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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to put laminate wood floor

Preparation for laying laminate on a wooden floor

In order to begin work on laying laminate flooring on a wooden floor, it is necessary to prepare a number of tools and materials:

  • Laminate.
  • level.
  • Mallet.
  • sandpaper.
  • Hammer and nails.

Action Plan, to put laminate wood floor (video)

Work on laying laminate flooring on wooden floor consists of several turn-based events:

  • Evaluation of flatness of the floor surface.
  • Adapting material under room conditions.
  • rank the strength of the floor surface.
  • preparatory work.
  • Laying waterproofing.
  • Laying laminate.

Intuitively, the process shown in the video recordings, where professional workers performing similar work

How to put laminate itself on a wooden floor: User

Step 1: estimate the old wooden floor

main condition that must be observed during installationas laminate flooring, the presence of a flat surface.Therefore, before you start you need to inspect the surface in the presence of all sorts of irregularities.The permissible range of fluctuations in the coating plane - 2-3 mm per 2 m length surface.

Step 1 : estimate the old wooden floor

Step 2: preparation of the laminate before it lay

After buying a building material can not be immediately ready for assembly work.Bought laminate need to leave for a few hours in the room where he will be laid, so that it has adapted to the climatic conditions of the room.

Step 2 : preparation of the laminate before it lay

Step 3: suitability for floor finishing laminate

Before starting work, you must inspect the floor covering in the presence of unstable elements.That is cracked or caved board is replaced or firmly committed.

Step 3 : suitability for floor laminate finish

Step 4: before you lay laminate wood floor

After fixing floor elements necessary to prepare it for installation.The spirit level or plumb verified flatness.If there are protruding parts, it is necessary to beat them or skived using a planer or sander.Caved in part can be leveled by lining them under the bars.

Step 4 : before you lay laminate wood floor

Step 5: laminate protection against moisture

Strong polyethylene film placed on a prepared surface or fastened with tape overlapping.Also it is necessary to make a small overlap on the wall surface and attach film tape.

Step 6: how to lay laminate wood floor to

After laying the waterproofing can proceed to the installation of the laminate.Building material is deposited on the prepared surface and sealed together by means of special locks.Laminate is best laid perpendicular to the walls, in which there are windows.This is done in order that the falling from the windows of the light rays concealed seams available.After the laminate is laid, it is necessary to attach a plinth in places where the floor adjacent to the walls.At the laying of laminate flooring can be considered complete.

Thus, the article has been described and characterized the process of laying laminate on a wooden floor.