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February 27, 2018 00:00

Design Children's room for student

Each new stage of growing a child is accompanied by a complete or partial change in the interior of his children's room. At the same time, it becomes increasingly difficult to decorate a child every year, because the child has new objects, things, interests, and he is not ready to part with the old toys and some details of the situation.


Relationship between room design and school life

It would seem that yesterdayin the kindergarten graduation was another holiday in the life of preschool children and their parents.

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However, after 3 months the child will go to school and enter a new stage of growing up. A new life will begin, different from the usual daily routine in the kindergarten. At the same time, the child will face new concepts, hobbies, meet new friends and attend various circles. Therefore, along with preparation for school, it's time to take care of the design of the room for the future student, because new interior objects must be harmoniously entered into the interior, creating the most comfortable conditions for the child.

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Of course, for 11 years of school life, the interior of the children's room will change at least 2 times, as the number of textbooks and school supplies will increase every year, and the preferences of children will change over time. However, the design of the children's room for the student should be planned so that nothing distracts him from doing his homework and receiving a lot of information.

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Zoning the room

Concentrating the attention of the student on the performance of lessons or relaxing after classes will in many ways help the division of the room into several functional areas, including:

  • sleep zone;


  • storage of things;

Cupboard in the nursery_500x450

  • gaming or recreation area for students in middle and high school;


  • training area.


In this zoning room can be:

  • conditional, when the scope of use of certain items is discussed verbally, without the use of additional tools and methods. For example, a bed standing in a corner is intended only for sleeping, but not for games and lessons, and a desk - only for school assignments, but not as a garage for a fleet of cars or a dollhouse;

Conditional division of a room_500x450

  • is actual when separate zones are allocated by means of curtains, partitions or pasting zones with wallpaper of different shades. For example, the bed is fenced off from the playing area by a curtain or other shade of wallpaper, and the playground from the training area is a decorative screen.

Actual division of the room into zones_500x450

In addition, with conditional or actual division, it is necessary to take into account that some children understand with a half-word and they have enough symbol, and for others only actual zoning is suitable, because they went into the room, saw toys and immediately forgot that first you need to perform the task at schoolhomework. Proceeding from this, the choice of a certain method of zoning the room largely depends on the character and temperament of the student.

Division into zones_500x450

Thus, the division of the children's room for the schoolchild into well-planned zones plays an important role, discipline, accustoming to responsibility and independence from an early age.

Design of the sleeping area

It is better to use blue, pink and gray shades of color for the allocation of a sleeping area, as they have a relaxing effect, thus contributing to a good sleep.

Shades of sleeping area_500x450

Coming from the square, the sleeping area can be equipped with a stationary bed or a loft bed. However, when choosing a bed, special attention should be paid to the presence of an orthopedic mattress, which facilitates the adoption of the correct position of the body during sleep.

Orthopedic mattress_500x450

If it is decided to use a stationary bed, then it is advisable to install a bedside table with a small table lamp next to it, since many children are happy to read a book distracting from the lessons before going to bed.


When you place the loft bed, the inexpediency of using the pedestal is obvious, and the necessary lamp can be fixed on the wall at the headboard.


Thus, the main thing is when creating a sleeping area, so that the student is comfortable and comfortable, because a bad dream will soon result in lack of sleep, disgusting state of health and, as a consequence, poor school performance.

Allocation of a zone for storage of things

Unlike preschool age, a schoolchild's wardrobe presents impressive dimensions. In addition to ceremonial things and clothes intended for everyday use, the student needs a special form, some elements of which are constantly updated. Based on these considerations, you can go in two ways, acquiring:

  • several small cabinets, one of them will be reserved only for clothes used for school purposes, others - for other cases of life;

Multiple lockers_500x450

  • is one roomy cabinet that combines the functions of small cabinets.


There is one or more such cabinets in the sleeping area, so the color scheme of these areas is usually identical.

Cabinets, bed in one area_500x450

In this case, the choice of any option depends on the size of the area allocated for storage of things. However, with age, the schoolboy's wardrobe will only increase, especially for girls. Therefore, think about this issue is in advance, so as not to run after 3-4 years in the store for a new wardrobe.

Arrangement of the training area

The table, chair, computer, shelves and racks are the integral attributes of the training area in the interior of the children's room for the schoolchild.

Suspended shelves_500x450

The training area should be allocated enough space to accommodate the necessary pieces of furniture space, which is characterized by good natural lighting.

Corner of the schoolboy - everything at hand_500x450

At the same time, the table should be located slightly to the side of the window so that the light falls on the left, if the child is right handed, and on the right, if left-handed. In addition, sitting at the table, the child must see the entrance to the room. Otherwise, the student will be constantly in a state of anxiety, that someone is watching him.

Slightly aside_500x450

Since the first class of children prepare small abstracts on the computer, you can buy a computer desk that will act simultaneously as a desk. In this case, the area of ​​the surface free from the monitor should be sufficient so that an open textbook, exercise book and other accessories needed for the task are placed on the table. The schoolboy's elbows should also be on the table, rather than hanging from it.

Correct position at the table_500x450

In addition, on the table you need to install a table lamp, because in the evening the ceiling chandelier does not give enough light.


If the bedside table with drawers was included with the table - it's wonderful, because some accessories should always be at hand, although in the absence of a nightstand above the table you can always build a hinged shelf.

Table with a pedestal_500x450

The presence of 1-2 shelves is also a necessary piece of interior, as every year the number of textbooks and notebooks will only increase. At the same time, they should be placed next to the desk, so as not to run through the entire room for the required notebook or textbook.

Rack near the table_500x450

An important role in the arrangement of the training area is played by the ergonomics of the selected chair, because homework requires at times a long time, and sitting for 2-3 hours in an uncomfortable chair will cause a lot of problems, including in terms of health. Ideal option here is the purchase of a chair-transformer, which allows you to adjust the height, depth of landing, as well as the degree of inclination of the back.


As for the color solution, the characteristic shades of the training zone are yellow, brown and green, which activate thinking and visual perception. In this case, the greatest effect is achieved by combining different shades, for example, brown with yellow.

Color gamut of the working area_500x450

Thus, arranging children's rooms for schoolchildren, furniture must be chosen very carefully, taking into account the opinion of the student himself. It is possible that the furniture you like will be inconvenient to use or the color of the furniture will not please the child. And if something does not suit the child, then it's worth forgetting about successful studies.

Decoration of the recreation area and games

Despite the fact that the child will go to school, he will devote his time to his favorite toys with the same zeal, because the process of transition from one stage of maturation to another is gradual. Therefore, remove all the toys at once in the far corner is not necessary. Over time, the student himself will offer to give away things he does not need to other children or just throw them away. However, to push him to such a decision is not worth it, so earlier standing shelves with toys need to find a place in a new room.

Games will stay on time_500x450

With the transition of a schoolboy from junior classes to the middle level of training, his preferences will noticeably change. Of course, the beginning of the transition period will be the culprit. At this stage, the student may demand that all children's toys be thrown out, with the exception of 1-2 of the most beloved gizmos, and instead install stereo equipment, and a week later a television with digital channels. The decisive word here should be left not for the child, but for the parents, because indulgence to all whims can lead to bad marks in the school.


Revaluation of a loved one will happen when a student enters the ranks of high school students and then the parents will be able to rest more or less. Arrangement of the recreation area can now be safely discussed with the grown-up child and, in the presence of disagreements, reach a compromise solution. It would be superfluous to equip a rest area with a sofa or a comfortable armchair, a TV set and other necessary things, provided that the child does not drop the school to the final plan.


Thus, the recreation area must be planned together with the child, realizing his desires within a reasonable framework.

Some tips for

The design of children's rooms can vary considerably depending on the age and gender of the children. So, the children's room of a schoolboy for a boy is made out, mainly, using cold shades, and for a girl - warm. At the same time, you can add brightness to the room using:

  • colorful bedspreads on a sofa, a bed;


  • original curtains;

Original decor of curtains_500x450

  • indoor plants;

Indoor flowers_500x450

  • floor covering, etc.

Bright mat_500x450

Choosing furniture in the children's room is better without significant protrusions and sharp angles, and the transforming models will significantly save the family budget.

Do not overload children's excess items of interior, trying to accommodate a bed, sofa and armchair, because then the child will not get a room, but a solid labyrinth, which prevents free movement.

Spacious room_500x450

Thus, knowing the nature and enthusiasm of their children, and taking into account their preferences, it will not be so difficult to arrange a children's room, and children's rooms for a schoolboy, photos of which are in the article, will help determine the choice of a style solution.

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