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August 12, 2017 18:07

What if the washing machine does not open ?

There are several reasons for the lock washer.The door can not be opened on the idea of ​​the producer, and perhaps just jam.In any case, you must first understand why the door is locked, and then move on to solving the problem already.Next, we look at the main causes of failure and provide some useful tips on how to open the washing machine, if it is locked!

  • reasons for blocking
  • Addressing

reasons for blocking

So if "stiralka" does not appear, failure causes may be as follows:

  1. Just not endedwashing process.Manufacturers of washing machines thought out security system that locks the door lock during washing.It is necessary that the door accidentally opened the drum at high speeds or if it wants to open a small child.
  2. Technology features a program that opens the door for a few minutes after washing.If things dostiralis, and the door is locked, wait some time (usually 1-3 minutes).opening delay provided by some manufacturers to cool the lock cylinder and after washing.Usually this time is specified in the instruction.
  3. has failed due to power failure or because the water is over.When voltage surges and momentary blackouts can simply hang the program.To learn how to open a washing machine without the light we describe below.
  4. Depreciation lock or breaking the water level sensor.

Next, we provide a brief guidance to help unlock the emergency door in different situations.It is highly recommended to watch video lessons, in which the opening of the hatch technology in more detail.


problems if you need to open the washing machine during the wash cycle (for example, to report back to the forgotten things in the drum or the like can get forgotten in a pocket phone faster), then first disconnect the equipment from the network.Just Pull out the power cord from the wall outlet and wait for a few minutes.Should automatically drain the water, and then the door will open itself.If the power failure the door is locked, you need to use a special lever, which is located next to the drain plug.In the photo below clearly shows this leverage and if you need to unblock the washing machine when it clears, just use this device.

there are situations where there is no drain stiralki after disconnecting from the mains.In this case, to open the machine with water in the washing process, first have to manually perform the drain.You can do this in several ways.To get started, try to re-connect the power cord and press the program "Drain / Drain no spin" from personal experience we can say that after the water come down, the door immediately opened.Did not work out?Simply open the lid at the bottom where the drain plug and remove the special hose, through which will drain the remaining water.In the video tutorial below clearly shows not only the time, but what if you need to open the washing machine without a handle.

How to unlock the door if the water in the drum?
YouTube Preview

By the way, this technology is suitable even if you need to open the washing machine door machine without light.When a power failure need to manually drain the water, and unlock the door.

much more difficult situation, if broken or jammed the lock.In some cases, you can try to solve the problem with the help of ropes.The video below shows this repair option:

Open the hatch rope

YouTube Preview
But the problem is that not all such typewriters lock system design.Most often, it is impossible to open the door urgently provide a method and to manually disassemble the body to get to the castle.In the first video the master demonstrated how to open the door of the machine, if the lock is locked.Once you are able to unlock the door, you may have to replace and lock system.This can be done with your hands, if you act according to the following instructions:

lock replacement technology

YouTube Preview
very popular situation can be called the most damage to the handle when trying to open the door.If at first you yourself have tried to solve the problem of accidentally damaging the mechanism, it is necessary to strive a little bit.Open the washing machine if it has a broken handle several ways:

  • having involved the lever, which is located next to the drain plug;
  • using a rope as a video tutorial above;
  • accurately capturing the remainder of the handle with pliers (unless of course, left for what to catch);
  • manually opening the lock at the top (you need to remove the cover to reach the lock and open it from the inside).

Well, the last thing I want to tell - how to unblock the washing machine and dryers.All you need to do to repair - remove the top cover, reach the heating element and unscrew it.Then, using a small turn unlock manipulation and perform the opening of the drum door.All these manipulations are clearly provided in the video below:
stiralku How to unlock top-loading at jamming the door?
YouTube Preview

That's all that I wanted to tell you how to open the washing machine, if it is locked.Hopefully, you now know what to do with the different kinds of breakdowns and how to solve the problem yourself!

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