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August 12, 2017 18:07

Warming Penoplex balconies with their hands

People living in apartment buildings, are well aware that the issue of home insulation - very important.The idea is that in most homes, especially those which were built in Soviet times, too thin walls, and the projects themselves ill-conceived buildings.To ensure stable temperature conditions inside the apartments, definitely need to resort to thermal insulation of the walls.However, experienced people who have already encountered this issue, well aware that in the beginning you need to insulate a loggia (balcony).


  • main features Penoplex
  • Outside insulation loggia Penoplex
  • Warming of the floor loggia using Penoplex
  • Internal wall insulation loggia

Unfortunately, this process is not as simple as itit may seem at first glance.Most often, such events have to use the services of experts, who will request a considerable sum of money.In this article we will look at all the features of insulation loggia Penoplex.


main features Penoplex

Immediately it should be noted that penoplex - is a relatively new material, which is actively used around the world.With the help of insulated not only residential buildings, but also entertainment centers, stores and municipal buildings.

Unlike many existing insulation that with less and less, penoplex has low thermal conductivity are used every year.This means that for the insulation of large area, we need much less Penoplex than any other material.Despite the fact that penoplex more expensive counterparts, use it still profitable.This primarily refers to the large residential buildings that need to be completely hide this isolation.In the end, it becomes clear that with Penoplex can get huge savings.

penoplex also did not absorb moisture.It says that during the entire period of operation the material will retain its original properties.Many analogues gradually accumulate moisture.Accordingly, after a certain time, such insulation loses its basic properties, and even at all can become dangerous.

Most manufacturers penoplesa claims that their products are of high strength.This once again confirms that the material is different durability.

also can not ignore the fact that penoplex - is ecologically and fireproof material.

Despite these positive features, these products sometimes have some limitations related to the use of areas.In this case, it all depends on the manufacturers, who use a particular technology Penoplex production.

The most important thing to give preference to products known construction companies, which have long established themselves on the positive side.

warm - loggia - your - hands

Outside insulation loggia Penoplex

Many may think that a small area of ​​the external insulation balconies will not provide the desired efficiency.Despite this, the pair of square meters even in this case, may play a major role.

It is important to say that the apartments, which are located after the second floor, externally insulated only by industrial climbers.Unfortunately, these services are often very expensive, but there is no doubt that the result will be incredibly high quality.

for such events need not only penoplex, but also a lot of polyethylene, as well as material for thermal insulation of exterior finishes.

Mount Penoplex made using special plugs that do not just pressed a separate part of the insulation, but also provide the absence of any deformation of the material.The seams between sheets are filled with foam.Next is the top polyethylene (or foil material).

After the above process starting surface finish.In such cases, often creates a crate.Most often, the surface is covered with thin layers of cement mortar then dyed.

Warming of the floor loggia using Penoplex

For warming the floor loggia, we need all of the same tools and materials as in the previous case.It should be noted that in this situation, you should take a responsible approach to the creation of crates on the basis of which it is possible to create a full wooden floor.It is necessary to make sure that the material will not deform under load.Even despite the fact that penoplex - a durable material, even small deformations considerably worsen the properties of the insulation.

Once again it is worth noting that any cracks and gaps between the sheets of material (even the tiny) need to fill with foam.

Before the start of such construction works should be clearly understood that the area of ​​the lodge after the installation of insulation significantly reduced.

Internal wall insulation loggia

Many people believe that spending insulation outer and inner part of the same balcony - doubly effective.In fact, a special sense of internal insulation after external - is not there.

Obviously, external insulation would be more effective, however, for a small apartment will be sufficient and that there is.

Before the start of the process should be well to analyze the situation, which is associated with the means of communication.All wires, cables and pipes can be hidden under a layer of insulation.If this is not possible, you need to think about ways to circumvent isolation.

Walls and ceilings must be cleaned.All cracks and crevices should be repaired sealants or cement mixtures.

For fastening sheets Penoplex we need not only the most dowels, which were applied in the first case, and glue.Mounting foam back is sealed space between the sheets of insulation.

Next create a layer of foil material.All existing joints need to seal the tape construction.

Only after this step can be run all the wires and tubes that can hide beneath the layer of decorative material or the wood surface.

As a finishing material is best to use it moisture-resistant drywall.

As for insulation of the ceiling, in most cases applied a thin sheet Penoplex, which is covered by a minimum layer of plaster.