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August 12, 2017 18:07

Sewage in the bath

Installation of drainage sewers for bath

Installation of drainage sewers for bath

from being equipped with drainage in the bath, may depend on the degree of pleasure from her visit.After each steam room, which is part of a cottage or a house on the plot, it is necessary to organize a high-quality drainage.Violation of the drainage process can disturb the thermal regime and greatly reduce the quality of its work.

In a typical bath home, which does not imply a large flow of visitors, enough to arrange a drainage sewer.The building of this type of sewage system must be carried out as follows:

  • Construction of drainage well at a depth below the freezing temperature.The difference between the depth should be at least 150 percent.
  • the prepared hole of the well should impose clay mortar around the perimeter of the bottom.Also clay to be processed surface of the trench, which forms the pipe and the hole in the foundation.Superimposed layer should be about ten centimeters.
  • top of the clay layer to impose a layer of gravel, expanded clay or sand with gravel.mound thickness should be about half a meter.This structure will serve as a drainage function.
  • on the drainage layer should be applied to the ground layer and tightly compacted.
  • All communication pipe, which makes drainage of the bath should be warm, to avoid the freezing process.

Installation of drainage sewers for bath

sewage pit using

There are situations when the organization vodoottoka in the bath is not enough conventional drainage facilities.These situations may be the presence of soils that are poorly absorb moisture or too much flow of contaminated water from the bath.This type of problem can be installation of construction pit in the sewer system of the bath.This device is constructed under the scheme:

  • At a distance of one to one and a half meters from the premises baths constructed an additional hole in the ground about 70 centimeters deep.The width and length may amount to 50 centimeters.
  • drain pipe from the bath building is displayed in the pit cavity and located at a distance of 15 centimeters from the surface of its bottom.
  • To build the interior walls of the pit, as a rule, the concrete used.
  • From pit output tube that directs the contaminated water into a sewage pit, where the device has been described above.

So baths sewage may consist not only of a drainage system, but also supplemented pit, which helps to cope with the additional burden on the sewerage system.

Sewage pit using

To avoid penetration of the bath of unpleasant odors and cold air pipe leading out to the inclined plate is attached, which is attached to all surfaces except the bottom of the pit.The lower end of the plate must be located at a distance of five centimeters from the bottom of the device.

The specifics of the installation of bath

sewer Sewer bath is a structure that requires, at its foundation, responsible approach in drafting the scheme, as well as in the choice of materials used.When mounting the pipe system should select materials which have the highest index of moisture resistance and temperature.So, to ensure drainage, should refrain from the use of steel pipe products and wooden boxes.For these purposes it is best to use a cast iron pipe or pipe fitting made of ceramics or heat-resistant plastics.

design features floor bath room

The installation of floors in the steam room is also necessary to put special attention.This element of the interior is one of the important components of the sewage system of bath rooms, because it is sort of the initial part of the whole structure of the sewer.Sewer bath will not function properly without a quality floor mounted inside the bath room.The options floor installation in the steam room:

  • Leaking floor.This element of the bath unit is a structure consisting of a lag, the gap between them can be about 5 mm.
  • Solid floor.This structure is a monolithic structure made of concrete, which is tilted.The lowest point of the slope is the branch hole, which is the beginning of the sewerage system.

Features of the construction of the floor of the bath room

Construction manhole

Some drainage system due to various reasons is long.To control the individual segments of such systems requires the construction of manholes.These structures are small grooves on the sections of the pipe, with concreted walls and allow easy access inside.Concrete processing and is also subjected to the bottom of the object.In the area of ​​the pipe in the manhole should also have openings for access to the interior in the event of various types of blockages or damage.The presence of such devices will greatly facilitate in-line maintenance and planned inspection of the sewer system.

Construction of the manhole

Thus, articles made of materials it is known that sewage baths - a multi-level system, the complexity of which depends on the functionality and the available size of the room and bath for the installation of which is necessary to use highly specialized equipment and materials.