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August 12, 2017 18:06

Why hoot water pipes - causes and eliminate the problem

buzz in the water pipes is familiar to many residents of apartment buildings.It seems that we have no one in the apartment did not do anything, did not open the taps, and suddenly there is a hum that comes from nowhere.Try to understand the causes and methods of "struggle" with the noise.This phenomenon relates to the field of hydraulics.Professional - theorist can name dozens of reasons that cause a rumble.However, practice shows that it is possible to identify the main four, the most common, and for them we will stop for us.

Faulty repair

If hum in faucets appears daily and several times a day, you should ask someone from the neighbors did repair the water distribution system (or its components) in his apartment.Perhaps the mechanic from the service organization that something changed in the basement (ground floor).This hum can be caused by a loose connection of pipes or unreliable installation.Eliminate this "fault" were not working.

overpressure system

Identify possible by the pressure of the water at the tap.However, it occurs rarely, usually after some repairs on the road.When too much water pressure is necessary to notify the management company.If the sudden opening - closing tap drone appears, it confirms "diagnosis".Increased pressure in the system can result in leaks or rupture joints (and even tubes themselves).As an option - to establish an air chamber on the tube - it will "adopt" the excess pressure.

water pipes

Reducing the inner diameter of the pipe

This can be in homes, where for a long time was not carried out major repairs of utilities.The inner surface of pipes occurs salt deposition, corrosion.This leads to a reduction in inner diameter, and the water pressure in the water remains unchanged.That's the buzz, and it will also prevent us daily.The apartment is better to replace metal pipes with plastic.

Faulty plumbing

Experts point out that even a strip in the tap (mixer) can cause a vibration.The first thing you need to determine an apartment, "guilty" of such noise.Suffice it around the riser disconnect input taps running water in every apartment turns.And only when the apartment is defined, to identify the faulty valve or faucet labor will not make.This hum interferes with everything, therefore agree with all of the residents of this "repair" - no problem.