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August 12, 2017 18:08

Characteristics of corrugated pipes and their scope

Where used corrugated pipe corrugated

main feature - resistance to stress, which creates pressure soil or other effects of heavy weight.If we compare the smooth and corrugated pipe of the same diameter of the metal, it becomes clear that the surface area of ​​the corrugated pipe for the same pressure load is greater than the outer surface smooth.Therefore, the load per cm2 considerably smaller corrugated pipe, whereby the bearing capacity communications service life of such products is increased and prolonged.Characteristics of corrugated pipes and their scope

important to remember that when laying corrugated pipes should ensure close fit to it soil or concrete.If the pipes are laid with emptiness, that is, the risk of deformation of the component.

Another important feature of the tubes - their flexibility, due to the way the surface of the molding by using rollers of different widths and diameters.Sites where smaller diameter tubing has a smaller thickness of metal, so the element acquires the flexibility to make a bend line without additional connecting fittings.

Apply these products not only for the covers that protect the wiring.corrugated pipe production technology is that products can reach a diameter of 20 m. Therefore, the metal pipes used with variable section in any construction industry.For example: Characteristics of corrugated pipes and their scope

  1. for heating and water pipes.It is this construction material has decided to issue the construction of communications in cramped conditions, where it is impossible to carry out installation of traditional pipe fitting connector.This installation method allows for laying of long roads without a single interface.
  2. for wiring.Gofroizdeliya meet all the requirements of fire safety, especially when mounting flush to the wooden buildings, thereby preventing a fire during a short circuit.
  3. for construction work is used corrugated pipes of large diameter.For example, it may be the drain channels, underground pedestrian crossings, tunnels and other similar objects.

Making tubes with varying cross section

Materials and equipment for the production of corrugated pipes are used only the most modern, automated production lines, high-quality galvanized or stainless steel plain.This ensures high quality of products.Characteristics of corrugated pipes and their scope

manufacturing technology includes the following production steps:

  • Step One

    Stainless tape wound on the reel is attached to the automatic transmission, which delivers the metal sheet on the actuator.Moreover, the metal must first be cleaned of the oxide film, which can affect the quality of the welds.
  • Step Two

    tape recoiling into a hollow cylindrical workpiece with smooth walls.However, this process occurs the welding joints, which is used for welding tungsten electrodes in the shielding gas.This gives a very reliable weld.Characteristics of corrugated pipes and their scope
  • Step Three

    is formed of alternating profile section by rolling through rollers of different diameters.
  • Step Four

    Implemented by thermal treatment of the product to increase its flexibility.Then the finished corrugated pipe is cut into pieces of a certain size, and wound into coils.