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August 12, 2017 18:06

Flush doors .Features and Specifications

Flush doors - the most common type of door designs.Its popularity is due to the low production costs.These doors are quite reliable.However, there are some nuances to be aware of before purchasing shield doors.


  • design shield doors
  • pads to shield doors
  • material for the lining to shield wooden doors
  • Exterior moldings on the panelboard doors
  • Overview manufacturers of panel doors

design shielddoors

traditional panelboard door consists of three elements:

  • frame,
  • filler,
  • lining.

frame is a box, assembled from solid wood joists or typesetting.Typesetting called beams, glued from single boards.This embodiment is more reliable, since the geometry is not subject to change due to changes in temperature or humidity changes.


between the upper and lower beams are installed additional stiffeners.The more, the stronger the door.The optimal distance of 10 cm. With this arrangement the ribs provide sufficient strength even for very thin lining.

If we talk about the material, the more often the framework is made up of pine, birch less.Given the design of the shield door, a fundamental difference between tree species there, since the frame does not directly interact with the environment.

called filler material, which is installed between the ribs.Apply the following types:

  • edged wooden board,
  • mineral wool,
  • foam,
  • polystyrene,
  • foam.

Untreated wooden board is very cheap.Therefore, in the simplest cases it is used as a filler.Among the shortcomings - a great weight of the finished structure, weak sound and thermal insulation properties.Other materials properties are approximately the same for low and, therefore, not too affect door performance.

mainly frame-panel door set in an interior, so on the forefront of their decorative value.During this meet lining.

pads to shield doors

Shielding door got its name due to the fact that its front and rear side is a flat panel without any frills.However, designers have stepped far forward and created a lot of variations for any taste requests.Therefore shield doors can be divided:

  • patterned,
  • smooth.


patterned panels consist of a substrate to which are glued special decorative items.It looks so much richer door.For operational characteristics, it does not differ from the door with a smooth blade, but is more expensive.On the other hand, it has a crack of any adhesive property, so the use of patterned lining in areas with aggressive environment is not allowed.We are talking about:

  • bathrooms,
  • kitchens,
  • cellars,
  • balconies,
  • nurseries.

last point has a somewhat different nature.Since the pads are glued, they do not suffer mechanical damage.This loosens the structure and lead to its failure.Children, particularly in the small age, often like to throw the toy.Regular hitting the door even soft plush products for several years, will lead to the fact that the pad comes unstuck.


fix it simply:

  • need to completely clear the board surface and the very lining of adhesive,
  • remove the door from its hinges,
  • degrease the place of gluing,
  • apply adhesive to the inner surface of the lining,
  • produce gluingtrim and flatten the load of at least 10 kg.

But it is much easier to use a flat panel-mounted interior doors.Since they will not need repair.In addition, they allow the cost of carrying out a replacement door, if the web is hopelessly flawed.

material for the lining to shield wooden doors

This is perhaps the most important aspect when choosing a shield doors.The production uses the following options:

  • chipboard,
  • fiberboard,
  • MDF,
  • Plywood.

Chipboard - is one of the most popular materials for the lining.Especially in the low-end models.Talking about its merits is not necessary, but it should be noted disadvantages:

  • presence in the formaldehyde and other volatile toxins,
  • strongly absorbs moisture, which leads to irreversible damage of fabric,
  • has quite a lot of weight and thickness of the fabric.

Drevesnovolokonnaya plate is more reliable.Although its production is used for human harmful chemicals in the finished product it rarely exceeds permissible limits.Since the fibers of the wood limp much slower than sawdust, moisture fiberboard little afraid.In addition, more viscous structure to reduce the weight and thickness of the fabric.Another unquestionable advantage - on sale there are flame-species, which are effectively used in fireproof doors.Fiberboard more perfectly, but it also has its drawbacks.First of all it is connected with the plate structure.If the shield is damaged, it gradually begins to crumble and fall apart.Putty solve the problem, but will spoil the appearance of the door.


MDF - a modified kind of fiberboard.It has the same features, but compared to drevesnovolokonnoy stove considerably lighter and thinner.Furthermore, evaporation of chemicals hazardous to humans are minimized.This is the best choice for lining the panelboard doors.

Plywood - to put it mildly, a controversial material.On the one hand it consists of wood, thin and light enough.But it is important to understand that the plywood is highly susceptible to changes in the geometry, it sags, rassyhaetsya, demanding operating conditions and can not be repaired, whether it be mechanical, chemical or atmospheric damage.Naturally, if the door is not intended to use, or it is placed in a removable office, apartment for rent, to the country, the choice will be well worth the price.For everyday use in your home or apartment, such covers are not suitable.

Exterior moldings on the panelboard doors

Each of these materials has a very unsightly appearance.In order to give it the attractiveness of using fine materials:

  • veneer,
  • melamine film,
  • vinyl.

veneer imitates noble woods.Often, high-quality veneer is made directly from the red, iron and other rare species of trees.Technologically pasted on the door panel, it is able to transform any door into an icon of style and luxury.However, to suggest a glueing requirements sufficiently powerful and expensive equipment.Most small producers can not afford it, so veneered products quickly begin to lose their appeal.


Larger companies prefer to use a melamine coating, as it is much cheaper than the veneer.Melamine - thin film is from 200 to 4000 microns.which allows you to create almost any pattern on the sheet surface.Most often manufacturers mimic wood or use a pastel color gamut.

compromise between the conveyor and originality - vinyl.Unlike melamine coatings, vinyl can be used absolutely any color combination of grim black to blinding ultramarine.Although most doors are manufactured in one, maximum - two colors, using vinyl is easy to do the door to the mosaic-style or decorate it in any pattern.It will have to make the personal order to the factory-manufacturer.

Not so long ago appeared on the market so-called Canadian shield doors, whose price starts from 600 rubles.As the laths are used plywood and the inner filler absent.Nevertheless, they have one feature - the white color of the coating.The designers effectively use it to create unique patterns on the doors.Technologies are many, from the usual paint to graffiti.The result is a very original products.Of course, their quality leaves much to be desired.Therefore, the finished picture is covered with several layers of clearcoat.Such a simple enough solution allows to protect the door from the most negative factors.The only thing she would be afraid - it is mechanical damage.


If the desire and time to experiment with art objects there, it is better to turn to a proven producers.

Overview manufacturers of panel doors

Consider the manufacturers of wooden shield doors in order of increasing prices:

  • BELWOODDOORS - Belarusian company established in 1999.Exports goods not only in the CIS countries, but also Europe.It offers very high-quality products, priced at 1,800 rubles.for simple models and from 2500 rubles.for more sophisticated options.The model range includes more than 1,000 variations.
  • «cabinetmaker" - a domestic company, founded in 1993.Prior to the beginning of the two thousandth factory engaged in manufacturing custom doors.From 2000 to 2005, he won the annual competition "Hundred best goods of Russia".Now the company has entered a fundamentally new level of quality, fully compliant with European standards.The price of production from 2700 rubles.
  • «Europan" - the company's history began in 1999.It originally engaged in the production of materials for the manufacture of furniture.Since 2006, actively develops the direction of the production of panel interior doors.Product feature is that all components of the doors except fittings are manufactured in a factory.This avoids marriage.Products comply with all domestic and European standards.The model range starts from 5500 rubles.To the price included a guarantee of seven years, which is an absolute record for Russian producers.
  • «Framir" - a narrow-profile enterprise that engaged in the production of veneer products.A rich range of the highest quality and ensure the company's popularity.Among the shortcomings of bad distribution, represented mainly in Moscow and St. Petersburg.Price starts from 7000 rub.


These manufacturers are budget models.If we talk about price-quality ratio, the choice should be stopped at BELWOODDOORS.But more doors choice depends on taste preferences.

Models middle and VIPklassa presented:

  • RADADOORS- Russian manufacturer which actively operates since 2005.Already by 2008 the products entered the market of CIS countries, made monthly over 30 000 m2 of the door leaf.The quality of the product remains at the highest level.The price of 11 000 rubles.
  • Dariano - the main factory is located in Khabarovsk.This company started operations in 1998 and completely transformed and the creation of doors in the art.Rich lineup and provided excellent performance doors popularity.In manufacture rather expensive woods, so the door to get really reliable and durable.The price of 14 000 rubles.The range has a door with a complex geometric design.As a lining used real wood.The price of this product starts from 30 000 rubles.

various distributors, whether private sellers or building hypermarkets offer products of Italian, French, Spanish manufacturers less.Of course, their quality and appearance do not cause any problems, but the cost is unreasonably high.