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August 12, 2017 18:06

Advantages and disadvantages of cork floor coverings characteristics

suberic All types of floor coverings are conventionally divided into three main groups: stone (here enters and ceramic), soft (linoleum, carpet, etc.) And wood (boards, parquet).They differ from each other in appearance, durability, price, and a number of other characteristics.The latter group ( "wood") applies to such exotic flooring like cork, the pros and cons of which we consider today.

In some approximation of such material can be considered a kind of flooring.The presence in the house of the sexes shows a high level of wealth owners, since the material does not come cheap.It is made from cork, from its upper layer.This - base material which has a honeycomb structure.Top design (front side) is made of a very cork and wood veneer different.However, to give an objective assessment of this coating, you should familiarize yourself with the ins and outs.

merits and advantages of cork floor

  • Lightweight materials, easy installation
  • At arrangement of the floor does not require any special tools or professional services.
  • excellent sound insulating characteristics
  • Paul well "suppresses" the steps creak and he certainly never will.
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Moreover, has high antibacterial properties.
  • retains heat well

cork - flooring

Due to the cellular structure within the material are always present air bubbles.Therefore, in a warm room floor may not be as cold as is often the case with the coating of the boards.Its temperature is the same as in the whole house.

Cork flooring does not accumulate static electricity - therefore do not "collect" dust.These floors do not require any special care products.Their enough or vacuumed or wiped with a damp cloth.

on this floor is healthy walking - good massages cork soles of the feet and is a great shock absorber.The latter quality is very useful for "failures" in the musculoskeletal system.

non-slip coating, so it is believed Triplex.


ability to heal itself

Despite the fact that the cork - the material is soft on this floor can be safely put heavy objects.Paul at this point is deformed, but after unloading will take an initial look.However, the high "point" pressure should be avoided.Under the legs of heavy furniture to be installed in the base.

great opportunities in the choice of design solutions and versatility

Such flooring can simulate various types of wood, natural materials (eg, sandstone).This tube has a black and orange colors.

This coating can be used in any room, even with high humidity (eg bathroom).Cork absolutely does not absorb water.Even after taking it the soul can stand up without fear, while it will be warm, in contrast to the tile.Given its flexibility, it will be invaluable in the kitchen.utensils not break fell on the floor.Perfect for children's rooms, because kids like to play it on the floor.

Lacks coverage of cork

  • not withstand rough mechanical impact, easily damaged.recommended varnish (preferably silicone) to prevent increased wear (abrasion), or scratching the floor surface;
  • can not be repaired, and the scraping of great complexity;
  • the sunlight gradually fade.Therefore, in such rooms should choose light colors cover;
  • relatively high cost.