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August 12, 2017 18:06

Ceilings of plasterboard in the hall - the ideas and photos

Ceilings of plasterboard in the hall - the ideas and photos

One of the options to make the unusual design of the room - see photos of the ceiling of plasterboard in the hall and do one of the following in your home.

From this material you can design any shape: flat rectangular shapes, ovals, circles, waves, steps.

In the photo presented many design options of the hall, kitchen, bedroom, other rooms.

In combination with additional elements, original lighting, the harmony of colors interior of the hall can be transformed beyond recognition, they will marvel at all familiar.

Building repair shops offer a variety of materials that can be used to make plasterboard ceilings in the hall.

They all have their own characteristics, "pros" and "cons."Drywall - the material most common for use in the repair of the hall.

its popularity it owes its properties:

  • material has no harmful effect on human health, does not emit harmful substances into the atmosphere;
  • flexible - it can be given any shape.Perfectly smooth surface or fancy tiered design with curves give a unique interior;
  • Resistant to moisture, does not burn;
  • has sound insulation properties, keeps the heat in the room;
  • under construction can be hidden beams, pipes, electrical wiring, cables, and other elements;
  • Low cost - arrange plasterboard can people with any income;
  • not require a lot of labor for installation.Install suspended ceilings can even someone who has no skill in such work.The main requirement - to have the necessary tools and be able to properly deal with them;
  • No need to specially prepare the surface.If there are deficiencies, irregularities - all hidden under a sheet of drywall;
  • Longer lifetime.Making repairs room with this material for many years do not have to make repairs;
  • surface material can be made out by any material.

Plasterboard has disadvantages.Thus, the installation of suspended ceilings can be time consuming.On the design installation gone days of the week.

This will reduce the ceiling height of the room, therefore in low areas should choose another material for processing the upper part of the room.



  • Single-level and multilevel structure
    • One-level design
    • Multilevel design
    • Combined
    • design
  • Lighting and decor ceiling plasterboard

Single-level and multilevel structure

The hall can be built as a single-level ceilings, and multi-level.

combine several materials, adding some bright elements, you can get an interesting design of the room.

One-level design

One-level ceilings perform the most simple.plasterboard sheets are mounted on pre-assembled frame or directly onto the surface with an adhesive.

second option is possible, if the area is flat and has no defects.This design can be decorated with spotlights, hang an unusual chandelier, combine different types of illumination.

In the photo you can see the various options for the ceiling of the hall.


to the hall, which has a small height of the walls, ceiling sibling - the best solution.To beat him, you can use a combination of colors.

For example, in the center of the place bright composition to color the ceiling perimeter are more relaxed, the pattern may move to the wall, thereby forming a finished composition.

room will look more voluminous.Examples of the hall you can see in the photo in the article.

If it seems boring solid color, you can draw a picture.He will lift the mood.

important that the colors and shades of the picture on the ceiling in harmony with the surrounding furnishings, is integral with the furniture, floors, walls.

Design ceiling with lamps

Multilevel design

Holders of large houses or flats have more opportunities to get the ceiling in the hall of a stylish and unusual, do it with a few levels.

Such techniques are often used to separate the room into functional zones, without using bulky partitions.

to increase the visual space can be used curvilinear design that complement the stretched canvas.

example, mirrored tensile structures visually stretches the room up.

Leveled structure will ensure a smooth transition from the hall into the kitchen or living room.To do this, use a variety of shades, lighting, smooth curves drywall.


Trey ceilings help to hide irregularities base defectsbase.Under it, you can hide the wiring, and various communication.

If there are difficulties in the design of the room, you can invite a designer.

to come up with your own design, we recommend to see a specialized catalogs, magazines, where various options, how to arrange a two-level ceiling.

Combined design

Today, in a fashion combined ceilings in the hall.They are mounted using a variety of techniques and materials.Flexible plasterboard can take the form of any bends.

With Stretch fabrics can be zoned space, additional elements will be bright accents of the room.

Such ceilings look particularly attractive in a room where there are almost no walls, for example in the studio apartment.

The photo presents a beautiful combination ceilings that adorn any room design.


Lighting in such room plays a special role.Lighting elements can be set at different levels.Stretch fabric with lamps will reflect light, forming a unique design.

When forming multiple layers, you can use a wide palette of colors.

Shades will flow smoothly into one another, thus creating an individual style, and set the mood of the room.

Design room with combined ceilings can be seen in the photo and choose the appropriate option.

combining a variety of materials, you can create a ceiling most bizarre.

Lighting and Decor ceiling plasterboard

The hall should be a lot of light, so you need to think carefully about lighting.You should not be restricted to a chandelier, which is usually located in the center of the ceiling.

Today is a very popular spot lighting.They are mounted in the suspension structure.With these light sources, you can get flowing, diffuse lighting.

It will create a cozy atmosphere in the room.The picture in the article shows how you can decorate the hall spotlights.


As an option - neon or LED lights.It is set into the eaves, in the wave of drywall and hidden from prying eyes decorative elements.

Placing lighting elements on the perimeter of the room, you can expand the room visually.

luminaires easily adjust the light intensity depending on the mood or event: to give brightness, solemnity, or create a cozy atmosphere.

Hall can be divided into functional areas by using lighting.In one room a few people can do their own thing, it does not interfere with each other.

Zoning plasterboard

Thus, in one of the room can be turned on bright lights and read the book, and the other to create gloom and relax.How to divide the room into functional areas with the help of illumination, it is possible to look at the photos in this article.

Decorating ceiling can be on your own.Restrict this can only fantasy.

drywall sheets can be painted in a variety of colors, according to the general atmosphere of the room.

Installation material created most bizarre forms.This is possible because the drywall is a flexible material.


On the ceiling are allowed to paste color film, to decorategypsum elements.

single-level design can also decorate.Hand Painted make any surface an attractive and unique.

To create a drawing is recommended to invite a professional artist.Photos help to choose the figure for the ceiling design.

If there are no funds in hand painting, you can decorate the ceiling of the budget process.A wide range of decorative self-adhesive film will choose the one that is most suitable to the interior.

Another option to decorate the ceiling surface - use a bulk list.For its application need liquid paper.

Variety of colors of finishing materials will provide an opportunity to realize their talents, imagination in the decoration of the hall.Thumbnail images help you to choose the one that will decorate design.

If the room is designed in Art Deco, Empire, or Art Nouveau, perfectly fit into the interior of stucco plaster.It simply fastened to the ceiling surface of the drywall.

This decor will look great on single-level ceilings.Multi-level design will be so overwhelmed by the decoration.


When choosing jewelry ceiling of the hall is necessary to consider designroom.If the walls of wallpaper with bright trim, decor, room is equipped artsy furniture, the ceiling is recommended to make it easier.

large number of ceiling decorations will overload the room.Conversely, if the room is sustained in soft colors, it is allowed to make a complex ceiling structure.

It will accent the room that will attract the attention of visitors and lift all spirits.Photo Gallery will present various options.