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August 12, 2017 18:08

What is the primer : use , types and role in construction works

operating principle of a mixture or which need a primer?

Using primer mixtures allows the maximum surface to be treated carefully prepare for further work.This can be putty plasterboard or, for example, plaster brick wall.We offer carefully consider what processes occur with the surface after treatment.

Primer allows you to make the surface less susceptible to moisture absorption.This process will be useful for qualitative wallpapering.On the wall is treated with a mixture of sheets will fasten much better.If we neglect the priming procedure prior to gluing, the glue is much faster absorbed into the surface, which at times will increase the risk of lagging behind the wallpaper from the walls.

treated surface increases its strength, because it is formed integral film, which improves the coupling base and a coating material.

Attention!On the primed surface of the work is much easier, because it is cleaned during the process!

spending time on the primer, you will at times reduce the costs of subsequent materials applied.The secret is all in the same thin film, which is formed after processing.That it can reduce the consumption of wallpaper paste or, for example, paints and varnishes.This is especially good news for those who are planning to use not cheap construction finishing materials.

Types primer mixtures

So we understand the fact why a primer?Now we propose to consider its basic types.It should be noted that at present the building materials market offers a wide range of dispersion.Thus, among others, can be mentioned a primer for metal.This type is similar to the paint products, but its properties are very different from those.Furthermore, such an emulsion that produces a lower coating layer, it also contributes to better adhesion with the subsequent finishing materials.

There is also a special blend for the treatment of wood.Its primary goal is to maximize the life of the material.Thanks to the treatment, you can help protect wooden structures from the formation of mold or mildew.Plus, you'll save on the material, which will be further processed wood.

most marketable commodity is a primer for mineral substrates.To those include plaster , putty or paint the same.Pre-treating the surface with a mixture of primer, you save yourself from cracks, streaks, and at times the entire reinforcing basis.Among the suppliers of these products can be distinguished Ceresit , Kapral and Aura .

Proper treatment of walls

To qualitatively primed surface, you'll need a roller and a brush with a wide working surface.Roller is desirable to put on the telescopic handle.If not, then you have to get to the right place with the help of a chair or stool.Brush need for hard to reach places.Make sure that you had the capacity to which it would be possible to pour the emulsion.

Tip!During processing, do not skip parts of the surface, as in places such coupling with the surfacing material will be worse.

In that case, if you notice that the mixture is quickly absorbed, go over it a couple of times.When the work is completed, the need to carefully wash all the tools and dry it.If this is not done, then the primer dries, and further use of the tool will be disabled.