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August 12, 2017 18:06

The order of assembly band saw with his own hands

owners of individual plots often have to work with the "tree," as in its courtyard a good host always find what to do.In fact, the process of construction or repair (restoration) continues indefinitely: the fence to update, alter the extension.This wood is in the private sector is the most popular material due to the ease of processing, and a reasonable price.

much more convenient to buy billet from logs, and already at the point of "dissolve" the way you want - on the board or a board, on thin or thick samples.And it saves a lot of time.After all is not provided, and each time to go to the market of building materials for 2 - 3 boards, slats and beams rather troublesome.

For sale is a wide range of compact sawmill, which is removed by using a lot of problems in the private sector.They are easy to use, have sufficient capacity to process the wood and do not take up much space.But if you look at their price, it becomes clear that these units will pay for themselves only in the event that the production of billets to put on a "flow".

For example, for the sawmill "Taiga", depending on the model, will have to pay from 112 to 165 thousand rubles.Cost models "Cedar" begins from 135 000 rubles.Even the mini-unit cost of 90 000.

Clearly, if such equipment is necessary only for use on occasion, it is advisable to do it yourself.But it should be taken into account something.

power-saw bench

Difficulties "handicraft" production

  • installation design.We'll have to use welding (welding machine availability), and power tools, and milling machine.
  • Sawmill must be very stable, since it will have to withstand a heavy load, and in dynamics, as logs can weigh up to 300 kg.
  • correct sharpening and wiring of the working part (saws).
  • Selecting manufacturing mechanism regulating the thickness of the "manufactured" products.
  • to ensure safe operation.

Band sawmill more suited for cutting boards.

Ways of making such multiple units, and as a "driving force" may be used as electric and gasoline motors.Drives for example any particular self-made design with exact dimensions of parts does not make sense, since each owner is guided and "scale" of the production and availability.But if you know the device working principle and technology of manufacturing tape sawmill, then do it with your hands is quite possible.


procedure of manufacturing

1. Selection of the room.Practitioners are recommended for optimal use of the log to select an area for the workshop at least 18 m2 (usually 6 x 3 m).

2. Saw herself in the process will be in the same position.The log that you want to "dissolve" is placed on a special mobile frame (truck), is moved manually.Therefore, pre-installation should provide a metal frame for fixing the saw.Beneath it are stacked "rails" from the corner, on which the movement of the trolley with the billet.

Cut made in the horizontal plane.We need to consider how to change the height of the blade location in the "dissolution" of the log on the board.To this end, the frame is equipped with a special mechanism, operating on the principle of the clamp ( "way" screw or something like that).

3. Making the base (base frame).Depending on the estimated size of the treated wood for it is possible to use a metallic area or the more powerful blank - I-beams, channels.It is necessary to provide a rigid fixation of the frame at the place of installation as in the production process it will be subjected to high dynamic loads.


Particular attention should be paid to the flatness and horizontal upper beams - rails.The distance between them must be greater than the largest diameter of a log, which is supposed to work, about 50 -. 70 cm thick preform Regardless it should be fixed firmly on the trolley.

4. Attaching the wheels to the bottom.

These are the main stages of work for the production of the sawmill, which will be faced in the process of installation.

Before making such a mechanism with your hands, you need to consider that the "handicraft" sawmill has significant drawbacks:

  • configuration complexity.Moreover, the adjustment will have to be carried out continuously.
  • fairly large cutting width, thus, increased the percentage of waste.
  • In addition, the range of scatter is quite large, so there are difficulties in the organization is "compact" work.
  • limited hardware capabilities as the size of blanks, and in continuous operation time arrangements.