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August 12, 2017 18:08

Preparing walls to putty as the key to successful finish

What materials are needed?

Align wall putty begins to surface inspection, to select the right mix.Caulking consists of two stages - the start and finish.For starting work it is necessary to use a mixture of a coating layer thickness of 0.5 millimeters or more.This material is coarse, allowing it to solidify quickly and does not crumble.For the finishing work is necessary to apply a special blend with the application of a layer thickness of up to four millimeters.And also need primer.It is used to strengthen the base, improve adhesion and reduce surface absorption properties.

primer should be applied maklovitsej.Roller also used for this purpose is undesirable.Primer - this is one of the most important stages in the preparation of the wall to the treatment, and lightly treat it is not necessary, since it is a guarantee of quality of putty.After the primer is applied, it is necessary to dry the amount of time specified by the manufacturer.After drying should be carried out by hand primer on the hand should not be dust.

Note!Primer - a deep penetrating polymer insulator, which plays an important role in the adhesion surface of the wall and the layer of putty.

Phased training wall putty to

As already mentioned, before leveling the surface of the preparation is carried out under the plaster walls.This is done in the following sequence:

  • remove old coating (wallpaper, paint, tile, and so on);
  • With a broad brush the surface is treated with water.In this process, an important point is to remove the old coating residues;
  • Flushing wall.It uses centrifugal brush, spatula and two bucket of water.Next section of the wall 2 by 2 meters moistened brush and left so for five minutes.During this time, the wall is saturated with water.Thereafter spatula swollen coating layer is removed, and the wall is wetted again with water;
  • embroidered with all the cracks and indentations.

After grouting of cracks and grooves should be well flushed with water to wash all the dust.Further, all these places shpaklyuyut and primed.The next important step in the preparation of the wall lies in its layout.To do this, use the map-grid, which will set the beacons.Setting the grid begins with plugging plugs in the upper and lower corners of the walls.Next on the perimeter first and then diagonally stretched black thread.Then on the grid placed beacons.

Note!This grid is only used for brick walls.

technology of self leveling

Align wall putty is best carried out with a spatula and trowel hundredth the size of two hands.Trowel trowel applied to the mixture, and the mixture is leveled with a trowel on the wall.Trowel is held horizontally, and the mixture is applied vertically.When will be ready a few square meters of the surface, we take a rule that you must spend a ready site.

If the mixture is not removed, it is necessary to impose another layer, and so on until, until the mixture starts to act rule.When it is removed, it will be a sign that the site is ready. Responding to a question as to align the walls of putty, it is safe to say that the main thing in this process - the correct implementation of the technology.

As mentioned above, must do two steps putty.The first layer is ready, it is now necessary to make the finishing putty.However, it should be applied only to the walls, which will be glued wallpaper or paint will be applied, it should not be used under the tile.For a better understanding of the essence and the principle of how the alignment of the walls of putty, the video will be a significant additional source of information.

Important!When finishing putty should focus on the uniform distribution of the mixture.