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August 12, 2017 18:05

Sizes and types of screws for polycarbonate , features and price fixing

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polycarbonate -1 Sheet Products Polycarbonate is widely used as an industrial scale, and "at home".This synthetic resin has many advantages, it stands out against the background of a variety of construction and finishing materials.Its lightness, strength and nonsusceptibility environmental influences make it universal in application.

coating roofs, construction of a variety of fences, walls, sheds - not a complete list of where the polycarbonate can be used.But this product has a number of features, including "honeycomb" structure.This causes and specifics of fixing plates at the place of installation.For their attachment traditional fasteners - nails, screws - not suitable.If their use is a risk of destruction of cells integrity ( "cells"), leading to a deterioration in the material properties such as thermal, acoustic and waterproofing.

Mounting "detail" for carbonate consists of 2 parts - screw and a special gasket (thermowashers), which also plays a role, and the shock absorber, and "sealant", and the surface of the security element of the sheet from damage.This mount, given the characteristics of polycarbonate, has advantages.

First , eliminates "cold bridges".This happens whenever the bonded materials with varying degrees of conductivity.In this case, the sheets are made of polymer and screws - metal.This is particularly important for buildings in which the temperature control is given special attention.For example, greenhouse, greenhouse.

polycarbonate -2 polycarbonate -3 Second , easy to work with fasteners.It's no secret that not all will be able to properly score the usual nail, or vertically at an angle, tighten the screw.Installation with self-tapping screws for polycarbonate requires some experience and the more training.The tip of the working part is made in the form of drill and easily into any framework.

Third , polycarbonate ensuring guaranteed service life.The presence of special washers eliminates deformation of sheets in place by fixation to thermal effects (thermal expansion due to temperature changes).

Fourth , quality insulated fixing points.This is particularly important in horizontal sheets when there is risk of a leakage field of fastener elements located.

thermowasher is available in 2 versions - flat and with leg .The first is used for mounting the thin sheets, and the second - for thicker."Leg" recessed into the material and provides insulation and protection of the "section" in the deformation process.In this case, a hole drilled in the sheet corresponding diameter.The original latch allows not only to improve the reliability of fixation, but also provides additional insulation space setting of the fastening element.

Self core sizes are in the range of 3.5 - 5 rubles / piece."Normal" washer 7 - 8 rubles, "thermo" - about 10 rubles / piece.

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