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August 12, 2017 18:07

Align floor can be self

Fundamentals floor leveling

How to align the floor and that it should be aware of?Alignment should be to perform a similar procedure with the walls and ceiling.There are several ways to work.Each has its pros and cons.
Nowadays successfully carried out three ways of floor leveling:

  • alignment capacity.
  • Alignment fill.
  • Application lighthouses.

One of the methods

begin with leveling capacity.The essence of this option is that floor joists are attached.They help create a smooth base parquet (on the joists are placed sheets of plywood board, particle board).
great advantage of this method is that the empty space can be put insulation.This option is ideal for the ground floor, wooden houses, cottages.In addition, you can raise your parquet required height.Whether it be 10 or 20 centimeters.
Alignment filled - perhaps one of the easiest and fastest way to level the floor.The basis of this method is that you can fill the floor with a special mixture (based on DSP - cement-sand screeds).This mixture is self-leveling, iein fact it is not necessary to level.The thickness of the filling is relatively small, since cement is good enough material, perceiving the compressive load.The only negative - this method can cost a pretty penny.

align - half own - can - 2

Another way to work - on beacons.The essence of this method lies in the fact that on the deck stacked rack-level.According to their level produced screed.This method is more often used for premises with a large area.
more minutes of this method - a long curing period.Up to a month (though it could be less depending on air temperature and humidity).

floor under the laminate Alignment

In modern apartments often placed on the parquet laminate, which does not tolerate irregularities.Therefore, the question arises as to align the floor under the laminate.
general vyryvanienastila under the laminate made in the event that the clearance under the reykoymozhet exceeds 1mm.If you want to align the wooden floor it is necessary to check its strength.Rotten boards will need to be removed and replaced;and walk on the boards sander, so it nebylo irregularities.


also to align the wooden floor should be used DSPs.
If leveling wooden floor plaster can be used for plywood.It is also possible to attach sheets of plywood directly to the board.
For very large height differences, there is a method to support the tape device.For him the suit and cross joists.Directly from them is already leveling flooring.
If you are interested in the question of how to align the floor under the linoleum, not laminated, then worry not ochem.almost exactly the same method.Perhaps the only difference - you need waterproofing.Typically, a waterproof film, which is placed on top of the insulation.Ties should proarmirovat.
Linoleum requires greater evenness than laminate, so the surface of the pre-progruntovyvayut.If
linoleum will travel along a tree, then set the leveling layer - chipboard, OSB.Fix it with the screws with the screwdriver.

Floor Levelling Tile

How to align the floor under the tile?The method is almost completely coincide with listed above.The only exception - it is impossible to use the beacons, since it allowed small bumps.Tile also requires installation on completely (!) A flat surface.Otherwise, each guest will see all the flaws of your floor.

Laying tiles on the prepared base

Before work should provide some necessary conditions:

  • absence of drafts.
  • floor temperature no more than five.
  • completely clean surface: no debris, dust.There are traces of paint or oil?Degrease the surface.

For greater accuracy, use laser equipment.It is necessary to know exactly the difference of heights.
For greater smoothness, use a cement-sand screed.Check the cement stones, to get rid of them.
If any of the above work (whether it be laying laminate, linoleum, tile) should be to achieve maximum surface roughness.The very process requires endurance and patience.Do not rush and try to finish the job as quickly as possible.Remember, any irregularity goes around comes around you is yourself.Good luck, and I hope that we were able to answer your question: how to level the floor!
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