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August 12, 2017 18:08

The bitumen emulsion , water-based - how to use it in the regeneration of the garden paths ?

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bitumen emulsion production process

asphalt emulsion (bitumen or mastic) - a homogenous viscous liquid consisting of an aqueous emulsion of oil bitumen that is modified synthetic rubber, as well as various fillers, processing aids.The manufacturing process of the material to an aqueous emulsion is more complicated than the manufacture of mastics to solvents.

Precisely because this mastic is also high performance.It can be used in a poorly ventilated, confined spaces.All this thanks to the fact that no part of any organic solvents, and absolutely no danger of fire.And due to the natural evaporation of water from the material, the drying process takes place much faster.

production of bitumen emulsion is carried out in strict accordance with the basic standards DIN (construction parameters in Europe), as well as European legislation.It is according to the standards in the manufacturing process and product release is prohibited solvents into the atmosphere.

In Russia such production started a few years ago, but, nevertheless, already has a number of products have won the trust of consumers (eg the number TekhnoNIKOL 31, 04).

Bitumen emulsion: scope and benefits

Used bitumen emulsion for road works, waterproofing of structures, which are buried in the ground, with her help made surface treatment of asphalt, patios, porches, garages, etc.Plus, thanks to its innovative composition, it is possible to use a mixture of indoor and in the protection of bathrooms, some waterproofing structural elements from moisture.

If we talk about the benefits of it are the following:

  • Bituminous mastic water-based has a lower viscosity and therefore better quality penetrates the surface.
  • contributes to a better connection (adhesion) of the base, followed by a layer of waterproofing.
  • Meets basic environmental standards, therefore, reduced emissions of organic compounds into the environment.
  • is harmless to the environment and human health.
  • Reduces the risk of fire.By the way, with such a composition is and emulsion for walls.
  • The proportion of bitumen emulsion is an average of 1.05 kg / dm3.

Technique of use

Before using mastic is important to prepare the base (terrace, porch, garage, swimming pool, balcony, basement, etc.).To do this, the old coating is removed, the surface is cleaned of dust, laitance, bitumen stains, various critical elements.Aligns the potholes and cracks having a size of more than 3mm.

Further carried primer priming emulsion.Dilute it in a container at the specified recipe on the box until a creamy mass.Apply it should be with a brush or a wool roller.Drying time is about 1 hour.After that, once applied to the road bitumen emulsion in two layers.Drying time for each layer is about 5 hours.

consumption bitumen emulsion depends on the type of surface to be treated.Each package prescribed average consumption.After the layers have dried completely, it is possible to carry out further work on the device covering, and further the surface facing tiles.

main purpose of using the emulsion for urban roads, and for garden paths - is to provide the necessary parameters on frost resistance, durability and appearance of plastic-elastic properties.Plus, it improves the adhesion to the subsequent coating.The process works similar.The mixture is applied to a clean, leveled base at an exemplary rate of about 0.20-0.30 l / m2.

After the water evaporates from the solution (dry layer), a thin film of bitumen.It does not allow to move the following coverage - asphalt or concrete.Thus it made connections between coatings.

When waterproofing bathrooms and other structures exposed to moisture, the principle of applying the same (described on the package).The surface is cleaned of old paint and other coatings.Wait for complete drying and after makeup is applied.It creates a kind of film, through which water can not penetrate.

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