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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to make windows to

What you need to do the window frames to

In order to begin work on the creation of window frames with your hands, you need to prepare a number of tools and materials:

  • boards of the required type of wood, the section of which must be 50h150 mm.
  • beam whose section should be 50x50 mm.
  • glass sheet the desired size.
  • Electric Planer.

How to make windows with their hands: an action plan

Work on the window frame with his hands composed of several turn-based events:

  • Preparing the boards for window boxes.
  • Making a window box.
  • Making the window frame.
  • Making finger joints.
  • exits.

How to make a window frame: step by step instructions.

Step 1: prepare the board for the box frame

Select the type of wood from which you want to make a window.For this type of work will be needed well dried planed boards.The cross section of such boards should be 50h150 mm.With elektrorubanka on the board, do the groove to profile board was shaped like the letter D. This event will contribute to the mounting tightness design.

Step 1 : prepare the boards for the frame of the box

Step 2: Making the box

window frame From the window opening dimensions, the board should be divided into four parts.The resulting parts must be connected to each other.The compound is best done using a direct or straight tenon groove.During the work on one of the boards (which will serve as a horizontal connection) is necessary to saw a spike.Across the board (which will serve as a vertical connection) is necessary to cut the slot.Places connection is necessary fluff joiner's glue and make the connection boards.Connection board box must be made at an angle of 90 degrees.To strengthen the construction of drilled hole and insert glue smeared wooden pin into the end of the carton.Also, to enhance the design of the box, you need to install in corners, metal corners and attach them to the box with screws.The box will be cooking for further use after the glue has dried.

Step 2 : Making a box window frame

Step 3: How to make the window with his hands

frame is made and connected in the same manner as a window box.During manufacture, the frame beam is used, whose cross section should be 50-50 mm.To frame could easily be opened and closed, it is necessary to leave a gap between the frame and the frame of 1-2 mm.

Step 3 : How to make a box with his hands

Step 4: finger joints

window frame profile should be divided into blanks and make them finger joints with a saw, a hammer and a chisel.

Step 5: After completion of manufacturing a window frame with his hands

must install glass and hinges in the appropriate places.After completing these steps, the work on the creation of a window can be considered finished.Window necessarily to be treated with anticorrosive materials and paint to protect from moisture.

Step 5 : After completion of manufacturing a window frame with his hands

Thus, in the article have been described and characterized the process of manufacturing a window frame with his hands.