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August 12, 2017 18:06

Select the knives for the kitchen - their types and the minimum necessary

As you can imagine, a kitchen knife refers to the subject of constant use.We use knives not occasionally, but every day, several times a day.Therefore, the correct choice of a kitchen knife is not only easy to prepare a particular dish, but our mood.Moreover, the quality depends on the selected blade and our health.

After all, if the knife is made of steel of poor quality, it quickly blunts.A cutting solids blunt knife (or not so) not only "hit" on the nerves, but can lead to injury, sometimes very serious.We're putting a knife to a certain force, once it is poorly cut.And suddenly slips?And, of course, I want to see the knife had an attractive appearance, and was easy to use.To choose the right knife for the kitchen work, you need to understand, and what they are - kitchen knives?

Types of kitchen knives

All they differ in material from which made, and the form and length (width) of the blade, and the manufacturer.It should be noted that since there are different products (meat, vegetables, bread and so on. D.), And the knives also are used for specific purposes.Utility knife in principle non-existent.Of course, the same knife, you can do a lot, but it is convenient to be working?Will this work is done qualitatively (for example, cutting fish)?Therefore, the kitchen should have several different knives for different tasks, and it is believed that it is necessary to have on hand for at least three blades, which can be placed on a stand.

Why kitchen need a minimum of three different blade?

A knife is used for products with a dense structure, the second - for softer (vegetables, for example), and the third - the bread.There is also a "subspecies" of knives.Such knives are easy to perform specific functions, their use greatly simplifies the implementation of certain culinary "operations".For example, knives, intended for the treatment of mushrooms.The presence of such "special knives" depends on the willingness of the hostess and material possibilities.After all, a quality knife and costs respectively.But to have three main knife in the house, be sure to.

required minimum for kitchen knives

For the most labor-intensive work is needed a long knife with a wide blade.(Though all of these knives is also recommended to have 3 pieces).The only difference between them is the length of the blade (30 to 45 cm).Thus knife operating with solid products, which requires cutting effort.Its blade to the tip rounded.The tip also keenly sharpened that helps in cutting the meat on the board, for example.

carving knife

to clean the vegetables need to have a short knife with a pointed tip (for example, it was convenient to remove the "eyes" of potato tubers).The cutting part of the knife - straight.There are variations of the "vegetable" blade, for example, with a hole in the blade.But this is an amateur, and large does not matter.


vegetables used for cutting bread knife with a long blade.Its feature is that the width of the blade over the entire length is unchanged.But the pointed tip of the not - he seems to be slanted.There knives whose cutting surface resembles saw teeth.So good knife to cut the cake of bread, dried bread cooking on rusks.He also cut and cakes.

bread knife

There are, as already mentioned, and special knives.A knife with a narrow blade to shoot good meat with bones.A knife with a blade of medium width and long blade - slicing sausages, bacon.There are also knives that are enjoyed during a meal, for example, buttered bread, pate.These knives have a rounded tip and of medium length blade.For cutting cheese knife used in the form of blades -under such a knife cheese crumbles and flavorful cut into thin slices.

should be borne in mind that the knife on the sale in the shop should be sharpened ALREADY !!!If it is not, it is best not to buy it.

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