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August 12, 2017 18:07

Membrane roofing - new technologies in construction

Membrane roofing - Determination of the main characteristics of

This building material is made from a kind of membrane that are the base of a polymer construction material.In the construction market, you can find three different types of the roof:

  • EPDM membrane, which is made of synthetic rubber type;
  • TPO membrane, in which the rubber is used in addition to polypropylene;
  • PVC membrane, which can be considered the most common and affordable.

Roofing PVC membrane is the most popular roofing materials in Russia, as used here, she began a long time ago.This building material can be reinforced, and standard type, which directly affects its cost and the mounting method.For the reinforcement of such a roof is used a polyester-type film, which gives the material, both positive and negative characteristics.

Important!The reinforcing layer not only increases the strength of the roof, but also reduces its elastic qualities which may hinder mounting some designs.

Scope of this roofing material

membrane roofing installation relevant for those buildings that are in need of maximum protection against external and internal leak alarm type.As a rule, this roof to make large stores, industrial buildings, such as monuments or historical. Important! installation of this construction element is performed by a special technology, which requires a detailed follow all instructions.

Quite often, this roofing material can be found on the roofs of which are considered operational or "green".The reason for this is the ultimate strength and durability of the material, which successfully resists mechanical damage.

Specifications new roofing

Application described the construction element is considered to be relevant for many reasons, chief among which are those specifications, which have a membrane.Knowledge of basic positive qualities will help developers decide on the need for and the possibility of using the membrane of the roof.

Important!Do not use this element to combine different types of roofs, because it is not provided for the main installation technology.

Therefore, special attention should be paid to the following characteristics of the roof:

  1. average useful life of the roof membrane is 50 years, which can safely be considered the limit of any alternative coverage;
  2. waterproofing properties of the coating are the most reliable and high quality, you can not worry about the occurrence of the roof at any time of the year;
  3. Structural characteristics of the coating make it possible for a long time and with high quality to resist change temperature that is ideal for areas with climate variability;
  4. high cost of the material itself can not be considered a disadvantage, because this coating does not need insulation and repairs, which are able to increase the value of any other roof to epic proportions.

In other words, when we look at all the positive qualities and characteristics can definitely consider this type of coverage is important for the private construction.