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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to calculate the cost of electrical work - draw up estimates

Before proceeding to the installation of electricity in the house, it is necessary to make the scheme electrical wiring, as well as estimates for the materials.This is necessary in order to calculate the approximate (and sometimes exact) and expenses during the wiring does not face a situation when you do not have enough money for the outlet or switch.It can be understood on the basis of a table prepared by the costs if lack of material resources or better to buy cheaper materials to escape from certain problems with the shortage.Next, we'll show you how to make estimates for the electrical work, providing step by step instructions with video as well as a sample.

  • Step 1 - Prepare documents
  • Step 2 - Perform calculation
  • Prices for 2016

Step 1 - Prepare documents

first step is to prepare documentation,on the basis of which will be drawing up the estimates for wiring.For the calculation you need to collect the following documents:

  1. plan space, which will show the wiring diagram.
  2. placing electrical project.
  3. Specifications that need to take from the electricity supplier (if necessary).
  4. permission to connect to the mains (if necessary).

Design works

In addition, depending on the situation and characteristics of the object, you may need an act of carrying accessories, a document on the production limitation of liability, as well as job order for the supply of electrical equipment.All these documents are increasingly used in companies.As a general rule, in order to make an estimate on the electrical work in a building, it is sufficient to prepare the first 2 document from the list, as well as permission to conduct wiring.

Step 2 - Perform calculation

Calculate Wiring cost is not too difficult, but have enough serious about completing this procedure.The more points will be indicated in the budget, the less chance that at the end of any electrical situation, because of which will have to overpay.Thus, the cost estimates on the electrical work includes the following steps:

  1. Preparation plan of the premises with reference to electrical appliances.It can take the BTI.
  2. Making permission to connect to the mains.
  3. Bringing all the technical specifications to standards.
  4. Calculation of materials based on the wiring diagram.
  5. search for the best deals on materials.
  6. Counting the costs.

If after you have an estimate on the wiring in the house, it turns out that not enough money will have to revise the draft and, if possible, or remove some electrical point, or buy cheaper materials.

This guide is for those who want to calculate their own cost of electrical installation.If you are unsure that you can correctly draw up an estimate of electrical work, it is better to entrust this business professionals, but of course they take money for it.Another important point - who will perform the electrical installation.Would you alone hold the wiring in your own home?Then skip this point.If it is intended that the electrician will conduct a private company or an electrician, you need to figure out how much it would cost to wiring, as well as the dismantling of the old network (if the apartment is not new) and be sure to add this figure to estimate.

The cost of wiring

draw your attention to the fact that many companies that offer electricity holding, the site has its own online calculators you can use to quickly calculate the cost of wiring.There, as a rule, you can find prices for the installation of certain electrical outlets (sockets, switches, counter), cabling and wiring under shtroblenie walls.This information will allow you to easily calculate the cost of electrical work at the new prices.

should also be noted that the estimates are complex (for all objects) or local (for a single room / area).

Create cost plan is best in Microsoft Excel.All you need to - get this program on your computer, install and set up a table in it.Then make all the values ​​in the table, and then on the basis of formulas to make calculations.About how the cost estimates on the electrical work to Excel, available explains in the video example:

sample calculation works
YouTube Preview

Prices for 2016

And finally, I would like to give - indicative prices for installationelectricians in residential areas.So in 2016 the cost of wiring the following:

  • install the cable channel (1 lm) - 100-180 p.(Depending on the wall material and dimensions);
  • cabling open pit 50 p.per linear meter, 60 with concealed wiring;
  • installation circuit breaker - 300-600 rubles;
  • panel installation - from 1000 to 5000 p .;
  • connection wall sconces - 500 p .;
  • mounting sockets - 250 p.

These are the basic prices for electrician, for which we recommend to be guided during the preparation of cost estimates for carrying out work on wiring.Overall, excluding the cost of wiring materials prices in 2016 will be (in rubles):

  • studio apartment for 20 thousand if the walls are made of brick, concrete if 25 thousand;..
  • bedroom apartment: 30 thousand (brick), 35 (concrete).
  • three-room apartment 40 thousand (brick), 45 (concrete).
  • wooden house up to 100 sq.m.. 65 thousand, over - from 95 thousand .;
  • brick house up to 100 sq.m.. 75 thousand, over - from 110.

Example of price list:

Rates in 2016

That's all that I wanted to tell you about how to make estimates for the electrical work in the apartment and the house.We hope our guide was useful and understandable for you.

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