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August 12, 2017 18:05

Design a small bedroom

lucky ones who live in a large bedroom, actually not so much, and most people have to live in small spaces.So you need to be resourceful to create the design of a small bedroom more harmonious and comfortable.


  1. Choosing furniture for small bedroom
  2. Finish
  3. Lighting
  4. Photo design small bedroom

Choosing furniture for small bedroom

In that case, if it is correctapproach to the design problem, even a small room, you can equip a rational and convenient.If you look at a photo design small bedroom, you can have an idea of ​​what the furniture is best to pick up and in what way you can visually expand the space.But when it is selected should comply with certain rules.

  1. usually a small area of ​​all the rooms are different Khrushchev.If we turn to the traditional principles on arrangement of the living rooms, the design of a small bedroom in the Khrushchev provides relief space of excess furniture.
  2. If the space is too limited, it is possible to abandon the traditional classic double bed and a sofa set.
  3. As an original and attractive design ideas small bedroom can be supplemented with mirrors on the walls.This is especially important in the long and narrow room - mirrors to visually expand space.
  4. should be borne in mind that the modern design eliminates the use of a small bedroom furniture dark.
  5. This room includes a wardrobe;It would be much better if it will be a wardrobe with a mirror door.
  6. also a small bedroom provides for the use of low furniture.


very important in such a room can play curtains.To interior design look more attractive, you should choose the right curtains.In some cases, windows can be large, and in the other - small.A large window can visually reduce the room, so the curtains in this case must be as wide as possible, preferably on the entire width of the wall.But they should be free, not strained, and the cornice must be attached as high as possible to the ceiling.In this case, it would be visually above the ceiling.

should also be borne in mind that the beautiful design of a small bedroom, as in the photo, may depend on the style design of the room.If it is decorated in a modern style, the curtains should have smooth lines and how can a softer color.With hi-Teke curtains can be lengthy, but should be as small as possible by minimalism tissue.Very good for the minimalist approach the Japanese version of the curtains.In a narrow room on the curtains should be horizontal lines and low ceilings - the vertical.


If you create a design small bedroom with his hands, then in this case you must choose wisely and lighting.The lighting to look more impressive, you must install the suspended ceiling with a glossy surface.In such an embodiment can be to use a small chandelier in which the directional light would be directed at the ceiling.In this case, it would be reflected by the glossy surface and gave the scattering light.

should be used and local lighting, because it can be used to get rid of dark corners that can turn a small space into a kind of cave.In this room there should be more light, so in addition to the chandelier should be a floor lamp or a lamp on the bedside table and wall lamps bedside.

Photo design small bedroom