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August 12, 2017 18:06

Bedside table for bedroom with their own hands

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Bedside table is an indispensable piece of furniture for each bedroom.It is possible to keep any of the things that may be needed in the room, and for which you do not want to get up and go into another room.Also it is possible to put the glasses, put a night light or a glass of water at night.Bedside table for bedroom has a simple design, making it easy to make their own hands.


  • Existing models nightstands
  • tools that will be required to work
  • material from which we produce our bedsides
  • size and number of parts for the manufacture of tables the most simple design
  • accessories that will be needed to build
  • Assembling parts tables

Existing models nightstands

bedside tables can have various design and construction.When choosing an appropriate model should be based on their financial capabilities, experience in joinery and interior of the premises in which the product will be, in our case- is a bedroom.Consider the main types of bollards:

  • Bedside table with drawers.This version - the most common and conservative.It will suit lovers of simple conditions are not attracted to fashion trends.

  • Open cabinet.In this model, no drawers and all items are visible.It is suitable for those who does not hide objects of any kind from children and do not store it in a lot of things.

  • Bedside table with a retractable table.This model is indispensable for people who care for the sick and disabled, who find it difficult to get out of bed to take some food.

  • Hinged cabinet.This solution is suitable for bedrooms where space is limited.Tractor-mounted version, as well as the floor, can be open, and may have a drawer or shelf.Cupboard usually attached to a wall, thus freeing up space on the floor.

  • Nightstand unusual design.There is already someone in that much.It all depends on the imagination, skill and experience of the woodwork.If you want to supplement the situation in the bedroom of any unusual items, you can think about the unconventional design.

1290366587_leta - Flynn- minimalist - dressers

Do not forget one important parameter bedside table - size.They must comply with the free space next to the bed.When installing it around should be a little more space.If the width of the bedside table is such that the product occupies the entire space and rests on the adjacent pieces of furniture, it will only spoil the overall look and cause inconvenience.But also it would not be very nice if the bedside tables - narrow and too low.In other words, around the need to adhere to the golden mean and not go too far with any parameters.

All of these options it is possible to make his own.The cost, which will cost a homemade table, depending on its size, the number of boxes, accessories and quality of material selected for fabrication.But today we look at this process by the example of the most simple and cheap, the traditional model, which can easily make a person who does not have extensive experience in the manufacture of furniture.

tools that will be required to work

Tools require the most common, which often have in the arsenal of every man, who from time to time engaged in minor repairs and other household chores:

  • drill with paddle "screwdriver";
  • punch (if available);
  • drills on a tree;
  • different screwdrivers;
  • cutter 35 diameter;
  • iron;
  • roulette;
  • pencil;
  • tool "right angle" with a ruler;
  • rags, sandpaper.

bedside - cabinet - his - arms - dy

Incidentally, the iron in this list was not by mistake, as you first thought.The fact that the cutting of parts you like it or not, it is necessary to book in a carpentry workshop, asto make it on their own, are necessary conditions, special tools and special knowledge.To keep costs to a minimum, you can try to save on the edge glueing.You can buy in the store melamine edge of 0.5mm thick, pick it under the shade of the future tables and paste yourself.It has an adhesive side, which should be applied to the surface of the component and iron hot iron.To bonding surfaces connected well, take a cloth and, without waiting for the cooling of the edge, with a force push her and iron.

material from which we produce our bedsides

In order to determine the choice of materials, it is necessary to examine their types and properties, as well as figure out how much you can spend on them.Cheaper total cost of particle board cabinets.It is because of its low cost, this material is widely used.And the most expensive cabinets are made of natural solid wood.But becausewe now produce a simple, budget option, consider the materials are not expensive:

  • chipboard.From this material, we will make the facades of our bedside tables with their own hands.Chipboard - a particle board covered in a decorative coating laminate.This material has a rich palette of colors and textures, it's easy to handle.But not everyone knows that it is impossible to carve out the details of the furniture yourself, asif you saw it in the usual toolbox, the decorative cover will break away, and the place in which took place the saw will ragged and ugly.Therefore, if it is chipboard, the cutting parts is better to book in a carpentry workshop for DIY production of selected tables.

  • fiberboard.This fiberboard which is made about the same as the particle, but used as a material of wood fiber instead of sawdust and shavings.Fiberboard are thinner and flexible than DSP.From this material, we will make the bottom of the box and a rear wall cabinets (details that are not visible from the side) in order to save money, becauseMDF is cheaper than particleboard..

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tips and tricks that you need to consider when working with chipboard:

  • chipboard sheets may have a different thickness - from 1 to 3.8 cm The most commonly used plate thickness of 1.6 cm;

  • plate size can also be any, therefore, for the sake of saving money should be to draw the cutting layout circuit components on the plate, and figure out what size it should be to fit on all the structural elements and at the same time to leave a minimum of waste;

  • before purchasing the material, it is important to examine it carefully.The surface of the plate must not be damaged, scratches, dents.If they are, it is desirable that they are only on one side, otherwise the product will look bad;

  • also need to pay attention to the degree of dryness of the material.It should not be engorged with water, or by drying it will warp, and it simply can not be processed;

  • when transporting already cut parts for future designs, from the carpenter's workshop to the house need to ensure that when the car is bouncing on the bumps, they fought against each other and on the body, and are not damaged.The best thing would be to impose the bottom and sides of the body paralon or other material that can soften the blows, and the details themselves are interconnected.

Important information about MDF:

  • thickness of furniture fiberboard sheet is from 3 to 5 mm.It affects the strength of the product.But more often this material is used for the manufacture of the internal parts are not visible from the side.In terms of thickness, optimal for these purposes is trehmillimetrovy sheet;

  • sizes at MDF, like chipboard, can be different, but, unlike the latter, it is not very important.It so happens that the choice is not simply, as in the store, there is only one format;

  • strict criteria of quality MDF does not exist.For our purposes it will be any suitable sheet.But still, it is better to abandon the purchase, if it has a wavy surface.After all, this means that the sheet was wet and warped, and work with it will now be very difficult.

size and number of parts for the manufacture of stone construction of the simplest

To order cutting parts Bedside tables in the carpentry workshop, a drawing is required on a mandatory basis.It is necessary to sit down and draw a with all its components, consider the size, structure and number of identical parts.I remind you that in our case it is the simplest and cheapest model with compartment without runners and facades of chipboard.The size and number of parts:

  • side tables detail the size 77,2h50 cm - 2 pcs;

  • bottom shelf and size 36,8h50 cm - 2 pcs;

  • cap and upper strap size 36,8h10 cm - 3 pieces;

  • side parts box size 48h11 cm - 2 pcs;

  • wall size 33,4h11 see box - 2 pieces;

  • facade box size 15h39,5 cm;

  • door cabinets size 51,5h39,5 see.

plate from which the cabinet is made, has a thickness of 1.6 cm.The cover of tables is better to take the kitchen.. Its size - 52,5h40 cm, thickness - 2.8 cm


rear wall and the bottom of the box can be made of cheaper chipboard in the following sizes:

  • back wall size 67h39,5 cm;

  • bottom of the box size 47,5h36,5 see.

main fastening elements will serve evroshurupy furniture, for which you need to drill holes.The planes are drilled 8 mm in diameter, and at the ends - 5 mm in diameter.The drawing, which was mentioned above, must be identified and the number of holes, and some of them which are drilled.

accessories that will be needed to build

By the choice of fasteners should be taken very seriously, because from them depends largely on how long the product will last.The store, which sells furniture accessories must be purchased:

  • packaging 4h30 screws for mounting the cover tables and drawer front panel.Attach them to be inside;

  • evroshurupy 5h70 in the amount of 22 pieces.They fixed base and trims.Screw on each side by one evroshurupu;

nochtno - chkafche - 12

  • packaging screws 4x16 with concealed hinges to attach the cap and fiberboard.When screwing in the bottom of the box should bury them, in order to avoid scratches on the shelf;

  • hinges for furniture in the amount of 2 pieces.It is necessary to match the diameter of the existing milling;

  • handles for doors and drawers in the amount of 2 pieces;

  • if you wish, you can buy adjustable feet for furniture, in case of need to be able to install a stand on an uneven floor.But this is optional.

Assembling parts tables

Smallest sheet chipboard -. 183h244 see He'll 2,5 tables of sizes and designs, so before you get to work, it makes sense to cooperate with someone from friends or relativesnot to store the remaining material, and at the same time and split the cost.

From the foregoing it is already quite clear how it is possible to assemble parts cabinets, we can only mention the two most important technical details:

  • collecting locker mandatory need to control the angle is correct.All of them must be straight, otherwise skew structure and facades are not open.

  • distance from the edge of the door to the middle of the holes for the hinges equals 2.2 centimeters. This is true in our case, when we have 3.5 cm cutter and the corresponding loop it.Above and below the distance from the edges of generally from 6 to 8 cm. If there are any features of the design, as it is not so important.Further, simply make the door hinges fixed to the desired height and fasten to the body by a securing member.

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When the work on the assembly is finished, you can install the product in place and begin to use it.

If you have made the facades of the material, not having a decorative coating, it is better to paint it.This requires degrease first and then its primed.This operation is performed in order to maximize coupling with the surface of the paint tables.

After the primer coat has dried completely, you can start painting.It is best to use acrylic water-based.It dries quickly and does not exude a scent such as solvent-based inks.The dye is better to apply two coats, and before applying the second should be thoroughly dried first.

fit a large brush and prokraski for hard to reach places for the main work - small.Once the product is completely dry, you can fix the result layer of furniture polish.

part1 part2 part3

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