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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to equip a home gym

For good physical shape just need to play sports.Surfing the gym not only allow you to adjust the figure without dieting and nutritional supplements, but also improve the tone of the body.Unfortunately, not everyone is at this time, but the problem can be solved if you build a home gym.This is, firstly, will pick up the equipment under your sports program, and secondly give the opportunity to do at any time.


  • Gym at home
  • Sports equipment
  • Manufacturers simulators
  • home gym interior
  • home gym with their hands

Gym at home

At firstIt looks simple enough, but in fact there is a lot of questions, each of which need to be considered at the planning stage:

  • gym size,
  • goal orientation,
  • necessary equipment,
  • room design.

site Size matters for sports.In order to install the equipment, allowing to work all muscle groups, you need at least 20 square meters.m. On the other hand, if the task is to make a full gym is not necessary, then it suffices to establish any of the trainers, for example, in the hallway or in the balcony.


For large balconies of apartments can be used as a full-fledged gym.If the area is too small, it is necessary to expand the balcony.This procedure significantly adds space and increase the market value of property, so capital investments will be justified.Owners of private households easier as sports or emit a ready room or finish building a new one.

Task orientation determines what sports equipment will be used.Accepted provide the following types:

  • gym,
  • gym,
  • gym in martial arts,
  • hall sports entertainment.

easiest way to build a gym, because apart from a few dumbbells, pancakes for the rod and a pair of trainers do not need to install anything.

in the gym to these attributes certainly adds a soft, warm floor is desirable.Fitness, shaping and other exercises of this kind involve a set of exercises that are performed on the floor.Stone, concrete and tile fall off immediately.Wood although considered warm material, but lie on it rather uncomfortable.Carpets should also be deleted, since the pile will be a constant source of debris.It only remains to linoleum, if we put the material on the rugged floor heating, the coating would be ideal.Furthermore, it should provide Electricity to listen to music, or repeat the movement of the TV.

Martial arts require constant training in the gym and excercise of different techniques.In addition to the standard equipment you will need:

  • mannequin,
  • pear,
  • wall bars with horizontal bar,
  • mats.

For some types of martial arts additionally installed:

  • makiwara,
  • ring.

In addition, valid all the recommendations in respect of the hall for gymnastics.


Hall sports entertainment combines all of the above points, and also allows you to play a variety of games.Most often it comes to table tennis or billiards.But, if space allows, install the basketball hoops, and if you divide the room grid, it turns volleyball.Coverage for a home gym in this case is allowed only wood.At the same time, it is desirable to comply with certain installation procedure:

  • on any surface to install the support beams at a distance of 20 cm from each other,
  • fill the void foam or mineral wool (for sound insulation),
  • lay on beams sheets of plywood at least 6 cm (thickness), up to 8 cm.

resulting floor must be sanded, primed and paint open.In the area of ​​employment need to lay on the floor of the linoleum.

Sports equipment

There are many different shells, some of which duplicate the functions of each other, the same is true for the simulators.It is therefore important to understand how and why to use this or other equipment.

experts is divided into three major muscle groups:

  • top,
  • torso,
  • lower.

upper muscle group covers:

  • biceps,
  • triceps,
  • muscles of the shoulder joint,
  • neck muscles.

train them simply, it is necessary to do push-ups and catch up on the bar.These procedures strengthen the tone and add strength, but in order to increase the weight and have a figure, like athletes, need dumbbells.By weight should consider these options:

  • 0,5-2 kg driving range,
  • 2-5 kg ​​in the early stages of training,
  • 5-15 kg for the increase in muscle mass.

The same effect is achieved with the help of trainers, they are:

  • complex,
  • bitsepsevye,
  • tritsepsevye.

Complex are more expensive, but combine both options at once.To change the type of load, enough to change the regime or redistribute the weight.They are also calculated on the chest muscles.


Bitsepsevye simulators create load limits for this muscle.As a rule, their principle of operation is similar to lifting a dumbbell.Tritsepsevye - reminiscent of the horizontal bar, and allow you to do the whole set of exercises for the horizontal bar.

Tip: simulators are relevant only at high loads, so before the training they need to dial the appropriate physical form.

muscles of the torso - chest and press it.To use the chest post-press for lifting the body.In order to increase the load on the press in the hands take a dumbbell or a pancake from a bar (optimal weight 5 kg for beginners, 10 for the more experienced).Another sports equipment, which effectively helps to work with this group of muscles - the boards.If we talk about the gym, you should stop only on versions for pumping the press, all the others are ineffective.

leg muscles is extremely difficult to give in training.This is primarily due to the fact that the legs - the strongest part of the body, and according to the laws of nature does not need improvement.Exercises are very few:

  • squats for the thighs,
  • jumping rope for calves.

In this case it is appropriate to use special simulators, as they allow you to diversify activities and create an additional burden.


In addition, depending on the purpose of the hall, you will need:

  • Net for volleyball or tennis,
  • soccer, basketballs,
  • football goals,
  • basketball poles,
  • hula-hoop,
  • pear pendant,
  • pear floor,
  • tires,
  • ballet barre (for stretching or dance classes),
  • table tennis,
  • pool table with attributes.

Manufacturers simulators

Simulator - rather expensive, it is desirable to immediately buy the brand, trusted product.Firstly, such a product is serviced under warranty, and secondly, it is much more secure than appliances collected artisanal.Security - one of the main criteria for choosing strength training.For example, to break the cable is able to break a bone, and the load fell away accidentally lead to bruises or serious injury.

Among foreign manufacturers, experts advise:

  • CYBEX,
  • Bremshey,
  • Diadora,
  • Horizon,
  • Kettler.

CYBEX - is the largest US group, which is engaged in production not only trainers, but also other sports equipment.Offer VIP level products.

Another company from the United States - Horizon.The company is primarily focused on the domestic consumer, so the product price is not high enough.

Sales Leader in Europe - German company Bremshey.The main advantage of the product - reliability.Trainers virtually unbreakable, and in case of failure, any failure can be easily eliminated by yourself.

his colleagues only slightly inferior to the Germans of Kettler.The only drawback - the price.The company is known around the world and supplies equipment only for the best and most expensive gyms.

compromise between price and quality offer of Italians Diadora.Production is distinguished with great looks and innovative design solutions that allow you to enter the equipment, even in the living room.


Russian also did not stand aside, the best on the market are considered:

  • MB Barbell,
  • Ferrum,
  • Larsen,
  • «Iron King."

MB Barbell exclusively engaged in the production of power simulators, at relatively low price the company offers the highest quality goods.It works not only in Russia but also in the CIS markets.

Larsen, perhaps, the small-section company produces exclusively since treadmills.However, in its niche it is considered to be the best, even in comparison with foreign analogues.

only multi-manufacturer - the company Ferrum.A wide range somewhat affects the quality of trainers, but their price is not high, and the parts are easy to replace.

Company "Iron King" produces simulators since the early eighties.Today, its products are not inferior to European standards.Strength Training presented TITAN trade mark.

home gym interior

is very important for the functional convenience of the issue of space planning.In order to properly equip all need to use principle of zoning.As a general rule are mandatory three zones:

  • warm-up,
  • simulator,
  • manual.

stretching areas should be located away from windows and the front door, as long as you heat up the slightest draft can chill nerves or cause colds.After a warm-up for the zone is used as a place to rest in between exercises.It is therefore advisable to establish here poof and fasteners for towels, as well as the palm of water or even a small table.


Simulator and mechanical areas must be clearly separated from each other.This is due primarily to safety.Around simulators must be at least 50 cm of free space to the end of the exercise, you can easily get up and nothing hurt.On the wall mounted TV often, especially important for those who like bikes.Another good solution set simulators "face" to the window.

On the mechanical part of the room will be used dumbbells, jump rope, pancakes and other hand tools, which is in the process of training is left there, where it is convenient, but not put into place.However, after the end of training all need to fall into place.For this purpose best fit the rack.But if you want as much as possible to recreate the atmosphere of the gym, you should use the special supports.They are sold in sporting goods stores.In addition, there must be installed a chair for the bench.Length harnesses should be 10 cm longer than the distance from the top to the end of the torso.It is desirable to mount a chair to the floor so that it is not loose and does not interfere with doing the exercises.In the same part of the established horizontal bars, parallel bars, etc.

the case of a large room, the said zones are located as close to the walls.Then, the central portion is used as a game.In this case alone should think about lighting, as for any game need good visibility.When it comes to billiards, fit lamps on a long base, which descend as low as possible over the table.In all other cases, the most effective spot lights.More clearly acquainted with the way looks like a home gym, a photo will showcase the best way.

home - gym

home gym with their hands

Most equipment everything for the sports hall worth a lot of money.However, that is no reason to abandon the idea.Most of the shells easy to make yourself.The procedure is conventionally divided into three parts:

  • hand tools,
  • construction for strength training exercises,
  • simulators.

To work needed:

  • welder,
  • metal pipes,
  • corners,
  • set of dowels and screws.

We proceed to the instructions "how to make a home gym."To begin, consider dumbbell and barbell.For dumbbell need otrez tube length of 10 cm to the edges need to be welded sinkers.To make them as convenient as possible, you need to cut pieces of pipe length of 5 cm and weld them together.Each piece is filled with lead.Buy it or DIY stores or melted fishing sinkers.Lead melts even on gas.One edge is placed an average of 0.5 kg (2 cm in diameter).

For rods only need a metal pipe length of 1.5 m (depending on the length of arms).A 5 cm from the edges nadpily must be made in which the weight is recorded.As used pancakes or a bucket of water or sand or bags, or plastic bags.Another good option for pancakes - a cover of a manhole, but if it is not on the farm, then take to the streets is not necessary, as this is considered a crime and involves criminal liability.Cover Weight is big enough of 30 kg, so it be sawn in half and welded to the edges of the tube.


is followed to make a horizontal bar, for this you need two pipes of 20-30 cm long, and the transverse beam at least 80 cm in length.The design of welded and fixed to the wall or on the corners or concreted (the second option more reliable).

Swedish wall is needed to press and stretch marks, in addition, legs crossed at the knees, it is used to climb up on his hands.It made it as a conventional staircase, which is attached to the wall corners.

As for trainers, the only real power to make variations in the home.All of them work on the basis of the block system, where one side is the seat and the tongs, and the other - the mobile pedestal for cargo.