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August 12, 2017 18:06

Automatic ventilation of greenhouses with their own hands

Automatic ventilation of greenhouses with their own hands

Today manufacture machine to ventilate greenhouses with their own hands is simple - the good, the network you will find a lot of useful diagrams and articles that will make this process fully accessible and understandable, even layman.

Another question is, what kind of machine does not try to create your own?After all schemes and models today are so many.

To ensure that you have chosen really are optimally suitable in your case design, we recommend to get acquainted with all the possible features of automatic devices to ventilate greenhouses, how to create that you can find on the net.


  • Constructions automatic ventilator for greenhouses
    • Electrical design
    • hydraulic design
    • bimetallic construction

Constructions automatic ventilator for greenhouses

As we mentioned above, an automatic ventilator for greenhousesthat you can make today, on its own, can have a different design.

Hydraulic machine for greenhouses

Electrical design

In this case, in the composition of the product will include a fan and thermostat.The latter is intended to be responsible for turning on the fan when the temperature in the greenhouse rises to a certain level.

The main advantages of these machines include the most rapid response to changing temperature indicators.In addition, user-friendly enough to manage such products.

Another electric machine to ventilate the greenhouses with their own hands that you make, will have virtually unlimited power and will not create any problems during installation.

As for the cons of such products, it is a direct dependence on the power grid.

hydraulic design

These products are characterized by high reliability and autonomy.In this case they are also very simple and durable.

The whole system will work using rychaga- "rocker", which will open the transom.

Thermometer is in this case will act as hermetic container with air, located inside the greenhouse.

Such systems are very popular with today's sensors, as they are very simple in execution.


bimetallic construction

At the heart of these systems are metal plates, which have different coefficients of thermal expansion.

Thus, it is due to the bending and straightening of the plates at different temperatures, and will be opening and closing windows.

The disadvantage of these products can be attributed the fact that they are able to work only in greenhouses with relatively small air vents.