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August 12, 2017 18:07

What better put : Emergency circuit breakers or RCD ?

If you do not know what is best to choose and set - Emergency circuit breakers RCD or in a private house, then you need to first understand how both devices work and what are their differences.That is why the first thing we will consider the appointment of products, and then give their own recommendations on the selection.

breaker device, which is often referred to as a differential switch or difrele serves to disconnect the electricity network in the event of leakage.This problem may occur when the cable is damaged.If you do not protect against leakage currents can occur human electric shock, as well as the self-ignition wiring (it melts) and subsequently short-circuiting.

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Emergency circuit breakers - RCD is connected to the circuit breaker.The device is used for protection against leakage currents and to prevent overloading and damaging the wiring short-circuit (the latter two functions - the main purpose of the circuit breaker).

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Summed total, we can say that a differential circuit breaker is, roughly speaking, the RCD + machine.Now let's talk about how to choose the best device for mounting electrical wiring in the house.

  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Which is better to install?
  • Video instruction

Advantages and disadvantages

learning differences between the two devices at once a thought that you must be sure to select the second embodiment.This is a hasty conclusion, because if RCD further protect the circuit breaker, then, in fact, it will be automatic differential.Therefore, to have probably say that it is better to select the RCD or Emergency circuit breakers, it is necessary to determine the advantages and disadvantages of each product.

advantage of the combined model is that it is compact (not take up much space in the electrical panel), and fully protects the wiring against various hazards.In addition, the cost of slightly less than buying UST + machine and the installation is faster (need to tighten a few screws on the less).

The main disadvantages are:

  • Emergency circuit breakers If you fail, you will need to purchase a new one.Immediately draw your attention to the fact that the failure combination of protection + automatic, only one product needs to be replaced, becauserarely break down immediately two.Like it or not, an individual element will be cheaper than the combined version.
  • When disconnecting difficult to understand the reason: the occurrence of short-circuit, leakage current, or network congestion.In the case of the separation device to find out the cause of much simpler: knocked AB - short circuit or overload, knocked RCD - leakage current.

Advantages and disadvantages of separate variant can be deduced based on the pros and cons of the previous device, namely:

  • buying new products will be cheaper;
  • easier to determine the damage;
  • longer to install;
  • takes up more space on the DIN-rail;
  • lack of protection against short-circuit and overload protection, if the circuit breaker is not available.

Well, the last thing I would like to tell you - that everything is better to choose and put in the house: Emergency circuit breakers or RCD.

Which is better to install?

you are familiar with the purpose, advantages and disadvantages of each device.If the answer is not clear to you, summarize for choice.

If you make the wiring in an apartment or a house with a simple wiring diagram, make sure you only need to install Emergency circuit breakers.When creating a complex network in the cottage is better to use multiple RCD AB for each group of wires (outlet for the light, for high-power electrical appliances, etc.).

can not put, but enough to secure only one line circuit breakers to protect the private network with a small power consumption Emergency circuit breakers.

Please note that the functionality of both versions is the same, so we can not give preference to one of the devices on the basis of its performance!

Video instruction

To your attention the video, which clearly explains the difference:

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That's all that I wanted to tell you about these two devices.We hope that now you know exactly what is better to choose a private house or apartment.
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