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August 12, 2017 18:06

What is better to choose wallpaper for the bedroom - practical tips for decorating

This issue is so multi-faceted that some "only correct" Council for the selection of wallpaper for the bedroom can not be by definition.From this room design it depends on many things.Although, if only because it is in it we meet a new day, which is known as a start, and will leak.Still, all the bedrooms - are different.

bedrooms That is why when choosing design options sleeping area is not necessary to be guided by some stereotypes.At the same time, there are some general points that are often overlooked, because first of all we liked when choosing wallpaper we pay attention to how they "look" and how much roll.Consider some factors that need to be taken into consideration.

First , whose is the room - the child of the couple, confirmed bachelor, and so on.It is also important aspects such as age, psychological individual and others.

Second , overall design of the room in the first place, furniture arrangement, its color and style.Even if we disregard the rules entered into fashion art of Feng Shui, the correct selection of the color of wallpaper in many respects it depends on not only the inner spirit of man, but also his health.Naturally, the impact is indirect, but nevertheless, this should not be neglected.After all, if we have a bad, restless sleep, you do not have to talk about full-fledged rest of the body.

Third , the number and placement of lighting fixtures.In addition, relevant location and windows, size openings.All this affects the room lighting, so this factor must also be taken into account in the selection of color, drawing canvases.

It is much easier and better to choose the appropriate external design of the wallpaper, what to do, "relaying" e / wiring and reinstall fixtures.

Fourth , wall material and the basis on which will be pasted wallpaper, and its status.In this regard, you need to take into account the estimated amount of preparatory work and consumption of needed materials.Often it happens that in the end the cost of finishing the bedroom is much greater than the estimated costs, even if you arrange it in a minimalist style.

For example, if the walls are "rough", then they should be aligned, otherwise all surface defects will be evident before the label of thin paper strips.And the use of wallpaper on the basis of tissue involves pretreating the material wall (ceiling) special antibacterial agents.

Based on this, there are still a number of issues, purely practical.And it always convenient to deal with the specific form of the preparatory work?Does this time and skills?Has there previously full range of necessary measures (sealing of cracks, infiltration, etc.)?When - a long time or recently?In the latter case, the repair is done merely cosmetic, since in most cases the wallpaper can be simply glued on top.

Fifth , indoor climate, and above all, the level of humidity.If it is high enough, the same paper wallpaper will be constantly wet.


On sale there are a few basic types of wallpaper, which differ in their material bases.It can be paper, fabric or plastic, and is a kind of "combination" of them.When choosing the best type of wallpaper for the bedroom need to take into account the points that stated in the beginning of this article.The most commonly purchased the following types of wallpaper.

Paper wallpaper

These wallpapers are the cheapest, and this is their undeniable plus.In addition, working with them is simple enough, and the range of products is quite rich in our time - there are plenty to choose (fabric smooth or structured).

But it is worth noting a number of disadvantages.For example, paper wall are long.They burn out quite intensively, they are afraid mechanical impact and liquids.Despite the fact that the technique of stickers is quite simple, there is a nuance.If the blade thin, after treating it with the back of the adhesive composition, it is fairly easy to tear.This somewhat complicates the work with the cheapest rolls.Furthermore, "paper" is not able to completely cover the surface defects existing in the form of projections or depressions.Therefore, it is sure to have a basis to align the relief or choose more expensive fabric.

If you want to buy is paper wallpaper, the best option - to the outer cover (water-repellent, glossy and several others).

Fleece Mural

This wallpaper denser, therefore, do not have to carefully align the base to their label.Enjoy the many advantages - strong, allow the walls to "breathe", flexible, which makes it possible to paste over their sites with the most complex configuration.In addition, they can be painted, repainted several times.

Vinyl wallpaper

basis can be paper or interlining.They are well washed, but have a significant disadvantage - completely "sealed" basis, as it does not leak air.That is why for finishing destinations - bedroom - it is better not to use.

are commercially available vinyl wallpaper "perforated", which, according to advertising, able to "breathe".But these products are on the market relatively recently, so it's best to ask the opinion (if possible) who have their papered walls.

But the general opinion of experts is - for the bedroom Vinyl wallpaper is better not to use at all due to the presence in them of "chemistry".

Fabric wallpaper

textile wallpaper Although they are original, even a luxury option, rarely used, as are quite expensive.In addition, care should be taken based on the state (impregnation spetssostavami).Well, if the house is, for example, the cat, the problems can not be avoided - the mechanical strength of such products are no different.And in the children's bedroom fabric wallpaper to use as it is not necessary.The child they are easy to spoil the same toys.


Wallpaper "liquid" have a lot of advantages.You do not have to work with rolls, vymeryat their length, engage daubing glue.They are applied to the surface, as a conventional filler, wherein the air-permeable (non-sealed surface).A significant plus - good maintainability.Elimination of damage is done "point" method, very fast.However, the cost of such products quality corresponds to, so not everyone can afford such an option bedrooms registration.


As already mentioned, the color of the wallpaper effect on our mood.It is necessary to specify immediately that the bedroom is not desirable to acquire products of the following colors - red, yellow, orange, purple.Experts recommend to give preference to wallpaper of green, blue, gray, beige tones.They are relaxing, set to a deep sleep and complete rest.The choice depends on the scope of activity of the person - his profession, schedule, load, and so on, but this is a topic for another article.

Important is such a moment, as the choice of picture on the canvases.Monochrome wallpaper rarely used for registration of premises, especially for the bedroom, where any "semi-official" simply inappropriate.It is believed that this causes a feeling of monotony of gloom and despondency.Although in fairness it should be noted that there are other points of view.

But overall, "typical", such recommendation - the greater the size of the room, the larger must be the figure.

of color There are many options that are combined (so-called "zoning" when the registration of individual sections of wall produced by different wallpaper).It all depends on the preferences of the owners and their fantasies.Here are just some of the ways:

  • easiest - use the room for registration of the same wallpaper;
  • the same, but with a difference in hue (with the same pattern);
  • application of the same products 2 species that are glued to the opposite wall;
  • 3 walls are pasted over rolls of the same type, and the 4th, for example, photo wallpapers;
  • Striping mirrors, facing panels, and so on;
  • pasting paintings (mixed) with stripes and patterns.


When you register any room we often "throws" to the extreme - or blindly copy someone liked our version (they have great!), Or try to get some "exclusive", extravagance (such norwho is no more!).

necessary to remember two simple things.The first bedroom is primarily intended for rest and intimacy.Second, everyone is different, so the approach to the design of the room should be individualized.Especially since it only come home, and focus only on the opinion of an outsider, even the "knowing" is not quite correct.The main criterion for finishing - own preferences, feelings, as in our bedroom did not rest anybody, only us.