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August 12, 2017 18:05

Laying tiles on the diagonal to the floor

Correct laying tiles diagonally allows to expand the space of the room visually, giving it aesthetic appeal.Suitable this way for large and small rooms.With a diagonal installation, you can create an unusual image of flooring, tiles using only two different shades.


  1. Preparing for the diagonal laying tiles on the floor
  2. Step by Step
  3. Recommendations made
  4. Videos like laying tiles diagonally

Preparing for the diagonal laying tiles on the floor

Cleaningfloor, which will be laying, should be done with extreme care.Dust and debris will prevent the distribution of poor alignment layer.

After cleaning the surface of the primer coating is carried out it.The time of its complete solidification is 24 hours.A day later you can begin to further training.

Understand how to lay tile on a diagonal to the floor and create a perfectly smooth pattern, allow extra space center markings.This will require the measurement of the room, noting the central strip (longitudinal), and with respect to which will be laying out the pattern.

will help in this taut and well-fixed thread at a distance of about 5 cm from the floor.Step by step instructions

Verify correctness of the chosen center and choose the desired pattern will test (dry) styling.You can use it to create the most suitable pattern.

In the above photo you can see that the generated floor will have a frame of dark tiles along the walls.Therefore, an additional need to carry out pruning bright tiles, which allow you to perform styling cover.

work itself for installation is made according to the following scheme:

1. Along the thread stretched across the room, laid out the central strip of the tiles on the tile adhesive.Their diagonal must match exactly with the center line of the room.Between the tiles are stacked plastic crosses.

2. Laid pattern in the central part of the room.

3. It is placed the remaining tiles.The edges of the masonry must be perfectly smooth - not zigzag.

4. Held measurement of the distance from the edge of the board to masonry walls.Cropped dark tiles, which will be used as a frame.

5. Held stacking frame.

6. Then, a tile grout joints.After drying, the tile grout is cleaned from the remnants of the mixture.

7. Tile is wiped with a soft cloth to give it a stylistic appeal.

the instructions for laying tiles on the diagonal is quite simple and execute it under the force of each owner.But before the work it is recommended to further explore the thematic video and understand the details of the selection of high-quality mixtures for floor leveling and gluing tiles.


specialists for selection of high-quality adhesive and self-leveling coatings need to consider the place of installation.For example, a balcony or unheated corridors should buy formulations with high frost resistance.On the peculiarities of their application and hardening period is necessary to know in advance of the instructions on the package.

Qualitative laying ceramic tiles on the diagonal looks good in any room, but without significance the right choice of tiles used.It should have the same size and quality.Otherwise, a lower wear of the tiles can quickly come into disrepair and crack.And although the said technology involves the careful selection of materials and precise execution of works, in compliance with all requirements and recommendations to achieve a positive result will not be difficult.

Videos like laying tiles diagonally

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