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August 12, 2017 18:06

Inverter motor in a washing machine - that is what this type of engine

An inverter motor in a washing machine
  • model features
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  • Should I buy?

inverter motor, created by engineers of the Korean LG Group in 2005, led the production of washing machines to a whole new level. Compared with its predecessors, this engine has better technical characteristics, it is more wear-resistant and, therefore, is much longer .This is why the inverter engines so rapidly gaining popularity, and manufacturing technology these units takes over a growing number of manufacturers.

An inverter motor in a washing machine

model features

The main feature of this type of engine is the presence of a special device - an inverter (frequency converter), which regulates the rate and speed of the drum frequency converting current from DC to AC.This allows you to control the operation of the mechanism with the utmost precision.

Washing machines with inverter motor

In conventional engines on the mobile part of the motor - the rotor (yet it is called "anchor"), the current is supplied through the brush: the windings in the rotor's magnetic field appears and it begins to rotate.Its speed depends on the voltage.Temp

rotation motor inverter voltage is determined, which is first converted to an inverter and then supplied to the stator.That's why operation of such engines can be controlled to the smallest detail.

An inverter motor in a washing machine


  • Inverter engines operate almost silently. This indicator is especially important for families with children;you can start a wash cycle at any time, without fear to wake the baby.
  • In such motors are no parts that can quickly get out of order due to the fact that during the operation they are subject to intense friction.This ensures that the machine will last longer , than its asynchronous and collector "colleagues".
  • For the same reason, the inverter engines higher efficiency and energy savings up to 20%.
  • motors are inverter-type very accurately control the movement of the drum, which ensures strict compliance with the washing declared regime.
  • Inverter machines are able to spin the laundry at high speed.
Washing machines with inverter motor


The main disadvantage of this type of engine - its high price and high cost of repairs if the unit fails.

Should I buy?

As you know, everyone in the world is relative.To understand whether or not to opt for an inverter drive, look at it from another angle:

  • Do I need silence in the wash?Noticed that the machine with direct drive motor run more quietly than motors inverter.The inverter emits a very specific sounds similar to squeak and howl.In addition, the main reason for handsfree operation of the equipment - not the engine and the included applied and the rotating drum during the spin cycle.
  • whether savings realistic?In fact, the main power consumption is not necessary for the engine to work as a heating element.So, in fact, you can save only 2-5% of the electricity.
  • Are you interested in longevity?Speaking about the absence in the assembly of parts subject to friction, the producers a little crooked soul: the bearings are in any engine, and their number is about the same.The above statement refers mainly to the brushes, apply voltage to the armature winding.Indeed, in the inverter motor not.However, the wear life of these parts - about 10 years, and the cost of replacing them is in the range of 2-3 USD

inverter motor can last for more than 15 years, but are you sure that will not want to change the model of the washing machine before?

  • Intensive spin - right?When spinning at high speeds lingerie is almost dry, but the fabric at the same time will be damaged and torn.
  • Why speed accuracy?The main requirement for washing equipment - its ability to wash out underwear.And what turns the machine will do it, is not so important.
An inverter motor in a washing machine

Experts recommend when choosing a washing machine first and foremost pay attention to its functionality.By itself, the inverter drive does not guarantee that the device will be erased perfectly.

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