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August 12, 2017 18:07

Drill with hammer : features when choosing a tool

General classification

Most models have a hammer drills with at least two speed.They are equipped with a system that provides a smooth descent, stabilizer speeds and reverse.Reverse gives you the opportunity to change the direction of rotation, that is, allows both spinning and unscrew the bolts and screws during operation.

To select the operating mode has a preset speed.Drilling depth is controlled by limiting the focus.In depending on the drill power supplies are rechargeable and network. Such factors as the intensity of the load divides them into professional and consumer.Recent required for large loads over time.

By their reliability they are an order of magnitude better, because they are made from the finest materials.The advantages include household drill low price and ease.However, the service life is limited as the number of hours of work and time, drilling in one pass.Before buying a drill you need to know clearly for what it is intended loads.

How to choose an electric drill with a hammer?

How to choose an electric drill to punch most effective?This question arises in every consumer who decided to purchase a drill.To work with concrete and stone need powerful drill with the power supply.Cordless be used when there is no possibility to connect to the network and work with frequent movement.But there is a significant disadvantage - a short time operation.To some extent this is compensated by the two batteries included.

keyless chuck is quite comfortable.He better convenience ring gear, because the drill is clamped manually without the key.But there is a risk to fix it loosely, that affect the quality of work.Also pay attention to the presence of an additional handle.It does perform many processes much more comfortable.

One of the main conditions for the use of a drill - drill quality, but they will ensure maximum efficiency tool. determine the quality of the drill can be on the trademark of the manufacturer and on the instructions of the tool type and drill need to learn about its capabilities in terms of service When you purchase a drill.

What to consider when choosing?

to choose the right power drill, you need to know the number of conditions required for the job.The most common modes are:

  • Working in a simple drill;
  • Hammer drilling (a basic mode);
  • mode jackhammer;
  • presence safety clutch, which during the drill jamming protects the engine and the human;
  • Ability to change the direction of rotation, which allows to use the tool as a screwdriver;
  • Option soft drilling start;
  • presence of ventilation and protection against dirt and dust.Significantly increases the life of the instrument;
  • The built-in vacuum cleaner that removes dust in a special bag.

All these features affect the cost of the drill, so it should be clearly determine which ones are necessary and which - no.Also it is necessary not to forget that the supplies are not cheap, so it is advisable to buy a tool that will save as much as possible and to protect them.Great price for such options over time will be compensated.

Note!Drill, combined with a hammer - it is an ideal tool that allows us to solve many tasks at once.