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August 12, 2017 18:06

Glass partitions for the bathroom : shower and zoning , sliding

Glass partitions in the bathroom
  • When it is appropriate?
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Types
  • Tips for Choosing
  • Installation
  • process of making glass partition

Usually bathroom - it's a small room, so in the process of repair of the apartment owners seeking to get rid of walls, columns, projectionsand other building structures, "eat" and without that small area.To increase the total area of ​​bathrooms, some even break down the wall between the toilet and the bathroom.However, in some cases, in a bathroom partition needed.Then glass partitions - it is the right decision.

When it is appropriate?

At arrangement of the bathroom glass walls of the room is used in two cases:

  • If you want to protect a bath or shower. glass panel serves as an excellent protection from moisture and hot steam.Tempered glass - it is waterproof, resistant to temperature extremes of the material, so it is without fear can be installed in the immediate vicinity of santehpriborov.In addition, the glass partition - a solution more modern and elegant than fabric curtains for bath or shower.
  • If you want to divide the room into functional zones .Since the bathroom is very small, functional areas often represent using different colors of floor and wall coverings.But if you want to not only visual distinction, it is difficult to come up with a better version of the glass walls, because they practically do not take up space and light is passed perfectly.
Glass partitions for fencing in the bathroom
Separation of bathroom glass partitions


  • Glass partitions can divide the room, at the same time leaving the impression of a single, contiguous space.This effect is difficult to achieve using plasterboard or brick walls.
  • Many refuse to glass partitions in the bathroom, referring to their fragility.And it is in vain, because in the production of these products use hardened, toughened glass.In addition, manufacturers are often coated glass pane with a special film which protects from shrapnel if the glass is still broken.Thus, the thin glass walls, sturdy and completely safe.
  • partitions mounted as whole glass panel without joints (which are unavoidable, such as when finishing wall tiles), so care of them is easy.It is only necessary to stock up on cleaning products for the care of glassware.
  • addition to ease-of-care glass partitions have another valuable asset: they are very hygienic.On the glass is almost never a fungus and mold, and unpleasant if education still appear, they will be very easy to remove.Such barriers can be treated with an antiseptic solution, without fear of damaging the material.
  • glass partitions in the bathroom looks nice and original.There are many ways to create unusual interior with glass enclosures.Use a little imagination, explore design ideas - and you become the owner of an incredibly stylish and functional bathroom.
Advantages of glass partitions in the bathroom


  • The most significant drawback of glass partitions - it is the high cost.Usually glass fences are made to order, which, of course, affect their value.Also you have to pay for installation of products.
  • Despite the fact that modern glass enclosures are very strong and are used for arrangement of office and residential space, break a glass partition is still possible.However, it will have to make considerable physical effort.
  • If the partition is set near a bathtub or shower, then the surface will inevitably be water and soap stains.Now on sale there is a large variety of detergents for such products, so clean the glass from pollution is not difficult.But, to a glass partition was always in perfect condition, it will have to be cleaned frequently.
Disadvantages of glass partitions in the bathroom


There is an extensive classification of glass partitions, which covers some of the most important parameters of products.

Depending on partition of production material divided into:

  • fine leaved - solid walls can be fixed to the frame and installed without the use of valves.
  • stekloblochnye - walls, assembled from glass bricks, blocks;
Partitions of glass bricks in the bathroom

Depending on the degree of light transmission is divided into partitions:

  • transparent - completely translucent walls, which look very impressive, but need special nursing care;
  • translucent - the most popular option;such partitions passed a sufficient amount of light, but consider what happens to them is almost impossible.
  • opaque - in setting up the bathroom very rarely used, since the use of opaque walls is undesirable in small spaces.
Transparent walls for bathrooms
Opaque walls in the bathroom

type-glass partitions are:

  • stationary - solid fence with no moving parts;
  • mobile - fencing that can be moved from place to place, more often they are simply "rolled" on the floor using a roller mechanism.

By type of doors:

  • equipped only doorway;
  • with sliding doors;
  • with hinged doors.
Glass partitions the type - with no moving parts
Glass partitions for door type

Tips for Choosing

We have already said that the glass partitions often Bathroom produce to order.This is due to many factors: the cost of the material features of the room, the individual wishes of the customer, etc.Companies that produce enclosures and glass in any city a lot, so you are sure you will have a choice.

studying products manufacturer, pay attention to a few important details:

  • protective film should fit snugly to the surface;therein should not be damaged, air bubbles and foreign objects different.
  • Various metal structural components, including the frame, and should be fixed.Parts must be made of high-quality components.
  • glass panels themselves should be smooth, do not have the structure of chips, cracks or other mechanical damage.
Tips for Choosing a glass partition to the bathroom


If you order a glass partition in specializing in this company, the installation of the product will be handled by experts of the same organization.But there are situations where the installation of glass fencing is necessary to take into their own hands.To perform quality work, take advantage of our recommendations.

  • If the partition consists of several parts, you must first collect the product.Do this in the vicinity of the installation site as a ready construction would be difficult to move from place to place.If the door is provided in the partition wall, it must be set at the end of assembly.
  • Next you need to make a layout for mounting on walls and ceiling.This is usually used installation profile.
  • In accordance with the marking drill holes for fasteners.When the depth of the holes should not be more than the length of the fasteners.
  • Then comes the turn of the installation.All fasteners are usually supplied in the kit.
  • If the glass partition is set next to the shower or bath, the joints of the walls to be treated with silicone sealant for sanitary fittings.
Installation of a glass partition in the bathroom

process of making glass partition

Manufacturing fences bathroom glass room requires the use of special equipment to produce such a structure therefore not possible at home.But to participate in the process of creating glass partition still possible.

  • You are free to take measurements and to prepare the sketch.If you are planning the construction of walls from floor to shelf, to the error in the calculations are not allowed.If the barrier is not at the full height of a few millimeters up or down will not play a large role.
  • with painted drawings can be sent to the workshop, is engaged in manufacturing glass enclosures.Staff will help you with the choice of material and, if necessary, will make amendments to the design sketch.
  • In the studio glass sheet is cut into pieces of the desired size, process the edges if necessary applied spraying and paste the protective film.
  • Having finished product, make sure that it meets all requirements.Because of how well made glass partition, it depends on the comfort and safety of using a bathroom.
Production of glass walls for the bathroom
Glass partitions for bathrooms