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August 12, 2017 18:08

Hammers Interskol - failure and how to solve their own hands


  • 1 Fault Classification rotary hammers Interskol
  • 2 Mechanical Group fault in rotary hammers Interskol
    • 2.1 Wear sealing rubber rings
    • 2.2 destruction of strikers, strikers, shafts, pistons
    • 2.3 Destruction of rolling bearing
  • 3 Cranking gear in the trunk
  • 4 intermediate shaft Faults
  • 5 impossibility of working tool locks into the keyless chuck
    • 5.1 failure mode switch
  • 6 faults in the circuit of the electric drills Interskol
  • 7 Video repair punch Interskol
    • 7.1 Repair punch Interskol P-30 / 900ER

Hammers Interskol, according to statistics, are reliable tools.Failures are recorded much less frequently than in the more popular models of Makita, Bosch, Hitachi.

main rule: choose a model that is designed to load and is designed to perform the planned works.

Using drills as intended in accordance with the operating requirements allows punches Interskol long time.

But like any tool, rotary hammers appear in a variety of faults that require repair punch yourself, especially if it is no longer a guarantee.

To perform drills Interskol repair, troubleshoot, it is necessary to carefully examine the instrument device, its circuit lubrication card.
Any repairs perforator Interskol begins with his showdown on this in more detail.

classification of faults in rotary hammers Interskol

Hammers Interskol have high maintainability, simplicity and reliability.

Repair hammers Interskol own hands able to perform any user who knows how to hold a screwdriver, hammer and versed in electrical engineering at the high school level.

All manifest error in rotary hammers Interskol are divided into three groups:

  • Mechanical failure impact mechanism;
  • Destruction mode switch;
  • Faults electrical punch.

Mechanical faults in the group rotary hammers Interskol

Consider all the problems on the example of punch Interskol P-26 / 800ER.

First Fault group consists of failures due to the failure of the firing mechanism of parts.

This group faults evident in the fact that when working hammer drill and chisel can not.

Wear rubber sealing rings

weakening of the force of impact is gradual.As the wear of the rubber rings occurs air leakage in the pneumatic system of creating the impact.Shot Power is weakening, the impact becomes severe.In addition to the loss of pneumatic properties are destroyed strikers, strikers, pressmass.

A set of rubber O- rings to punch Interskol

set of rubber O-rings to punch Interskol

Repair Interskol punch when worn O-rings is to replace them with new ones.

Installing new rubber rings made for any dismantling the gun with the mandatory application of grease sealing rings lubricants, inert to the rubber products.These lubricants include domestic lubricant type Ciatim-224, produced in accordance with GOST 9433-80.

rubber O-ring is lubricated with a thin layer of grease Ciatim-224 and put on the right part, pre-washed from the old lubricant solution in a mixture of kerosene and gasoline.

destruction of strikers, strikers, shafts, pistons

When large deterioration of rubber O-rings and replace them late is destroyed pressmassy pos.16, poz.36 barrel body catcher poz.40, poz.45 striker.The impact on the detail appears hardening, cracks, bends, jamming.

Faults are eliminated by replacing components with new mandatory change of seals.

impactor unit Details punch Interskol P- 26 / 800ER

hitting unit Details punch Interskol P-26 / 800ER

destruction poz.47 piston is of two kinds:

  • Destroyed piston skirt;
  • break off the ears of the installation poz.48 finger.

Repair punch Interskol P-26 / 800ER and destroyed the piston is performed by replacing the piston on the new one.By purchasing the piston, carefully check the roughness of the inner surface of the piston.It should be brought to a mirror finish.

Failure trunk postures.36 seen not often.The main reason, scratches on the inner surface of the case of failure of strikers, strikers, prommassy.If

scratch depth is not great, the scratches can lead laps.For deep scratches to ensure tightness is impossible, and it affects the work of the gun in the "Blow."

Destruction of rolling bearing

shock pulse is created not only a pneumatic impact mechanism system, but also the transformation of rotational motion into reciprocating through the work of rolling bearing poz.60.There are cases of destruction of the bearing cage.

With the destruction of the rolling bearing repair punch Interskol P-26 / 800ER is a complete replacement of parts.

transmission torque disturbance in the reciprocation may be interrupted due to the slipping wheel gear splines combined poz.62 slots in rolling bearing poz.60.

fault persists correction profile tooth using a round needle files.

Loss Shot mode is shown at malfunction mode switch.Translation handles the mode dial does not move leash poz.55 switch.

breakage is eliminated correcting assembly intermediate-gear shaft poz.58.

Fault Group, under which punch hammer, but not drill .

Cranking gear in the trunk

Loss of drilling at the working stroke is shown when turning on the barrel pinion shaft poz.36 poz.35.

pinion fixed on the trunk of three rollers poz.37.And in order to securely hold, gear presses the spring poz.33, seating washer through poz.32 poz.31 retaining ring.

fault occurs due to the weakening power of the pressure spring, loss rollers destruction sleeve cam poz.38.

Repair punch Interskol P-26 / 800ER own hands is to restore all the items in the desired position, or replace the failed.

intermediate shaft Faults

intermediate shaft punch serves to transmit rotational and reciprocating impulse.

If any item that is installed on the intermediate shaft, because of the damage can be turned, hammer drill stops.

consider the principle of the intermediate shaft punch Interskol P-18 / 450ER.

promval p- 18

rotation of the shaft is transmitted by means of the gear poz.46, cranked the rotor punch.Gear is fitted on the shaft poz.43 where mounted coupling half poz.44 cam and roller bearing poz.45.

parts catalog promvala paragraph 18

Turning strike regime is due to move poz.55 switch strips, which is disengaged from the roller bearing half-coupling cam poz.44.

Catalog No. 18 continued promvala

At intermediate shaft punch Interskol P-26 / 800ER can rotate the gear wheel combination poz.62.

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D- 26 intermediate shaft

fact that the wheel is rotated by the engagement of the tooth in the socket bearing drunk.Cranking may occur due to weakening poz.63 spring and wear of tooth profile as gears and clutches.

fault eliminated by restoring the tooth profile in the combined gear, bearing drunk.

spare parts catalog promvala p- 26

The design of the intermediate shaft punch Interskol P600ER characterized by having a common shaft poz.39.

Promval punch Interskol P600ER

Promval punch Interskol P600ER

Slippage poz.45 pinion shaft may be due to the weakening of the presser spring poz.38 and tooth wear in the connector poz.40 acting as a clutch.

catalog promvala g600

impossibility of fixing the working tool in the keyless chuck

Sometimes there is a fault, which is manifested in the impossibility of fixing the working body in the keyless chuck.

Hammers Interskol equipped with two types of cartridges: SDS-plus and SDS-max.

clamp a working tool shank provided their special design.

Disclaimer clamping device is due to the deterioration of the fixing of the ball.

Repair pefroratora Interskol, namely its keyless chuck is to replace the balls and grease shank drills with special grease.As a lubricant for shank drills is recommended to use a specially designed cream .

failure mode switch

Hammers Interskol equipped with the mode switch of different designs.And this is no accident.

Most users switched mode punch without stopping the tool.And this is the main reason for failure of the mode switch to punch.

The Drifters Interskol mode switch includes a different number of components.

certain difficulties different switch modes punch Interskol P-18 / 450ER.

Mode switch perforator Interskol P-18 / 450ER

switch modes punch Interskol P-18 / 450ER

Switching modes is done by transferring the coupling half poz.44 cam out of engagement with the pinion shaft poz.43.

translation is done by switching modes poz.52 staples poz.55 switch rails, switch knobs pos.16.

Faults occur in the impossibility to carry out transfer switch to the desired mode.

fault is eliminated by replacing poz.48 springs, alignment or replacement of the bent parts.

Complex mode switch design punch Interskol P-18 / 450ER has forced developers to design a new scheme and implement it in a punch Interskol P-26 / 800ER.

Mode switch perforator Interskol P- 26 / 800ER

switch modes punch Interskol P-26 / 800ER

Switching modes is carried out by means of a leash poz.55 switch, spring and handle pos.28 poz.56 switch.

The design uses the least amount of detail, which increases the reliability and efficiency of the gun Interskol P-28 / 800ER.

The punch Interskol P600ER used a slightly different design of the mode dial.

Mode switch perforator Interskol P- 600ER

switch modes punch Interskol P-600ER

Switching modes is done by removing the clutch from the rolling bearing poz.40 poz.41.

faults in the circuit of the electric drills Interskol

Electrical drills Interskol has high reliability and does not give trouble to the user.

Main timely monitor the wear of coal electrobrushes.

You should know that when worn coal electrobrushes to a length of less than 8 mm, the brush must be replaced.

Replacing carbon brushes is not a complicated procedure and can be performed by any user.

remove the casing cover hands, brush holder is released in those structures, which is provided and gets electro.

For example, consider a replacement in electrobrushes punch Interskol P-30 / 900ER.

e scheme p- 30

poz.72 carbon brushes installed in the brush holder control the brush, it is necessary to remove the handle-cover poz.78.Turn 45 degrees to the brush holder and remove it.Releasing the spring poz.71, you can easily pull out a carbon brush.

Parts Catalog e of the p- 30

poz.66 stator, rotor poz.62 fail very rarely.

For those who wish to carry out repairs stator or rotor with your hands response here .

Other details, such as off poz.74 tool button poz.75 capacitors, inductors poz.76 fail very rarely and their replacement does not cause too much difficulty.

We reviewed the basic fault Interskol drills.If you have materials on other faults, please contact us.

  • punch Interskol repair is not difficult task and can be performed by any user familiar with the instructions for disassembly and assembly;
  • timely replacement of O-rings prevents the appearance of the basic amount of the incorrigible;
  • time replaced the carbon brushes allow to operate drills Interskol almost infinite

all success!

Video repair punch Interskol

Repair punch Interskol P-30 / 900ER