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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to remove the bone from the bra from the washing machine : to remove the bone from the bra

How to remove the bone from the bra from the washing machine ?
  • How dangerous?
  • How to determine where a bone stuck?
  • How to pull out: the key ways
  • Prevention

If the inside of the washing machine gets a small object, it can threaten the work and health of the unit.That may be the subject of bone, jumped out of the bra.

Errors washing machine in contact with foreign objects between the tub and the drum

How dangerous?

danger bones trapped in a washing machine of a bra, is determined primarily by the material of its manufacture.If a plastic item, most likely it will not damage anything inside the device, and because of its irregular shape will remain at the bottom of the washing machine and is found while parsing the machine on another occasion.

is quite another thing if the bone bra is made of metal.Contact with such an object inside the machine threatens not only the drum scratches and damage to the hatch of the cuff, but such serious damage as a leak from the tank, disconnecting the heating element, the drum jam and even a short circuit.

Hole in the tank of the washing machine from the trapped Bone bra
Damage to the heating element of a washing machine has fallen into the tank metal bones bra

Even if metal bone will not interfere with moving parts of the machine, its long stay inside the machine will cause rust.Especially if you do not have the habit to ventilate the unit after use, and in the bathroom humidity is increased.

If you heard a loud rattle and sound of metal friction, is the first sign that a foreign object is dangerous to operate the washing machine.In this case, you should immediately abort the wash cycle, to prevent damage to the heating element, or other details.

How to determine where a bone stuck?

hit the drums bone bra can find in such places:

  • At the bottom of the drum.
  • bottom of the tank.
  • between the tub and the drum.

Finding such a small object can help you a flashlight and a little patience.Scroll hand drum circle, check it in, and try to consider the bottom of the tank.If you have not found on the bottom of the pit is likely to jam it.

In this case, remove the pulley by loosening its retaining bolt.Returning bolt into place, do not tighten it until the end.A small hammer gently tap on the shaft so that it moved a little drum and moved away from the tank.Then slowly rotate the drum, waiting until the bone does not fall down.

Methods for extracting bones from the bra from the washing machine

How to pull out: the key ways

In the case of cars trapped inside bone bra especially lucky owners of vehicles with vertical load, which has a special hatch.This hatch is just provided for the extraction of foreign bodies that get inside the unit.

All other users access to such methods to get bone from her bra:

  1. After draining the machine.After removing the front panel, remove the drum from the gum.Further, by unscrewing the drain pipe, you are sure to find a bone and you can remove it.
  2. With the help of a magnet (if the bone made of metal), or home-made hooks, for which you need a thin wire.Pushing bone needle to a convenient place to extract, take hook, lower it into the hole of the drum and try to pull the bone to the drum and push it in a hole at least a few millimeters, and then remove it with tweezers.
  3. By dismantling the heater.After disconnecting the machine from the network and unscrewing the lid, find the heater, unplug the wire, remove the nut in the middle (not fully) and push pin, and then gently shake the heater and remove it from the machine.Install the heater back in the same order.

Intuitively, some of the ways you can see in the following video.


So you are no longer faced with the problem of extracting the stone from the bra from the washing machine, follow certain rules.In most cases, fishnet bras are advised to never be washed in a machine, therefore 100% protection against falling stones from bras in tank cars will be hand wash.

If you still prefer machine washing, wash clothes in specially designed for this bag or container.However, you can simply fold the bras in a pillowcase of cotton.Additionally, any laundry into the machine, check the bra and make sure that there are no visible signs of damage in the area of ​​the ends of the bones.

laundry bag in a washing machine bras
washing container of a washing machine bras