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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to make life easier .10 life hacking

«Purity and simplicity - two wings with which man soars above the earth and all the time."
Thomas Kempis

simplicity lends balanced life, it also gives us the freedom to teach and to enjoy every moment.Living simply and on the experience feeling the benefits of this way of life, we begin to look for an answer to the following question: "What else can I be removed from your life to concentrate on the essentials?»

We have prepared for you 10 life hacking that simplify life.We were taken as the basis of our experience, knowledge and personal conversations.Welcome to a more balanced and joyful life!

1. Wealth .Too much wealth dominates life more than you can imagine.They devastate your bank account, suck energy and constantly demand attention.Do not build a future on such dubious values.If you spend your time trying to permanently eliminate excess material from your life, you will never regret it.

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How to make life easier.Life hacking

2. Time commitment .Most of us every day are faced with a constant lack of time and the need to have time to everywhere from morning to night, we're running out of time, it happens at work, at home, when we are dealing with children, when in our life there are various events and we are passionate about a hobby.The list is endless.To make life easier, save yourself the time commitments that are not important to you and do not match your values.

3. Objectives .Another life hacking, how to make life easier - reduce the number of goals that you set for yourself.Reduce your list of future performance to one or two.Here is a sure way to focus on future success.Make a list of things that you plan to achieve in this life and stop to start in one or two paragraphs.This will help make life easier.When you're done with the first point, move on to the next.

4. Negative thoughts .Most of our negative emotions are useless.Resentment, bitterness, hatred, and revenge has never graced person.If you are thinking how to simplify life, forgive old grievances and begin to turn negative thoughts into positive ones.


How to make life easier.Make life easier

5. your debts.If you stay long in captivity, get rid of them.Get started now.Do your best to clear the burdens.Find the necessary assistance for themselves.Discard the luxury today to experience the freedom of tomorrow.


How to make life easier

6. The words .Use fewer words.This simple advice will also help you simplify your life.Speak only what you think.Keep track of your speech, it should be simple and fair.Avoid gossip.

7. Artificial ingredients .Cross out trans fats from your menu, processed cereals, syrups, high fructose and sodas.This life hacking, how to make life easier, keep you healthy for a long time and raise the energy level in the short term.Also, we advise you not to go to the doctors too often - let your body heal naturally.

8. The time you spend at screen.You spend much more time on television, video games and the internet, than you think.Modern technology significantly affect your life, as well as the form of your life values.They begin to dominate everywhere.On the screen, not only tells you how to express an opinion on a particular issue, but also have a significant impact on the world, bringing about changes in it.Unfortunately, often we do not even guess about the extent of such intervention in our lives.Therefore, another option how to make life easier - to abandon this effect, simply turn off the TV or computer.

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How to make life easier.How to live better

9. Communication with the world .Relations with others - it's good, but persistent reports - it is bad.Learn how to go out of Facebook, not to read everything and do not listen to all that is happening around.Learn to focus on the important, but not urgent.Constant stream of messages can give you a sense of self-importance, usefulness and significance, but in fact it is not.Important achievements have made, not just empty words.

10. Multitasking .Studies have shown that multitasking increases stress levels, reduces productivity, while the ability to concentrate on one task becomes endangered art.To simplify life, set yourself a task in a certain period of time.Do it well and on time.And after that, go to the next.

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