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August 12, 2017 18:08

Photo wall in the interior of an apartment , or how to transform the design?

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design apartments with photo wallpapers

Photo Wall Mural - is one way to transform the design of the apartment.They are glued to the bedroom, living room, hallway.There are also self-adhesive wallpapers, which are popular in the decoration of bathrooms and kitchens.

If we talk about the type of wallpaper for apartments, they are: panoramic, background, style.On the panoramic coatings are shown the door or window with sea views, terraces, forest.In the background - a certain abstraction, or drawing.Stylistic made in a certain style ( "country", "retro", etc.).

for living well suited abstract patterns, ie the background wallpaper.Photo wall in the hallway can be a picture of the long streets and bridges (visually extend the space).In the children's room will be very helpful wallpapers with cartoon characters.

also worth noting that the coating could be data like fabric or paper based.The former are more dense and resistant to various external factors.However, in an apartment used successfully and those and others.

Size photowall

Photo Wall Murals consist of different number of panels: two, three, four, six or eight.Each panel in turn has its own size.If the number is two panels, the size of 86h200, 190h135sm if three -. Then 291h135, 287h135, 295h135 if four - that 368h127, 183h254, 190h270 and so on.The larger the panels, the bigger the size of each of them.

It's worth noting that there 0,97sm.h size of 2.2 m., Which is ideal for doors (more on self-adhesive paper).This fabric will completely cover its surface.When you want to create a panoramic composition on the wall, it is done by purchasing an extra set of wallpapers of the same brand and the same size.

As pokleit Mural?

In addition to the aesthetic function, wallpapers and perform a number of practical.For example, if they are made on self-adhesive paper, they can be easily washed, and they will be useful in places subject to high levels of pollution (in the hallway, in the kitchen, in the bathroom).Plus, they practically do not fade for a long time and retain their original appearance.

Once you have selected the type of photo wallpapers, often the question arises - how to glue?To do this, you must observe a certain technique and you will need a number of binding instruments.

Tools: trowel, tape measure, a bucket of glue, brush, stationery knife, pencil, level. surface is cleaned of old coatings and any contamination.set photowall panels laid out on level ground to align the pattern.Level and make a pencil mark on the wall.It is for these markings to be applied to the web.

glue diluted in accordance with the instructions.In any case, the mixture should not be lumps.Then begin alternately apply it onto each panel and glued to the wall.All panels must be strictly adhered along lines previously marked on the surface.At the final stage of the wipe glue residue on the outside of the coating side.Use with a damp cloth.

If you give an example, it is possible to compare the application process with the game "Tic-tac-toe."First you rascherchivaete rectangle on the wall.Inside the rectangle - the squares of equal size modules.Then turn kleite each module (like a puzzle).At the final stage, the surface is smoothed and given a certain time to dry (usually this is indicated on the package).

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