

Installation baths, as well as any plumbing, plumbing requires skill.Poorly conducted plumbing threaten serious trouble, including the neighbors.Therefore it is better not to save, and to entrust the installation of a professional team.

Installation baths produce the horizontal level.Drain bias is already provided in the structure.

Depending on the model, various asymmetric baths installation process may vary slightly, but in general the bath installation includes a number of mandatory work:

  1. Shut off the water supply bathrooms
  2. Remove old bathtub
  3. Check the suitability or replace the overflow system and drainand water
  4. Mount framing
  5. Install a new bath and adjust the level using the feet
  6. Connect to the bath water supply and drainage system
  7. Check tightness of connections, leakage eliminate
  8. rigidly fix the legs to the floor
Installing asymmetric bathtub

slope sewer pipe should be not less than 2 cm per meter.

When installing the steel bath to give it greater stability, in addition to installing the legs under the bath enclose bricks or concrete blocks.The space between the blocks and the bottom is filled with foam.

Important!To design is not led by the expansion of foam, be sure to set inside the goods.

asymmetric advantages over traditional bath installation more than obvious.To add dynamics to the interior, it is not necessary to look for complex models.Even with normal corner bath room can get a relaxing spa atmosphere.