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August 12, 2017 18:06

Why extinguished geyser, or pilot light goes out the wick : the causes , what to do - the column is turned off, and the lights go out

Why extinguished geyser ?
  • signs of malfunction pilot (wick) and why he goes out?
  • reasons
    • Column ignited and immediately goes
    • column goes out after a while
  • Tips

As with any appliances, gas water heater may break, and a fairly common fault is a situation, when the machine suddenly turns offduring operation.The causes of this problem can be several, and to understand them, you should take turns to test each of the nodes that can cause the column off.

If extinguished geyser

signs of malfunction pilot (wick) and why he goes out?

Columns with pezorozzhigom igniter should be lit constantly, because, when you open the hot water tap, it should stir up the main burner.Attenuation ignition off column of gas supply to the gas does not accumulate inside the unit.

Igniter may be extinguished if:

  • He clogged with dust or debris.
  • On it acted outside the air flow.
  • thermocouple burns out or worn.
  • In no chimney draft.
  • faulty sensor rod.
  • Broken solenoid valve.
  • No air.

If the gas water heater is not switched on, read another article.

If the gas water heater goes out - signs of malfunction column

most common cause of decay is called ignition faulty thermocouple.Its main function is to shut off the gas access to the column, if the unit is unstable.As soon as the pilot light goes out, the thermocouple detects a lack of heat and gives a signal to turn off the gas.However, in case of damage of the thermocouple itself and it causes attenuation of the wick.

Equally common situation is when the pilot nozzle dust or some garbage.Their diameter is very small, so even a small contamination can prevent ignition combustion, whereby a thermocouple is heated enough.

The fact that there were problems with the igniter, and it can be extinguished at any time, it tells the color of the flame.At normal operating wick blue flame will be 90% and may include some red speckles, and its tip can be yellow.If the pilot burner flame is mostly yellow or orange, it means that the fuse is not working correctly, the thermocouple is heated enough, causing the burner goes out.

about other possible causes of decay pilot, see the following video.


Column ignited and extinguished immediately

sudden shutdown column, after only a couple of minutes, most often caused by the accidental inclusion of the sensor, which detects a gas leak.The device responds to the dangerous situation by opening a thermocouple, whereby the equipment is disconnected.

The following video demonstrates how you can cope on their own with this problem.

column goes out after a while

reasons for this situation are the following problems:

  1. thrust sensor tripped, as he gave that draft in the chimney is absent.It may be due to the ventilation shaft overlap soot or foreign object, as well as due to lack of air flow into the room, for example, due to the installation of plastic windows.Another reason for the missing traction - soot heat exchanger fouling.Also, it does not exclude the situation that the sensor itself is out of order.
  2. tripped flame sensor when the main burner is extinguished.Though rare, the burner may be extinguished by a sudden strong gust of wind.However, more often it is due to insufficient damping of the pressure of water or gas, clogging strainers and the formation of excess scale within the heat exchanger.Disabling burner also happens when the diaphragm is worn in the water site.
  3. tripped the gas valve if the gas pressure has dropped or overheated coil.
  4. The batteries, which runs from the column with automatic ignition.
Goes off a geyser ?- The reasons ( ventilation ceiling soot )
Goes off a geyser ?- Reasons (low gas pressure )


  • If you find a problem with the burning of the pilot (he smokes or turns off), the best solution is to appeal to licensed professionals working with gas equipment.It will check all the nodes that can give a picture, and will clean your gas column.
  • If the speaker is turned on and goes off at once, do not attempt to operate the machine again, and shut off the gas access to the problematic device, and call for expert help.If the cause of tripping has served as a gas leak, reclosing can cause a buildup of carbon monoxide inside the room, which is not safe for the health of people staying in the room.
  • While emergency service has not arrived, you can check your cravings.To do this, set fire to a match and held it to the inspection hole on the speaker panel.If the flame will be drawn inwards, then pull enough.In the absence of flame motion, disconnect flue pipe and repeat manipulation with a match near the opening of the ventilation shaft.A lit match will also help you identify problems with the influx of air into the room, if you bring it to the window.
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